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Embracing Obscurity - Sample Chapter

Embracing Obscurity - Sample Chapter

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Published by bhpub

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Published by: bhpub on Jun 19, 2012
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In an age where value is often determined by the number of Twitter followers and Facebook “likes” a person has, the idea of embracing obscurity seems about as outdated as an old rotary dial phone. Not to mention, social networking has made it pos-sible to broadcast the details of our day down to what we had for breakfast and the playlist of songs we listened to on our lunch break. It’s all beginning to be a bit too much. I applaud whoever  wrote this book for reminding us all of our ultimate purpose: To make much of God and less of ourselves. This book is an absolute treasure that should be on every Christian’s nightstand. Permanently.—Vicki Courtney, a fellow author, who would have rather gone unnamed to embrace obscurity  We live in a celebrity-obsessed culture. And let’s be real, the church isn’t all that different. In fact, in the church we often make the case that influence is something to be pur-sued; the greater our influence, the greater our impact for Christ. Yet, what does it mean to make much of ourselves in order to make much of Him, instead of trusting Him to make much of Himself—despite us.
Embracing Obscurity 
 is incredibly powerful as it reminds us to question whether we are building our own self-importance or finding it in Christ.  Are we willing to be obscure so that Christ is exalted? How can we say no?—Jen Hatmaker, author of
7: An Experimental Mutiny  Against Excess
Our lives can exalt only one person. This book challenged me to consider who, for me, that one person was. Am I will-ing to embrace obscurity for Jesus? If only one person can receive attention in my life, is it Him? This book helped me marvel again at the Christ who embraced obscurity for us. His
humiliation led to our exaltation. When we understand that, how can we not say, “He must increase, but I must decrease!”—JD Greear, Lead Pastor, the Summit ChurchTwitter: @jdgreear @summitrduIt is a paradoxical sign of the times that a book advocating the virtues of anonymity yet requires named endorsements in order to be properly marketable. Thus, it is with some sense of irony, if not incoherence, that I commend this work. We live in an age where self-promotion is the norm and where even many sincere Christians have bought into this culture with enthusiasm. Yet the message of this important book is that such self-promotion is not simply a neutral cultural tool but is in fact antithetical to biblical Christianity. This is a timely call to modesty, privacy, and humility. It is painful but necessary reading that is likely to be hated, disparaged, or simply ignored by the very people who most need to heed its message.—Carl R. Trueman, Westminster Theological Seminary If American evangelicalism is like a football team, with different positions and players,
Embracing Obscurity 
 is the 300-pound linebacker lurking over the middle. It hits hard. There  were sentences in this book that stopped me cold. Conclusions from its provocative critique will vary, but the book is prophetic and needed. I’m not anonymous in recommending this text, but I’m definitely stirred to embrace the gospel that knocks us down like Saul, frees us from sin and death, and turns vainglo-rious somebodies into glorious nobodies.—Owen Strachan, Assistant Professor of Christian Theology and Church History; coauthor,
Essential Edwards Collection
Many of us are drunk right now, intoxicated with a desire to be respected, honored, and widely known. And yet this intoxication derails our ability to give God the respect, honor, and renown that He so rightly deserves. For this reason, the

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