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Home EC Teachers Guide to Crocheting[1]

Home EC Teachers Guide to Crocheting[1]



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Published by nabeegle4243
How to crochet...well i dont teach you but ive pulled together some resources so you can learn a little better.
How to crochet...well i dont teach you but ive pulled together some resources so you can learn a little better.

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Published by: nabeegle4243 on Jan 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Home EC Teachers Guide to Crocheting!
Crocheting is something you can do anywhere. I’m serious anywhere from infront of the TV to that annoying plane ride cross country for the meeting that you reallynever wanted to get invited to but you did so now you are on a 6 hour flight and havenothing to do. This Guide will help you find the free and easy way to learn since I amnot exactly an expert and to be honest I have no TIME to sit down and try to take picturesof myself crocheting or make a video (hey I may be good with computers but I never saidI was that good!).
 History 101
Crocheting was thought to have started in Arabia, South America, or China but is knowntoday from its popularity from Europe around the 1800’s. It is most well known from itscottage industry roots particularly from Ireland and Northern France. Crocheting wasused by families as a supplemental income when crop’s failed or family members wentaway to war. The items they created were mainly purchased by the up and comingmiddle class patrons. At this time crocheting was seen as a imitation of a status symbol because those who could afford lace made by older and more expensive methodsdisdained crochet. Crochet did loose its appeal throughout the years but after WW2 therewas a resurgence in home crafters (like you) and it has again taken center stage as aviable means to make clothes and other crafts.
Did you know?
There are many different forms of crochet including but not limited to: Filet Crochet(how lace is made), Tunisian Crochet, Broomstick Lace, Hairpin lace, Cro-Hooking andIrish Crochet but they are all variants of the basic crochet methods.
 The hook arrggggg
Crochet hooks come in many different sizes and here in American are actually sizeddifferently than you will find in England and Europe:For Filet Crochet hook sizes start at 00 and go up to a 16For regular old crochet hook sizes range from B to S (that is a very big hook)Tunisian Crochet hooks are very very very long
Yarn is oh so pretty it comes in different colors and sizes. You can even switch betweencolors in a project (ill get to that later). The biggest issue facing us is what kind of yarnwe want to use and what kind of hook to use with that yarn. Now hook size is up to youif you want a smaller stitch pick a smaller hook if you want a larger stitch pick a larger hook. But there is some method to the madness when it comes to yarn size and hook size. Most yarn you buy will have a suggested hook size somewhere on the label to letyou know what size you should use. So here is my guide to yarn size also known asweight and the hook you might want to use.
Lace 0
AKA fingering 10 count crochet thread
6,7,8,B (remember thenumbers are for lace hence the weight name of lace)
Superfine 1
AKA sock fingering, baby
Fine 2
AKA sport, baby
E, F, G, H
Light 3
AKA DK, Light Worsted
H, I
Medium 4
AKA Worsted, Afghan, Aran
Bulky 5
AKA Chunky, Craft, Rug
K, L, M
Super Bulky 6
AKA Bulky Roving
M and Larger So what to do from here. First follow your directions if your making something from a book or pattern. What ever they suggest for yarn weight and hook go for that. If your free handing say a scarf or a blanket got with what you like. For me my favorite yarn isWorsted weight and my hook of choice for scarves is actually a
I like there to be spaceto see through the scarf.Also when you buy a ball of yarn its sometimes referred to as a Skein of yarn.
Gauge…what about it?
Gauge is one of those things I don’t really worry about but if your doing a real projectlike a sweater its probably best you read this. Gauge is the number of stitches per sqinch. It lets you know if you are doing the project correctly. When your gauge is bigger then it is recommended use a smaller hook. When your gauge is to small switch to alarger hook. Here is some more information on gauge since I obviously don’t reallyunderstand it completely.http://www.ehow.com/how_7420_gauge-crochet-stitches.htmlhttp://crochet-mania.blogspot.com/2008/08/blog-post_08.htmlhttp://www.lionbrand.com/cgi-bin/faq-search.cgi?store=/stores/eyarn&faqKey=123&language=
Yes it true all you need to know are your ABC’s and 123’s to crochet. Crochet is allabout COUNTING now remember school lessons they will come in handy. For mostregular crochet projects you will use a hook that is between B-S (your ABC’s) and youwill count your stitches as you go (your 123’s)The other thing you will need is a pattern or an idea. You can get lots of patterns andideas from the following sites.Lion Brand Yarnhttp://cache.lionbrand.com/cgi-bin/patternIndex.fcgi?s=CrochetCrochet Pattern Centralhttp://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/directory.php About.comhttp://crochet.about.com/library/blfreepatts1.htm TJW1963’s has great video patterns so you can follow alonghttp://www.youtube.com/user/tjw1963 My biggest suggestion here is just type what your looking for into Google and put freeafter it.
Crochet will never be a Cheap Copy 
With that let’s get started. I’m going to provide links so you can get started. I suggest practicing the basic stitches on your yarn before starting a project. I also suggest startingwith easy projects.Here is my advice to you on reading these directions. First read what I write then go tothe lion brand yarn site (if I include it) and review it especially for the turning of the work they seem to give a better picture of what you are supposed to be doing than the videos.Then watch the videos. I like to watch the videos and start my work so im doing it withthem don’t be afraid to pause it to catch up they are experts so they go quickly.Lets get started with the basicsFirst you need to start out with a knot and the best you can do is a slip knot.
Knit Witch guide to a slip knot
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NcOewm7qAA  Now slip your crochet hook in the loop and pull it tight around the hook and you areready to begin.

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