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Sony Essay

Sony Essay

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Published by Nikita Gupta

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Published by: Nikita Gupta on Jun 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sony Corporation essay 
Sony is one of the leading trademarks in electronic goods. The name Sony stands for greatquality, technological leadership and prestige. Sony products range from personal to homeentertainment, digital cameras, communication devices, personal computers, laptops to robots.Sony is a Japanese Legend in electronic products which evolved as a multinational companyhead quartered in Tokyo. This report brings you an overall view about marketing concepts and indepth familiarity about how Sony practices these concepts in real world.
Brief History 
In 7th May 1946 at Nihonbashi, Tokyo, Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita gave birth to TokyoTelecommunication Engineering Corporation commonly known as Totsuko. Apparently it startedwith 20 people in 1946 and it has grown to 8000 people in 20 years' time. The first product everproduced by sony is a electric rice cooker, then in 1950 Japan's first magnetic coated - paper
based recording tape was introduced as “Sony Tape”. In 1955, th
ey decided to change the labelfor their products as Sony. In 1958, they changed their name from Totsuko to Sony Corporation.In 1960, Sony's performance and products were exported and expanded to United States, Chinaand different countries all over the world. Till date, Sony continued to show consistentimprovement in all sectors and branches it step in.
Current Market of Sony Corporation
The total revenue recorded for Sony in 2009 was US$ 78.9 billion. The most common objectiveof Sony Corporation in business is to increase the market share. By increasing the market shareSony keep its pace consistent in the market above the competitors. Sony has evolved its root inall areas such as entertainment arena- Television, LCDs, CDs and DVDs etc., in gaming arena-PlayStation, gaming CDs and DVDs, in music arena digital players, music downloads, Walkmanetc., producing mobile phones with brand name as Sony Ericsson and Laptops with name SonyVAIO for professional market. By this kind of diversification Sony brings its advantage over its
competitors by upright to the words “survival of the fittest”.
“After the initial assessment, a company must set its basic objectives by deciding which products
to bring to market at what price and which customers to pursu
e” (Curry& Edmund,J 2009: 9).
Sony being a successful implementer of this objective in its business, now announces itsemphasis over environmental issues.
Source: "Environmental Vision Towards Sustainability" (http://www.sony.net/) 2009
Sony's “Environmental Vision towards Sustainability” gives all its reverence for environment and
nature. Sony vision on future is mainly focussed on four steps,ü Marketing must be the first priority of the company.ü Consumer views are most important than the company's.ü Focusing on the future investment.ü To be patient after doing these steps.
Section 1: Organizational Orientation
Organizational orientation provides complete information of the organization. This tool is usedmainly for large organizations {private and public corporate}. The profitable organizational
orientation Sony established from changing its brand image from “economical and reliable” to“quality and competitive” made some effective changes.
 The four major steps to succeed in market are,The performance of the firm relative to its competitors is not necessarily dependent upon thesales figures because changes in sales may occur because of the changes in economicconditions and changes in the size of the market. But it is actually how much proportion of themarket the firm has allocated as compared to its competitors which is called the company'smarket share. The main advantage of using market share is because of the wide macroenvironmental variables which are abstracted from the industry such as the state of theeconomy, the change in tax policy, the proportion or percentage of the total segments of marketand the availability of the market that is being serviced by the company. The higher in the marketshare, the higher the performance of the company.Market share can be calculated as follows:
Market Share= Firm's Sale / Total Market Sales
As the increase in Market Share increases the profitability, many firms are concerned inincreasing the market share. The reasons lies behind are as follows,ü Increasing the growth of sales even if the industry is not growing.ü Developing cost advantage.ü Increasing the bargaining power due to which the firm has an advantage in negotiation withchannel members and suppliers.ü Increasing the reputation of the firm.
Sony's Market share analysis
Sony is a global multinational company so the market shares are ranged all over the world indifferent market places, so we can't specify a particular market. Sony is also participating in othermajor markets such as game console market, computers market and communications market,specially the cell phone market with its merger over Ericsson.The graph below shows that only 13.65% of the market has been captured by Sony with theSony Ericsson brand in the cellular market.http://stats.getjar.com/mr_technology_charts/world/Sony-Ericsson.pngThis is because the cellular industry is full of other giants such as Nokia which captured 51.4%,
Samsung captured 9.91%, and Blackberry 1.93% etc. “Our 
target is to become one of the topthree players in the industry, and the momentum we established in 2006 makes this an
achievable ambition,” said Miles Flint, President of Sony Ericsson.
 In the gaming industry, Sony holds 70% of the market shares while Nintendo and Microsoft share
15% each. “Pricing is the only area of global marketing mix where policy can be changed rapidlywithout large direct cost implications” (Hollensen,S 2007: 475). A cheaper version of Play station
3 was launched by Sony to compete with Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. The companyaims to sell 10 million PS3 consoles this year compared to the 9.24 million sales in the previousyear. The firm is also aiming to sell 15 million play stations portable handheld game machinesthis year compared 13.9 million sales in the previous year. Sony's biggest competitors in thegaming industry are Microsoft and Nintendo.Sony is best known for the Television industry. The biggest competitor for Sony is SamsungElectronics Co limited and has left Sony Bravia a long way behind in the Global Flat TV market.
“Sony has said it aims to make its LCD TV operations profitable in the financial year starting next
 April” (bbc.co.uk 19th November, 2009). Also Sony is aiming to launch 3D TV's next year and for 
its electronic reading devices Sony is looking forward to grab 40% Market Share in 2012/13.The various sections discussed about the organization,
1. Corporate Citizenship
Sony has a widespread range of responsibility towards the society. Sony is one of the world'scorporate organisations which give desired respect to their employees and also help theiremployees to develop their knowledge by various learning methods like organising trainingprogram, orientation towards new products etc. Sony also shows high levels of co-operateintegrity to both stakeholder and society
2. Business Planning
Sustainability and performance is the key factor of their prior consideration in planning a newproduct and services. Creating new business models is to decrease their environment impactand to move forward to attain a sustainable growth.
3. Research & Development
The main objective of Sony international ltd, is to develop a new technology which can contributetowards the improvement of our society, they will also aim to increase their productivity and theproduct performance and services to make them sustainable and to access high quality concept.
4. Product Design
Sony is applying its creative technology principle to design all their product and services in thesense to meet the environmental benefits. All their product has been designed in such a way toreduce their technological impact on the environmental throughout their life period, Sony alsofocus their attention towards reducing electronic wastes which is very harmful to the human life.
5. Manufacturing Process and Site Management
Sony continuously focusing its entire concentration in environmental management throughimproving their sites both at manufacturing and non-manufacturing and tried to move towardszero emission production .Sony is implementing technological innovation and environmentalmanagement to reduce its impact on environment while manufacturing their products.
6 Distributions, Sales & Marketing
Sony marketing is mainly based on their product qualities. Sony has tried to reduce their impacton environment in almost all their processing sectors like packaging, distribution. Theysuccessfully include all the vital information for the costumers in their products.
8. Information Disclosure and Stakeholder Communication
Sony always discuss the matters all its products and other matters with stake holders and alsodisclose all its information details in a form that is accessible to public they also consider thesuggestion of the staff and opinions of the stake holders and take effort for a detail evaluation toimprove their products and performance.
9. Risk, Health and Safety Management
The Sony also focuses the attention towards health and safety problems that arise during themanufacturing of their products. They also take efforts to concentrate in all the management partto rectify it. They aim to reduce the accidents and causality to zero. Sony's management haddiscussion about the risk factor with stakeholders and public as they realise these measures arethe integral part of any business organizations.

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