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Software Engineering Asignment (1)

Software Engineering Asignment (1)

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Published by Zahid Aziz

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Published by: Zahid Aziz on Jun 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Submitted To: Ma’m Qaisra
 Submitted By: Emaan Khalid 01Noor Fishan 02Summaya Ijaz 04Salma Tabasum 017Iqra Khaliq 031Ayesha Khaliq 041Faiza Sadiq 042Class: BSCS (Reg) 4
Q NO 1: What is meant by software requirement definition? Elaborate on its importance?Ans:
A software requirements specification (SRS) is a comprehensive description of the intended purpose andenvironment forsoftwareunder development. The SRS fully describes what the software will do and howit will be expected to perform.
An SRS minimizes the time and effort required by developers to achieve desired goals and also minimizesthe development cost. A good SRS defines how anapplicationwill interact with systemhardware,other programs and human users in a wide variety of real-world situations. Parameters such as operating speed,response time,availability,portability,maintainability,footprint,security and speed of recovery from adverse events are evaluated. Methods of defining an SRS are described by theIEEE(Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) specification 830-1998.
Q NO 2: Explain varies steps involved in Requirement Engineering?Ans:
Software requirements engineering for a software development project has a few typical phases:1.
Requirements elicitation and gathering
is always a necessary step, as frequently primary internal and
external project stakeholders do not know what they want, the requirements can be deeply “hidden”
within a client organization, prior requirements may not be validated or verifiable, and even completelyincorrect. This is the phase of the project which will largely determine the success or failure of theproject.2.
Requirements modeling
is a way in which the written, prose requirements are presented in anotherformat. Although effectively doing this can prove difficult for novices, many techniques such asuse casemodeling,UMLdiagrams,user storiesanduser goalscan help system designers and requirements engineers and business analysts represent the requirements in a more easily comprehensible or shareableform.3.
Analyzing requirements
is the process whereby the requirements are checked for consistency,correctness, completeness, sufficient detail, and writing style and format.
Requirements change management
is a requisite activity for business analysts and softwarerequirements engineers, as requirements are changing all the time and this process is to be expected andprepared for.
Q NO 3: Explain data modeling?Ans:Data Modeling
The figure
illustrates the way data models are developed and used today. Aconceptual data modelisdeveloped based on the datarequirementsfor the application that is being developed, perhaps in thecontext of anactivity model.The data model will normally consist of entity types, attributes,relationships, integrity rules, and the definitions of those objects. This is then used as the start point forinterface or database design.
Data modeling
insoftware engineeringis the process of creating adata modelfor aninformation system by applying formal data modeling techniques.
Data modeling
is aprocessused to define and analyze datarequirementsneeded to support thebusiness processeswithin the scope of corresponding information systems in organizations. Therefore, the processof data modeling involves professional data modelers working closely with business stakeholders, as wellas potential users of the information systemThere are three different types of data models produced while progressing from requirements to the actualdatabase to be used for the information system

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