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NJ CC Poll Topline Results June 18

NJ CC Poll Topline Results June 18

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Published by nationaljournal

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Published by: nationaljournal on Jun 19, 2012
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Princeton Survey Research Associates International June 2012 Omnibus Week 2 
June 2012 Omnibus Week 2Princeton Survey Research Associates InternationalNational Journal
Final ToplineJune 18, 2012Total: 1,002 adults age 18 and olderMargin of error: Plus or minus 3.6 percentage pointsInterviewing dates: June 14-17, 2012Notes: Due to rounding, percentages may not add to 100. An asterisk (*) indicates values lessthan 0.5%.
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Princeton Survey Research Associates International June 2012 Omnibus Week 2 
. Now I have a few questions about some issues before the U.S. Congress… As you mayknow, the Bush-era tax cuts are due to expire at the end of this year. Do you think Congress should…(READ)
June14 – 17,20128 Extend the tax cuts for one year for all taxpayers18 Extend the tax cuts permanently for all taxpayers19 Extend the tax cuts for one year just for all families earning less than$250,00028 Extend the tax cuts permanently just for families earning less than$250,00018 Do neither and allow the tax cuts to expire10 Don’t know/Refused ASK ALLCC2. Thinking about what Congress might do to try to strengthen the economy, tell me whichONE of the following four possible actions you think would be MOST helpful in creating jobs and improving the economy. Here are the choices… (READ AND RANDOMIZE 1-4)June14 – 17,201220 Passing a highway and transportation bill to promote projects like roadconstruction and bridge repair37 Passing tax cuts for small businesses to encourage them to hire moreworkers11 Providing additional subsidies to promote the use of clean energy (or)24 Placing additional taxes on foreign goods imported to the U.S. to promotethe sale of American products7 Don’t know/Refused (VOL.—DO NOT READ)
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Princeton Survey Research Associates International June 2012 Omnibus Week 2 
 ASK ALLCC3. Government reports show family incomes in this country stuck at the same level inrecent years. Please tell me if you think each of the following has contributed a lot, alittle or not at all to keeping family incomes down. (First,) what about… (INSERT—READ AND RANDOMIZE)READ FOR FIRST ITEM, THEN AS NECESSARY: Has this contributed a lot, a little, or notat all to keeping family incomes down? A lot A little Not at all(VOL.)Don’t know/Refuseda. The decline in labor union membershipJune 14-17, 2012 25 35 29 12b. Economic competition from foreigncountries selling their goods hereJune 14-17, 2012 52 30 12 6c. Government spending and regulationJune 14-17, 2012 46 33 14 7d. Government policies that give too manytax breaks to the wealthyJune 14-17, 2012 47 23 24 6 ASK ALLCC4. As you may know, a federal court is expected to rule soon on whether the E-P-A – thatis, the Environmental Protection Agency – can regulate greenhouse gas emissions thatmost scientists agree contribute to climate change.Do you think Congress should take action to stop the government from regulating EPA greenhouse gas emissions OR should allow the government to regulate greenhouse gasemissions?June14 – 17,201236 Should take action to stop55 Should allow9 (VOL.—DO NOT READ) Don’t know/Refused

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