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Angels and Demans Forgive Them Not

Angels and Demans Forgive Them Not

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Published by URBNAnthony.com

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Published by: URBNAnthony.com on Jun 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Angels and Demons. Forgive Them Not.
Somewhere in the bible, I can recount the phrase: “forgive them my father, for theyknow not what they do.” I would like to say however, “Forgive them not, for they knowexactly what they do.” They are the wicked, deviant, and destroyers of lives.
It is oneof the phrases that leads me to believe that the bible is a self serving piece of literature forthe most part. That includes the submissive nature of the narratives included byConstantine and others referring to the overall attitude one should take when they arebeing abused. It also conflicts with other writings, especially that of the Quran. Neitherof them do I embrace as a whole.Now, as it relates to Angels and Demons. Yes, there are such, and this is one of thefundamental basis for my belief in Yahweh. It coincides with the ideas of creation asopposed to evolutionism. In considering the idea of angels and demons, or spirits as itrelates to our existence, it involves an entirely different consciousness.To be aware of this dimension is to seek the truth of existence. This entails theunderstanding that we are co-existing in what can be considered for understandingpurposes in a larger reality. That is to say that we are a part of a larger structure of life,
and this „dimension‟ is only a small part of a bigger existence. This is the essence of ‟oneness‟ as we are only a part of the entirety. I have written of this in earlier writings.
Certainly, I could give examples of the existence of other dimensions through my own
 perception of what life is. However, it is better to explain the „How„ and then go from
their.When one is referencing the existence of a reality within the existence of otherrealties or existences, one must first of all put off the idea or not
ion that one „knows‟.
The essence of understanding what you are limited through the senses in this state of being or dimension is to understand that what exist as oneness, you know nothingbecause that which you attempting to gather into your conscience is spiritual, notphysical. We exist, for lack of a better, in a physical realm, primarily. When you speak of angels and demons you are accessing a spiritual realm or reality not subject to thephysical understandings we are tooled with.The method of obtaining this level of access or obtaining understanding is throughthe disconnect of the physical into the spiritual. This is done by limiting the physicalsenses and enhancing the spiritual by reducing the physical by which the spiritualincreases. It could be better understood when we apply the principle that two objectscannot inhabit the same space at the same time. Remember, the body is a temple, bothphysical and spiritual so as one decreases the other increases.Therefore, if you wish to increase your spiritual conscience or awareness, eat less,drink less, for that is of the spiritual. Take in less physical into your mind, which is tomeditate on what is not of the physical. This is in basic terms, empty your physicalmind, then your spiritual mind will increase. Usually, this takes between two and threeweeks. Then it takes another two or three weeks and an understanding that you are notleaving an impression, and that you are being impressed upon. This is the beautiful partwhen you get to this level. To actually have this revelation is a life altering event, andyou will never be the same as the truth of existence is revealed. By this, you will know

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