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The Joint Legend

The Joint Legend

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Published by irinigramm

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Published by: irinigramm on Jun 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The joint Legend 
Long ago there lived two children whose names were Kuba andMarcin. Now Marcin and Kuba were very mischievious boys sothey were always getting into some kind of trouble or other,which had their mother shaking her head and often punishingthem. After a particularly naughty trick the boys had been sent
to their room for the day. Kuba, who was 12, didn’t care abo
utwhat his mother said so pretty soon he had persuaded the 9year old Marcin to climb out of the window with him and off they set in search of adventure.
They walked through the field behind their house and arrived ina dark forest. They glimpsed a special box under a bush butsomehow they cou
ldn’t open it. Suddenly, a
gold and a silversnake appeared in front of them speaking in human voice andasked the boys to follow them. At the back of the forest, theysighted beautiful scenery. They decided to climb up to themysterious tower on the top of the hill
Marcin and Kuba got inside the strange, tall tower through thesmall window. They saw a big, dark, cold chamber with hugepaintings on the walls. There was a basket with a lot of exoticfruit on the cupboard, chests full of gold and jewelry andwardrobes filled with plen
ty of woman’s clothes. Everything
pointed to the presence of a female. An enormous bed stood inthe corner of the room. Soon, they noticed a person who wassleeping in that big bed.

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