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Mazha 30

Mazha 30

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Published by Sethu Menon
Mazha..a lyrical sketch by Usha Punathil
Mazha..a lyrical sketch by Usha Punathil

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Published by: Sethu Menon on Jun 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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kao£1187 anYp\w 12012 Pq¨ 15 sh
n 6ag AS-bm-f-an-Sp. as
mcp cwKw A[-y-b-\-h¿jm-cw-`-am-Wv. ]pXnb agbpw ]pXnb A[-y-b\ h¿jhpwAßs\ Iq´p-Iq-Sp-.p. kvIqfn-te°p \S.pt]mIp. hgn-I-fnse sNdnb sh
s°-´p-IsfNfn-°-f-am-t°-.Xv Hcp DØ-c-hm-Zn-Ø-ambn Ip´n-I
-Sp-°m-dp-.v. \S-.p-t]m-Im-hp. hgn-Ifpwsh
s°´p-Ifpw Cvm-Xm-hp-.-tXmsS CsXm-s°-bn-vm-Xm-Ip-.p. AS
apdn-bntem hml-\-Øntem Ccp.v]pdsØ
mkn¬ hogp. ag-Øp-
Bk-z-Zn®v Ip´n-I
°v Ah-cpsS Pohn-X-Øn-te°vag-sb- Xp-.n-t®¿t°-.n-hcp-.p.a-e-ap-I-fn¬ a-g s]-øp-tºm
 ag-t]m-se a-\- v B¿-{Z-am-Ip-. a-s
m-cp {]-Ir-Xn-{]Xn-`m-k-an-v. a-g hn-cn-bn-°p-. a-g-hn-vp-I
\n-c-h-[n-bm-Wv. Hm-tcm a-g-Øp-
n-bn-epw Hm-tcm a-g-hn-vp-I
.a-g-°p ]p-d-ta hn-j-a-ß
Hm-tcm-.m-bn ]p-d-sa FØp-sa-¶n-epw B-Im-i-sØ-bpw `q-an-sb-bpw _-
n-.n-°p-. a-g-\q-ep-I
am-bp-.n-v. Hm-tcm-cp-Ø¿-°pw A-h-sc {X-kn-.n-°p.a-g-tbm¿-a-I
D-.m-Ipw. th-\-e-dp-Xn-I
sXm-´p-]p-d-In¬ D.m-Ip-.-Xv a-g-bp-sS B¿-{Z-X h¿-[n-.n-°p-.p-.m-h-Ww. `q-{]-Ir-Xn am-dn a-dn-b-p-.-Xv a-g-®n-{X-ß-sf hy-X-y-kv-X-am-°p-.p. ]-gbhn-kv-Xr-X-am-b h-b¬-.-c-.p-I
a-g h-c-bv-°p-. D-Zm-c-Nn-{Xß-fm-bn-cp-.p. h-b¬-.-c-.p-I
-Øp-f-f Ip-fw \n-d-
v h-ben-te-°pw h-b¬ \n-d-
p Ip-f-ß-fn-te-°pw sh-
w sIm.pw- sIm-Sp-Øp-ap-f-f ]m-c-kv-]-c-yw. s\¬-.m-S-ß-fn-se Im¿-jn-I {]-hr-Øn-I
D-®-ÿm-bn-bn-em-hp-. Im-ew Iq-Sn-bm-Wv a-g°m-e-Øn-s
B-Z-y-]m-Zw. h-b-sem-cp-°p.Im-ew. a-e-_m-dn¬ I-.p-]q-´p-a-
-c-ßsf-vmw C-°m-e-Øm-Wv \-S-°m-dp-f-f-Xv. C.v A-Ø-cw \o-.p-]-c-. h-b¬ {]-tZ-iß-fn-v. hn-I-k-\-Øn-s
n-b sN-dn-b I-jv-W-ß
am-{XwA-ßn-ßv A-h-ti-jn-°p-.p. th-\-en-s\]-Xp-s° ]-Xp-s° A-\p-\-bn-.n-®v, a-g a-g°m-e-sam-cp-°p-tºm
a-\p-j-y-cpw A-Xpt]m-se H-cp-ßn a-g-°m-e-Øn-\m-bn Im-Øncn-°p-.p. {]-Ir-Xn-bp-am-bn t\-cn-´p _-
s.-´v Po-hn-°p-tºm-gm-Wv A-Xp Iq-Sp-X¬{]-I-S-am-Ip-.-Xv. a-g-°m-ew h-cp-.p-sh-.p-ff-Xn-\p kq-N-\-bm-bp-f-f Ir-jn-sbm-cp-°ß
,A-Xp-t]m-se ho-´n-te-°p-f-f hn-d-Ip ti-J-cn-®v A-´-Øvkq-£n-°¬ F-.n-ß-s\-bp-f-f {]-h¿-Ø-\-ß
\fn-se ]-Xn-hp-I-fm-Wv. a-g I¨-an-gn-°p-tºm-tg-°pw C-sXvmw H-cp-°n an-Sp-°p-Im-Wn-°p-. {Km-a-y-X A-kv-X-an-®p I-gn
p. a-g A-S-bm-f-an-Sp-. a-s
m-cp cw-Kw A-[-y-b-\-h¿-jm-cw-`-am-
Wv. ]p-Xn-b a-g-bpw ]p-Xn-b A-[-y-b-\ h¿-j-hpw A-ß-s\ Iq´p-Iq-Sp-.p. kv-Iq-fn-te-°p \-S-.p-t]m-Ip-. h-gn-I-fn-se sN-dn-bsh-
-s°-´p-I-sf N-fn-°-f-am-t°-.-Xv H-cp D-Ø-c-hm-Zn-Ø-ambnIp-´n-I
-Sp-°m-dp-.v. \-S-.p-t]m-Im-hp-. h-gn-I-fpwsh-
-s°-´p-I-fpw C-vm-Xm-hp-.-tXm-sS C-sXm-s°-bn-vm-Xm-Ip.p. A-S-
ap-dn-bn-tem hm-l-\-Øn-tem C-cp-.v ]p-d-sØ
mkn¬ ho-gp-. a-g-Øp-
B-k-z-Zn-®v Ip-´n-I
-°v A-h-cp-sSPo-hn-X-Øn-te-°v a-g-sb Xp-.n-t®¿-t°-.n-h-cp-.p.a-g s]-øp-.-Xp-t]m-se-X-s. B-k-zm-Z-y-X D-W¿-Øp-.-Xm-Wv a-cw s]-øp-.-Xv. s]-øp-. a-g-sb kzo-I-cn-®v X-.n-jv-S-Øns
 Xm-f-Øn¬ ]n-.o-Sv s]-bv-Xv H-gn-®p-sIm-.m-Wv a-cw s]-øp.-Xv. A-Xn-s
Xm-f-Øn-\v H-cp Zp:-J-{ip-Xn-bp-.m-Imw-. t\¿-ObpwL-\-hpw am-dn am-dn C-e-I-fpw im-J-I-fpw G-s
-Sp-°p-.p. a-g s]-bv-X-Xn-s
Hm¿-a -Iq-Sn-bm-bm-Wv a-cw s]-øp-.-Xv. Im-´n¬A-Xv Po-h-Pm-e-ß
-°pw hn-cp-.m-Wv. h-en-b Im-Sp-I-fn¬ a-gs]-øp-.-Xpw a-cw s]-øp-.-Xpw a-
-cn-®m-Wv F-.p ]-d-bm-dp.v. Ip-sd-tb-sd k-a-b-Øn-\p-ti-jw a-g s]-bv-X-Xn-t\-°m-tfsda-cw s]-øp-.p. hy-X-y-kv-X X-´p-I-fn-ep-
A-sXm-cpI¿-Ø-h-y-am-bn G-s
-Sp-°p-.p. a-g-sh-
w a-Æn-se-Øm= k-ab-ta-sd-bm-Ip-.p. C-e-I-fn-epw im-J-I-fn-epw X-´n-sØ-dn-®pwsX-dn-.n-®pw ]n-cn-
pw Iq-Sn-t®¿-.pw H-Sp-hn¬ G-sd ssh-Inh-.v a-Æn-s\ X-Wp-.n-°p-.p. i-
n-bm-b a-g s]-bv-X-ti-jhpwXm-sg-bp-f-f Ip-
X-e-bm-´p-.-Xp-t]m-se C-e-Ifm-´p-.-Xp-Im-Wmw-. Im-S-I-Øn-s
H-cp c-l-kyw t]m-se. At.m
 kq-£n-®p-t\m-°n-bm¬ sa-sv a-c-®n-v-I-fn¬-\n-.p hogp-.sh-
-Øp-f-fn Im-Wmw.a-e-ap-I-fn¬ a-g s]-øp-.-Xv a-s
m-cp A-\p-`q-Xn-bm-Wv. Ip-´nI-sf-t.m-se a-g-°p-´n-I
Hm-Sn \-S-.v a-e-I
\n-d-bv-°p-.-XvH-cp D-b¿-. {]-tZ-i-Øp-\n-.v Im-W-Ww. H-cp Ip-.v \n-d-®v ASp-Ø Ip-.n-te-°v. io¬-°m-c-tØm-sS sN-dn-b Im-
v. t\¿-Øsh¨-am-e-t]m-se Ir-X-y-am-bn sN-cn-hn¬ a-gI
. {]-Ir-Xn ap-gp-h= H-cp _n-p-hn¬ tI-{o-I-cn-°p-.-Xp-t]m-se. ]ns.a-g-\n-d-
v \-O-sf-bpw \-\-®v \n-d-®v `q-an-bm-sI \n-d-bp.p. `q-an B I-\n-hn¬ D-S-Ø-bm-Ip-.p. a-e-ap-I-fn-se h-c
-®s°m-Sp-hn¬ h-cp-. a-g B A-h-ÿ-sb h-vm-sX {]-Xn-_nw_ n-°p-.p-.v. sh-
-sa-. Po-h-s
A-Sn-ÿm-\ I-Ww B-Imi-Øp-\n-.v h-.p \n-d-bp-.-Xv A-\p-`q-Xn-bm-Ip-.-Xv A-ß-s\-Iq-Sn-bm-Wv. Cu h¿-j-sØ a-g-bv-°v C-hn-sS-sb-vmw B-en-.gwD-Xn¿-.n-cp-.p. F-{X {]m-b-am-b-h-cpw H-cp-th-f _m-ey-Ønte-°p Xn-cn-t®m-Sp-. \n-an-jw. Iu-Xp-I-tØm-sS a-g-bn¬-°pXn¿-.v A-Xp s]-dp-°n A-Sp-Øp \n¬-°p-. kp-lr-Øn-s
Iøn¬ sh-°p-tºm
Ip-fn¿-°p-.-Xv ssI-hn-c-ep-I
Iq-Sn-bm-Wv. A¬-]m-bp- m-a=tam-l=knwKns\ hn´p. A_vZp¬Iem-ans\ {]kn-U
v ÿm\m¿Yn-bm-°-Ww.bp.-]n.-F. tbmK-Øn¬ ]s¶-Sp-°n-sv.pw aaXm _m\¿PnC.v kXys
Nc-a-hm¿jnIwImew ambv°mØ A`n-\-b-ap-{Z-I
 kXy-cmPv s]mbn-en¬, _lvssd=
]n.C. DjsW-¶n-epw A-Xv A-en-
v a-s
m-c-h-ÿbn¬ _m-°n-bm-hp-.p-.v. B Ip-fn¿-a-bpwsh-.-bpw t\¿-a-bpw \-jv-S-am-hm-sX-Øs..{^n-Uv-Ppw {^o-k-dpw C-vm-Ø Im-e-Øv a-\p-j-y= P-e-Øn-s
-Xv B-en-.-g-Øn-eq-sS-bm-tWm?A-dn-bn-v. \m-hn¬ \-\-hq-dp-. B-en-.-gsa-.t]-cv F-¥m-bm-epw sF-kv t]m-se\n¿-a-a-am-b H-cp t]-c-v.- a-g km-ln-X-y-Ønepws]-bv-Xp-\n-d-
n-´p-.v. Im-fn-Zm-k= apX¬-°n-tßm-´v A-Xv \n-d-hm-bn-´p-X-s.-bp.v. t]-am-cn-bpw cm-{Xn a-g-bp-sa-vmw t]¿-Øpw t]¿-Øpw s]-bv-Xp-\n-d-
-Xm-Wv.kp-K-X-Ip-am-cn-bp-sS -cm-{Xn-a-g-a-g-bp-sS s]¨-hm-b-\-bm-Wv.A-Xp X-e-ap-d-I
\o-fp-. kv-{Xo Po-hn-X-am-Wv..-.-.cm-{Xn a-g ]-s.-s
{]nbw-X-.p-d°n-tbm-c-s.-sØ-sb=t{]-a- km£n.-.-.[m-{Xn-bpw tkm-Z-cn-bpw kp-lr-Øp-am-bn a-g-b-cn-I-Øp-.v.A-Xp-t]m-se tI-c-f k-aq-lw a-dp-]-Sn ]-d-
n-´n-vm-Ø H-cptNm-Z-y-ap-.v. H-c-
tNm-Zyw. F-¥n-\m-sW-s
Ip-´n-sb C-ß-s\ a-g-b-Øv \n¿-Øn-bn-cn-°p-.-Xv? C-cp-´-Øv s]-cp-a-g-b-ØvH-cp a-I-s\ \n¿-Øn-b-sX-¥n-s\-.v, B-sc-.m-Wv tNm-Z-yw. D-Ø-cw ]-e cq-]-Øn¬ F-vm-h¿-°p-a-dn-bmw. B-cpw I-\-Øp-s]øp-.B a-g-bp-sS Hm¿-a-bn¬ ]-d-bp-I-bp-.m-hn-v.a-e-bm-fn-bp-sS a-\- n-se a-g-®n-{X-ß
\n-c-h-[n-bm-Wv. I-Sem-kp tXm-Wn-I
ap-X¬ a-g-bp-sS ]-
m-Ø-e-Øn¬ a-I-s\°p-dn-®v A-
= tNm-Zn-°p-. tNm-Zyw-h-sc. F-¶n-epw Rm= ]-dbpw:\n-em-hp-f-f cm-{Xn-I-fn¬ a-e-ap-I-fn¬ a-g s]-bv-Xv \n-d
n-d-ßp-.-Xm-Wv a-g-bn¬-sh-t®-
-hpw Ip-fn-cp-]-I-cp-.-Xv F.v. ]n-s. a-e-I-fn¬ s]-bv-X sh-f-fw ]p-g-I-fn¬ \n-d-s
m-gp-In ]-Ip-Øv ]-e P-\-]-Z-ß-fn-te-s°-Øp-tºm-gpw a-e-ap-I-fnses]-bv-Xv A-S-bm-f-ß
`w-Kn ]-S-cp-.p-.m-hpw. H-.w a-c-ßfn¬ ]-S¿-.v hn-S¿-Øp-. a-g-hn-vp-I-fpw. I-hn- kp¬-^n-°¿ a-d.p-sh-® Ip-S-I-fn¬ ]-d-bpw-t]m-se.a-g-sb sXm-´m-hm-Sn-sb-.p\o hn-fn-®m-epwsXm-´n-v-tvm \m-an-Xp-h-sc F-.p ]-d-bm-t\ \-ap-°p I-gnbqC-{X-sbm-s° ]-d-
n-´pw \m-an-Xp-h-sc sXm-´n-v-tvm Cua-g-sb, A-sX, sXm-´n-´p-t]m-ep-an-v-tvm Cu a-g-sb!

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