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Toeic 600 Words

Toeic 600 Words

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Published by: Châu Huỳnh Quốc Bửu on Jun 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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L1 ContractsAbide byv. to comply with, to conformAgreementn. a mutual arrangement, a contractAgree v. agreeable adj.Assurancen. q guarantee, confidenceCancelv. to annul, to call ofDeterminev. to find out, to influenceEngagev. to hire, to involve+Establishv. to institute permanently, to bring aboutObligatev. to bind legally or morallyObligation n. obligatory adj.Partyn. a person or group participating in an action or plan, the persons or sides concernedin a legal matterProvision n. a measure taken beforehand, a stipulationProvider n. provision n.Resolvev. to deal with successfully, to declareSpecify v. to mention explicitlySpecification v.specific adj.L2 MarketingAttractv. to draw by appealAttraction n. attractive adj.Comparev. to examine similarities and differencesComparison n. comparable adj.Compete v. to strive against a rivalConsumev. to absorb, to use upConsumer n. consumable adj.Convincev. to bring to believe by argument, to persuadeCurrentadj. Happening or existing at the present time, adv. To be on top of thingsFad n. a practice followed enthusiastically for a short time, a crazeInspirev. to spur on, to stimulate imagination or emotion.Marketv. the course of buying and selling a product, n. the demand for a productMarketing n. marketable adj.Persuadev. to move by argument or logicProductiveadj. Constructive, high yieldSatisfy v. to make happyL3 WarrantiesCharacteristicadj. Revealing of individual traitsConsequencen. that which follows necessarilyConsiderv. to think about carefullyConsideration n. considerableCoverv. to provide protection againstExpirev. to come to an endFrequently adv. Occurring commonly, widespreadImplyv. to indicate by inferencePromisev. n. to pledge to do, bring about, or provideProtect v. to guardProtection n. protective adj.Reputationn. the overall quality of characterReputable adj.Reputed adj.Requirev. to deem necessary or essentialRequirement n. requisite adj.Varyv. to be different from another, to changeL4 Business planningAddressv. to direct to the attention oAvoidv. to stay clear of, to keep from happeningDemonstratev. to show clearly and deliberately, to present by example
Demonstration n. demonstrative adj.Developv. to expand, progress, or improveDevelopment n. developer n.Evaluate v. to determine the value or impact of Evaluation n. evaluator n.Gather v. to accumulate, to concludeOfferv. to propose, to present in order to meet a need or satisfy a requirementPrimaryadj. Most important, first in a list, series, or sequenceRiskn. the chance of loss or damageStrategyn. a plan of actionStrategize n. strategic adj.Strongadj. Powerful, economically or financially soundSubstitutev. to take the place of anotherL5 ConferencesAccommodate v. to fit, to provide with something neededAccommodation n. accommodating adj.Arrangement n , the plan or organizationAssociation n, an organization of persons or groups having a common interestAttend v, to go to, to pay attention toAttendee n., attendance n.Get in touch v, to make contact withHold v, to accommodate; to conductLocation n, a position or siteOvercrowded a, too crowdedRegister v, to recordRegister n. registration n.Select v, to choose from a groupSelection n. selective adj.Session n, a meeting Take part in v, to join or participateL6 computersAccess v, to obtain, to gain entryAccess n.accessible adj.Allocate v, to designate for a specific purposeCompatible a, able to function togetherDelete v, to remove; to eraseDisplay n, what is visible on a monitor; v, to showDuplicate v, to produce something equal; to make identicalDuplicate n.duplication n,Fail v, not to succeed; not to work correctlyFailure n.fallible adj.Figure out v, to understand , to solveIgnore v, not to notice; to disregardSearch v, to look for; n, investigationShot down v, to turn off; to cease operationWarn v, to alert; to tell about a danger or problemWarning n.warning adj.L7 Office TechnologyAffordable a, able to be paid for; not too expensiveAs needed adv, as necessaryBe in charge of v, to be in control or command of Capacity n, the ability to contain or hold; the maximum that something can holdDurable a, sturdy, strong, lastingInitiative n, the first step; an active roleInitiate v.initiation n.Physical a, perceived by the sensesProvider n, a supplierProvide v.provision n.
Recur v, to occur again or repeatedlyRecurrence n. recurring adj.Reduction n, a lessening , a decreaseReduce v.reducible adj.Stay on top of v, to know what is going on; to know the latest informationStock n, a supply; v, to keep on handL8 Office ProceduresAppreciate v, to recognize, understand the importance of; to be thankful forAppreciation n. appreciated adj.Be exposed to v, to become aware of; to gain experience inBring in v, to hire or recruit; to cause to appearCasual a, informalCode n, rules of behaviorGlimpse n, a quick lookMade of v, to consist of Out of a, no longer having, missingOutdated a, obsolete; not currently in usePractice n, method of doing somethingPractice v. practical adj.Reinforce v, to strengthen, supportReinforcement n. reinforcing gerundVerbal a, oralVerbalize v.verbally adv.L9 ElectronicsDisk n, an object used to store digital informationFacilitate v, to make easierNetwork n, an interconnected group or systemPopularity n, the state of being widely admired, soughtPopularize v.popular adj.Process n, a series of operations or actions to bring about a resultReplace v, to put back in a former place or positionReplacement n. replaceable adj.Revolution n, a sudden or momentous change in a situationRevolutionized v. revolutionary adj.Sharp a, abrupt or acute; smartSkills n, developed abilitySoftware n, the programs for a computerStorage n, the safekeeping of goods or informationStore v. n. Technical a, special skill or knowledgeL10 CorrespondenceAssemble v, to put together; to bring togetherBeforehand adv, early, in advanceComplicated a, not easy to understandComplication n. complicated adj.Courier n, a , a messengerExpress a, fast and directFold v. to bend paperLayout n, a format; the organization of material on a pageMention v, to refer to; n, something read or writtenMention n. mentionable adj.Petition n, a formal, written request; v, to make a formal requestProof v, to look for errorsProofreader n. proofing gerund.Registered a, recorded and trackedRegistration n. registered adj.Revise v, to rewrite

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