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Selected Testimonies of Sinai Victems - PHR-I June 2012

Selected Testimonies of Sinai Victems - PHR-I June 2012

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Published by PHR Israel

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Published by: PHR Israel on Jun 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Selected testimonies of Sinai victims collected by Sister Aziza inPHR-I open clinic:
Testimony # 997. Female, 30 years old, from Eritrea, was in Sinai for 120days,paid $ 25000 to the smugglers for her release, arrived to Israel in January2012.
We finished paying 3000. Then we were taken to another place. They put us in theunderground house and we were told to pay 30000.We were beaten, my fingers are stillswollen. We were chained. I have scars around my ankles of the chains and difficultywalking. We were given only one bread a day. There were four woman. Three paidimmediately and they were released; only I stayed behind. No one harassed mesexually. We never saw a sun when I was in the underground for four months. Therewere twelve stairs down. There were two rooms, in one there were 40 people in theother 28. Four people died when I was there. One was diabetic; he could not survive thehunger. The other three died because of the beatings. They demand us after we paid25000 and asked me to pay again 11000 more. But I did not pay. They told me that if Idid not pay they will kill my nephew. They kept me for another month. I left mynephew behind because I could not pay. He is still there, I suffer for him. The boyswere tortured with electric shock. They were harassing me sexually by touching my breasts.
Testimony # 843. Male, age 36, from Eritrea, arrived to Israel in December 2011,paid $ 25,000 to the smugglers for his release, was held in Sinai for 90 days
I was kidnapped in the UN Camp in Sudan. I never wanted to come to Israel. When Iwas kidnapped there were two men with guns who came. They brought me straight toSinai. The journey took four days. When we reached Sinai they asked me for 33.000Dollars. For 20 days they chained me and the others in my group, blindfolded us andstarted to beat us in order to make us pay the money. There were 32 people in my group
and only one could pay 33.000 Dollars immediately. The traffickers then added morethan 100 other refugees. Five people were killed in the three months that I was there.The people died because of the electronic shocks they were receiving. I was beaten andchained and you can still see the scars on my body. The person who was chained withme died but the smugglers left the body chained with me for two days. They beat me onthe soles of my feet and they burned my hands with fire. When I was chained, wounds burst on my legs. I also suffered from extreme hunger and thirst. I got one piece of  bread every 24 hours and 1 1/2 liter of water for 32 people. Everybody of my familycontributed to my release in order to get the 33.000 Dollars the traffickers asked for.They said that I either have to die or have to pay, so my cousin sold his house to get themoney for me. First, they kept us in a shelter and then they put us in a house. I haven'tseen the sun for 90 days because the smugglers were afraid that people could see us. Iknow people who already paid 10.000 Dollar but still they aren't released. I feel so sorryfor them because I know what they are going through.
Testimony # 1062. Male, 22 years old, from Eritrea, was in Sinai for 240 days, paid$ 25000 to the smugglers for his release, arrived to Israel in February 2012:
I was working in Sudan in Girbah for one and a half months. I was working there inorder to have money. Then someone came to give us a job in Kassala and I gotkidnapped. Three people were kidnapped. One person came to propose for a job, whenwe came to the place there were four other kidnappers. We were brought to a housewhere we waited until we were eighteen people. There were also people who were notkidnapped. Then we were transferred to the Sinai. The eighteen that were kidnappedwere all Eritreans, there were four women amongst us. We were chained and blindfolded and we were beaten and mistreated. I have scars on my back, I was burnedwith plastic on my back. There were no Eritrean people who tortured us. We were keptunderground. The whole day we were obliged to stand, the smugglers did not allow usto sit. We suffered hunger, but the worst is thirst because they did not give us water atall. We could not even speak. We were drinking our own urine. Sometimes we fainted.Even those who died, they were still asking money for them. We were informing the people that they should not send money for their brothers because they already died. Iwitnessed the death of six people. The six people that died, some of them were beatenuntil they died. The other two were beaten, they suffered for two days and they died.We suffered from diarrhea, the smell of it brought big problems. Even when someone
felt very sick we all who were chained together (4) had to go to the toilet to do thediarrhea. They beat you so bad in a very bad place, even if you fall on a dead body they beat you more and more they do not care. There were old people and young people. Iheard children, but I never saw them. For eight months I was not allowed to shower.How could I take shower, we did not even have enough to dip our fingers. We were not blindfolded for eight months in a row, as soon as they moved we opened the blindfold.We were at least 29 persons in the underground house. Sometimes there were more,depending on those who paid and those who did not. We were changed from place to place. We did not stay in one house. There is no one that stayed with me for eightmonths, there were people who remained behind, but they are not the one who enteredthe Sinai with me. The name of the trafficker is Abu Mussa. Frequently they changedthe name. We were very weak, we were chained at any time. I cannot sleep, I live infrustration, everything comes back to my mind, my body is weak, I am in pain. I feelfor those who are left behind in the Sinai and also my parents who did a lot and I cannot pay them back. In Israel I cannot work and I am dependent on others. My family soldwhatever they had and relatives abroad collected money, I had to wait for that money.
Testimony # 933. Female, age 21, from Eritrea, arrived to Israel in January 2012, was held in Sinai for 153 days, paid $ 40.000 to the smugglers for her release:
I was sold to a trafficker called Abu Abdalla, after I already paid 15.000 Dollar toanother trafficker. I was beaten, chained and blindfolded and the traffickers didn't allowus to sit, to lie down or to sleep. We had to stand all the time. I was hanged from theceiling to threaten to kill me and you can still see the scar on my neck. Also, I receivedelectrical shocks; a scar remained on the other side of my neck. The traffickers obligedus to smoke Hashish. They did this only to the girls. When I took the drug I fainted andI didn't realize what happened around me. Everything became black. Once, they forcedus to take the drugs three days in a row, afterwards it was only every now and then. Iwas scared that I was sexually abused while I was unconscious but I did tests when Iarrived in Israel and it seems ok. In my group there were nine girls with me. All of uswere beaten. While my group was crossing to Israel, there was shooting at the border and two girls of the group were caught by the Egyptians. I don't know what happened toone of them, she disappeared. The other one went back to Eritrea. Three girls of thegroup are still with the traffickers. I heard that they were sold again. Only two other girls of my group managed to enter Israel.

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