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Encampment Training Manual

Encampment Training Manual

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Published by CAPHeritage
California Wing - Civil Air Patrol Encampment Training Manual (CAPR 52-16, CAWG Operating Instruction 1), published 1 July 1999. 78 pages.
California Wing - Civil Air Patrol Encampment Training Manual (CAPR 52-16, CAWG Operating Instruction 1), published 1 July 1999. 78 pages.

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: CAPHeritage on Jun 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1 JULY 1999CAPR 52-16CAWG Operating Instruction - 1
Cadet Programs Section, California WingUnited States Air Force AuxiliaryCivil Air Patrol
Chapter 6 - Discipline
Definition6-127Types of Discipline6-227Purpose6-327History6-427Maintaining Discipline6-528Tools6-628Conclusion6-728
Chapter 7 - Activities/Scheduling
Activities7-129Time Management7-229Scheduling7-329Daily Flight Plan7-430Daily Meetings7-530
Chapter 8 - Encampment Staff Selection
Purpose8-131Summary8-231Environment8-331Evaluation Procedures8-431Final Evaluation Meeting8-531Results8-631Post Selection Training8-731
Chapter 9 - Inspection Program
Purpose9-132General9-232Monitoring9-332Shake Down Inspection9-432Barracks Inspection Procedure9-532Protocol9-632Flight Inspection9-732Squadron Inspection9-832Group Inspection9-933
Chapter 10 - Drill Competition
General10-134Squadron Competition10-234Group Competition10-334Scoring10-434Rules10-534Sequence10-635Paragraph Page Paragraph Page
CAPR 52-16CAWG OI-11 JULY 1999HEADQUARTERS CALIFORNIA WING, CAPUnited States Air Force AuxiliaryLos Alamitos, California
Chapter 1 - Introduction
General1-1 3Purpose of Encampment1-2 3Philosophy1-3 3Authority1-4 3History of Encampment1-5 3
Chapter 2 - Organization
General2-1 5Temporary Grade Structure2-2 5Selection of Flight Positions2-3 5Cadet Position Description2-4 5CTG Commander2-4a 5CTG Deputy Commander2-4b 7CTG Executive Officer2-4c 7CTS Commander2-4d 7Cadet Flight Commander2-4e 8Cadet Sergeant Major2-4f 8Cadet First Sergeant2-4g 9Cadet Flight Sergeant2-4h 9Cadet Element Leader2-4i 9Senior Staff Position Descriptions2-510Assistant Tactical Officer2-5a10Tactical Officer2-5b10Senior Tactical Officer2-5c10Chief Tactical Officer2-5d10Commandant Of Cadets2-5e10Executive Officer2-5f12Encampment Commander2-5g12
Chapter 3 - Encampment Model
Introduction3-113Objectives3-213Program of Instruction3-315Training Phases3-416Summary3-518
Chapter 4 - Training
General4-119Training Methodology4-219Implementation of Training4-322
Chapter 5 - Academic Instruction
Curriculum5-124Learning and Teaching5-224
No written word can replace dynamic, creative leadership. This manual is intended as a foundation from which the individualstaff member can implement the encampment program to make his own individual contribution to the mission of trainingcadets in California Wing. It should become the personal goal of each member to give encampment the substance necessaryto make it a worthwhile experience for the cadets who attend. The staff should also be constantly striving to learn and enhancetheir own education through the encampment experience. Through their efforts, their determination, and their attitudes, thecadets will achieve the growth and the superior education that have become trademarks of California Wing and The CadetTraining Group.
2CAPR 52-16CAWG OI-11 JULY 1999
Chapter 11 - Volleyball Competition
General11-136Squadron Competition11-236Group Competition11-336Terms11-436Rules11-537Fouls11-637Errors11-737Scoring11-837
Chapter 12 - Physical Fitness Training
Physical Training12-138Conduct12-238Formation12-338Rotational12-438Stretching12-538Calisthenics12-638Activity12-739Cool-Down12-839
Chapter 13 - Awards
Purpose13-145Flight Awards and Criteria13-245Individual Awards and Criteria13-345
Chapter 14 - Formations and Ceremonies
General14-144Flight Formation14-244Physical Training Formation14-344Squadron Formation14-444Group Formation14-544Parade Practice14-644
Chapter 15 - Health and Safety
General15-147Meals15-247Laundry15-347Personal Time15-447Building Evacuation Procedure15-547Other Emergency Procedures15-648Road Guard Procedures15-748Common Medical Problems15-848
Chapter 16 - Staff Standard Operating Procedures
General16-150Dining Hall16-250Quarters16-350Cadet Staff Personal Time16-450Sleeping16-550Private Vehicles16-650Responsibility16-750Behavior16-850
Chapter 17 - The Tactical Officer
General17-151Assignments17-251Exclusive Responsibilities17-351Shared Responsibilities17-451Tactical Officer/Cadet Staff Relationship17-551Participation in Encampment Training17-651Tactical Officer's Tasks17-751
Chapter 18 - Senior Staff 
Uniforms18-154Living Quarters18-254Legal Responsibilities18-354Standard of Care18-454Responsibility18-554Counseling18-655Active Listening Skills18-755Sensitivity18-855Resolution18-955
2-1Organizational Chart - CTG 62-2Organizational Chart - Senior Members113-1Encampment Training Phases154-1Malmos Study2110-1Layout for Drill Competition3411-1Volleyball Court3612-1Rotationals3912-2Stretches4012-3Calisthenics4114-1Squadron Level Formation Diagram4514-2Group Level Formation Diagram46
1Flight Commanders Checklist Day 0562Flight Commanders Checklist Day 1563Flight Commanders Checklist Day Last Day574Tactical Officers Briefing Checklist575Cadet Drill Competition Evaluation Sheet586Command Sequence - Squadron Formation597Command Sequence - Group Formation608Command Sequence - Parade Ceremony619Encampment Equipment List6610Property Receipt6711Cadet Activity Release Form6712Daily Flight Plan6813Encampment Schedule Change Form6914Daily Individual Quarters Inspection Form7015Basic Cadet Completion Contract7116Basic Cadet Performance Evaluation7217Cadet Staff Contract for Temporary Grade7318White Glove Inspection History7419Senior Member Equipment List7520Tactical Officer Checklist7521Abbreviations7622Reference List76Paragraph Page Paragraph Page

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