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50 Most Asked Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

50 Most Asked Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

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Published by Tim Cabusas

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Published by: Tim Cabusas on Jun 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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50 Most Asked Job InterviewQuestions and How toAnswer Them
Tell me about yourself.
 Keep the answer
job or skill related
Tell me about your dream job.
Don't mention a specific job.
Saysomething generic
like, "I want a job whereI love the work and the people I work with."
3.Why did you leave your last job?
 Never refer to a major problem withmanagement or say undesirable thingsabout your supervisors, co-workers or theorganization. Keep smiling and talk about
leaving for a positive reason such as an
opportunity, or a chance to do something
What is your weakness?
 Always try to give a
positive answer
. Forexample,
"It takes me a long time to getready in the morning, so I set my alarmtwo hours ahead of my time in for work."
What are your strengths?
Sell yourself
. Say how you can be adesirable employee for the company.6.
What do you know about the type of work
we do?
Do a research about the company
beforegoing to the job interview.7.
Why should we hire you?
 This is your chance to show why working forthe company is important to you and whyyou think you will fit in. Don't mention otherapplicants for comparison.8.
Tell me about a suggestion you havemade
.This will show that you care about thecompany's growth. Use an example thatwas accepted and successful, especiallyone that is related to the position.9.
Do you consider yourself successful?
 You should always answer
. Successdoesn't necessarily have to be big ones, just
mention how you have achieved goalsyou have set for yourself
10.Why have you been unemployed for such
a long time?
 Mention the activities you have done thatwould help market yourself like trainings orshort courses you attended, or for examplesay,
"I gave birth and had to take care ofmy baby and this experience taught meso much about patience and timemanagement.
What do co-workers say about you?
 Recall good things that your co-workershave said like, "My manager, Mr. Santos,once told me that I am a very organizedperson".12.
How long would you expect to work forus if hired?
 Don't give a specific answer. Say somethinglike,
"I plan on staying for long."
or "Aslong as we both feel I'm doing a good job."
13.Do you think you are overqualified for
this position?
Regardless of your qualifications,
state thatyou are very well qualified for the
Or you may say something like
, "I
don't think I am overqualified, but I am
fully qualified."
Have you ever had to fire anyone? Howdid you feel about that?
 If you had, always explain yourself in a waythat implies you did not want to, but had to.15.
Are you applying for other jobs?
Be honest. If you are considered an asset tothe company, they just might give you agood salary offer to get you to work withthem, instead of the other companies youare applying to.
16.Describe your management style.
 Mention how you deal with yoursubordinates or your projects like,
"Iprovide team members with effectiveguidance and motivation to complete
assignments on time so our projects
Or you can simply say
"For me,good communication among members isthe best way."
Are you a team player?
The answer should always be a
thencite examples. You may
mention situationswhere you were part of a group ororganization, and the activities you'vehad that show you worked well withthem.
18.What is your philosophy towards work?
Don't give a monologue here.
Saysomething short and positive
philosophy is to do my best at all times."
What position do you prefer on a teamworking on a project?
 You may say you are comfortable with anyposition in the team, may it be the leader, orfollower. This shows that you can lead ateam but at the same time also able to followdirections. This shows you are flexible.20.
Have you ever been asked to leave aposition?
If you have, be honest and never sayanything negative about your former boss orcompany.
Focus on saying positive
likehow much you have grown from theexperience.21.
What irritates you about co-workers?
 Do not speak badly of your past co-workers,as this reflects a flaw on your attitude, nottheirs. Divert the negativity posed by thequestion. Assure the interviewer you getalong well with fellow co-workers.22.
Why do you think you would do well atthis job?
Mention your skills, experience andinterest.
23.What is more important to you: themoney or the work?
 You can say something like, "
Both areimportant because everybody needsmoney to live but job satisfaction is also
What has been your biggest professional
Mention something that was beyond yourcontrol but show acceptance and nonegative feelings.25.
What would your previous supervisorsay your strongest point is?
 There are many good qualities you canmention but be sure to give an example or asituation to back your answer. Or if you havea recommendation letter you may say, "Ibelieve my supervisor would say that mystrongest point is that
I'm reliable, hard-working, efficient, timely, andresponsible.
I know this because he has
written it in my letter of recommendation.Would you like to see it?"26.
Tell me about a problem you had with asupervisor.
 Never mention a problem or anythingnegative about your supervisor. Try to thinkand then come up with none.27.
Are you willing to work overtime?Nights? Weekends?
 This is up to you. Be totally honest.28.
Tell me about your ability to work underpressure.
 You may say that you thrive under certaintypes of pressure. Give an example thatrelates to the type of position applied for.29.
How do you propose to compensate for
your lack of experience?
You may point out that you are a quicklearner and hard worker. Or stateexperiences that may not be from work butare somewhat related like for a managerialposition, you may cite experiences you hadas a leader in a school project.
30.Do your skills match this job or anotherjob more closely?
Never give the interviewer the impressionthat you are more interested on otherjobs.
Tell me about the most fun you have hadon the job
Talk about having fun but at the same timeaccomplishing something like a teambuilding you had where you gained a goodrelationship with your co-workers.32.
Would you be willing to relocate ifrequired?
 Be honest. Discuss with your familybeforehand, assuming this question shouldcome up.33.
What motivates you to do your best onthe job?
 Some examples are challenge,achievement, recognition, integrity.
34.How would you know you weresuccessful on this job?
You can say something like,
"When I haveachieved all the goals that were set and Ihave given more than what is expected of
Are you willing to put the interests of theorganization ahead of your own?
Just say yes
. This is a test of your loyalty.36.
What qualities do you look for in a boss?
generic and positive.
Some examples
are fair, competent, good motivator.37.
How do you see yourself five years fromnow?
 If you answer that you have not thoughtabout it or you have no plans yet, theinterviewer could conclude you have novision and goals. Say something that isachievable but not too low as this couldimply you lack initiative. It should beconsistent with the objective on your resumeand the skills you mentioned you have.
38.What have you learned from mistakes onthe job?
 Mention mistakes you've had but be sure to
focus more on the lessons you havelearned from that mistake.
Do you have any blind spots?
Don't say something specific but
just say
everyone has them that's why working asa team is very important to point out and
cover each other's blind spots.
answer diverts the question to how you areas a team player.40.
If you were hiring a person for this job,what would you look for?
 Mention qualities that are needed for theposition that you have.41.
Tell me about a time when you helpedresolve a dispute between others.
 Pick a specific incident and what role youplayed in its resolution.
42.Describe your work ethic.
 Emphasize benefits to the organization.Things like,
determination to get the job
done and work hard but enjoy your work
are good.
What are your expectations from thisjob/company?
 You will be able to answer this question wellthrough company research and self-assessment. Think as if you are already partof the company. You may say somethinglike, "I expect challenging tasks."44.
Do you have references?
 Contact your references ahead of time andhave their names and contact details ready45.
Do you have any questions for me?
 Always prepare questions, but those that arenot answered in the company's website orthose you have not discussed. Askingquestions shows you are interested to knowmore about the company or the job.

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