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Published by LollipopLouise

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Published by: LollipopLouise on Jun 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 To Drill or Not To Drill? That is the QuestionSherina WhiteCritical and Creative Thinking02/18/2012ROILYN WORST-MCGREGOR
2I have to be completely honest; I did not know anything about the debate of drilling in Alaskauntil I received this homework assignment. I do not get into Politian things because I do not vote sotherefore I feel that I do not have a say in things like that. The more I read on the matter the more of anopinion I found myself having about it. I strongly feel that America should start drilling with our ownresources and stop depending on other counties.One habit that hinders my thought process on the situation would be stereotyping. I feel thatthe countries we get our supply of oil from would or could do what happened in 1973, when the foreigncountries decided not to sell America oil for six months. I do not want to have to go through somethinglike that; therefore I would rather not have to worry about it. I do not feel that no other habits hindermy thinking because I am ready for change, I did my research, I am not saying no to drilling becausemost people do not think it is right because of the wildlife, I have not made myself look bad in anywaybecause I have been completely honest, and I do not feel like our oil is better than theirs it is just moreconvenient for us.The way of overcoming the habit of stereotyping is by just realizing that we are going to have todepend on them until we find an alternative.
“Americans rely on oil. We need it to heat our h
omes and fuel our cars. As a nation, we use
more than 19 million barrels of oil each day. We need to find new sources of oil to meet the demand.”
 (Know your world Extra, . (2004). 37(10), 6.) One thing is for sure and that is that oil is not going to bearound forever. What are we going to do then? Counting on one thing is not doing a whole lot, but I dobelieve it is a start of a new beginning. When you get down to it the decision is basically up to thegovernment, but I feel that it is important that the local community get to participate in that decisionmaking. I truly believe that is the first step that needs to be made here, and go from there. SincePresident Obama has been in office we have seen some changes in numbers when it comes to oil, and
the numbers may not be big, but you have got to start somewhere. “Overall, oil imports have fallen by 9
percent since 2008, and net imports as a share of total consumption declined from 57 percent in 2008 to
less than 50 percent in 2010.”
(Interior, November 16, 2011)

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