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Taller Recuperacion 4 1periodo

Taller Recuperacion 4 1periodo

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Published by: Cynthia Gonzalez Vanegas on Jun 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Write the correct word to complete each sentence.a.
I made a poster of dinosaurs that were carnivores. Do you want to see _______________? (him, her, it)b.
Jess has a fossil of a dinosaur tooth. Did __________show it to you? (he, she, it)c.
Our class saw dinosaur skeletons. The tour guide showed _________________ all of the fossils. (they, we,us)d.
Triceratops was a herbivore.______________________ate only plants. (them, it, we)e.
There are no dinosaurs alive today.__________________are extinct. (they, them, our)f.
Mike has tolos to dig for fossils. He said we could use ______________________.(it, them, him).g.
Look at the Sharp teeth of the tyrannosaurus rex. It used __________________. To tear meat. (they, them,our)h.
Tim bought a postcard. He mailed it to ____________ teacher. (him, her, his)i.
Donna loves t oread about dinosaurs. She let me borrow some of_____________books. (his, her, our) j.
We worked hard making this. Where can we keep ________ model? (us, his, our)
2. Fill in the comparison with as ... as.
John is(tall) 
as tall as
Glen.Janet is(beautiful)Jeniffer.You are(crazy)my sister.We can run(fast)they can.My mom is(not / strict)your mum.Your mobile phone is(not / trendy)mine.Matrix II was(not / interesting)Matrix I.This yoghurt(not / taste / good)the one I bought yesterday.I can do(many / press-ups)you.I(not / earn / much / money)you do.
Put the comparative form of the adjectives like in the example:
I Cynthia González VanegasObject pronouns and comparatives Alcanzar los logros del primer periodoCuarto

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