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Published by Marco Lee

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Published by: Marco Lee on Jun 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wi-Fi Protected Setup Testplan Version 1.14Wi-Fi Confidential1
Wi-Fi WPS Test PlanWi-Fi AllianceVersion 1.14
Wi-Fi Protected Setup Testplan Version 1.14Wi-Fi Confidential2
The Wi-Fi Alliance owns the copyright in this document and reserves all rightstherein. This document and any related materials may only be used by Wi-Fi Alliancemembers for their internal use, such as quality assurance and pre-certification activities,and for their participation in approved Wi-Fi Alliance activities, such as the Wi-FiAlliance certification program, unless otherwise permitted by the Wi-Fi Alliance throughprior written consent. A user of this document may duplicate and distribute copies of thedocument in connection with the authorized uses described above, provided anyduplication in whole or in part includes the copyright notice and the disclaimer text setforth herein. Unless prior written permission has been received from the Wi-Fi Alliance,any other use of this document and all other duplication and distribution of this documentare prohibited. The Wi-Fi Alliance regards the unauthorized use, duplication ordistribution of this document by a member as a material breach of the member’sobligations under the organization’s rules and regulations, which may result in thesuspension or termination of Wi-Fi Alliance membership. Unauthorized use, duplication,or distribution by nonmembers is an infringement of the Wi-Fi Alliance’scopyright. Distribution of this document to persons or organizations who are notmembers of the Wi-Fi Alliance is strictly prohibited.
Wi-Fi Protected Setup Testplan Version 1.14Wi-Fi Confidential3
Change History
Version Date dd/mm/yy Remarks
0.1.0 04/12/2006 Initial Release0.2.0 05/15/2006 Adding test cases collected from UFD, NFC, LegacyInterop and Registrar Tiger teams0.2.1 05/22/2006 Update upon feedbacks collected in the Task GroupMeeting on May 22, 20060.2.2 06/18/2006 Update upon feedback from James Yee (Marvell)0.3.0 07/20/2006 Add in new test cases developed in the Face-to-Facemeetings by Tiger Teams0.4.0 08/18/2006 Update NFC test cases and add narrative to test cases0.4.1 08/28/2006 Mark test cases not being executed at PF40.4.2 08/28/2006 Update the test case 4.1.1 to cover more devicecapabilities; Update the test case 4.1.7 to add DevicePassword ID check; Rephrase the unconfiguredrequirement for AP in the section 4; Change the test case4.1.2 and 4.1.19 to test AP’s function related to UPnPexternal Registrar through wireless0.4.3 08/28/2006 Updated 4.2.20 to simplify test to critical components.Deleted redundant check from 8/29/06 Deleted tests agreed redundant at 8/29 TG meetingChange references to EAP based and UPnP externalregistrars to WLAN and wired external registrarsUpdate some continued references that equated OOB tounconfiguredAdd wrong PIN (bad checksum and good checksum) toAPUT in 4.2.1Add wrong PIN (bad checksum and good checksum) toSTAUT in 5.2.4Simplified 5.1.1 and 5.1.2 and added the tests formultiple network credentials and identification of dualband AP in PBC active stateBunch of editorialUpdated TOC (some errors in auto TOC)0.4.5 8/30/06 Actually deleted test cases marked for deletion

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