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WWII Propaganda

WWII Propaganda



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Published by Antonio
Research paper about WWII and the propaganda used by the allied and axis powers.
Research paper about WWII and the propaganda used by the allied and axis powers.

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Published by: Antonio on Jun 08, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 WWII Propaganda
Antonio DoukasMr. Wax4/2/07US History 31
The Depression was a time of confusion and masshysteria; people in every corner of the world were lost,and searching for some form of relief and leadership.Having full knowledge of this, some world leaders tookadvantage and used that spirit to get mass crowds to followtheir beliefs and ideals; Hitler commanded an entire raceto exterminate those who weren't Aryan, Mussolinicommandeered an entire country to militarism, anti-communism, and support of the axis powers, Stalin thrust amulti-continent nation into communism, Tojo convinced anfleet of soldiers to attack a neutral nation, and evenRoosevelt steered America from isolationism to a full outwar. Thus, the world was plunged into World War II.How would one go about controlling such a mass ofpeople to agree so strongly on a single objective? Theanswer is propaganda. Without the use of the brain-washingand mind conditioning techniques used during World War II,the war may as well not have happened. Propaganda has beenused since its conception to shape and mold the beliefs andideals people had to agree with what the propagatorbelieves. Most people are shocked at how the opposing sidefeels, but the opposing side feels the same about them, andit's all because of propaganda. It forces the targetaudience to adopt the belief as their own. Normally, subtle
methods are used so that few are conscious of what theirminds are being told to think. It is used during war andpeacetime, to either proclaim a message or even to sell aproduct; propagandists may not have fired a single shot,but millions were killed with their help. So, what ispropaganda exactly? As defined by The American HeritagDictionary, propaganda is defined as “The systematicpropagation of a doctrine or cause or of informationreflecting the views and interests of those advocating sucha doctrine or cause”(Heritage). Did this definition apply?The definition stated that propaganda is
;was propaganda put forth in a system? Yes, in fact Hitlerassigned someone to be in charge of all German propaganda;Joseph Goebbels (Herf, 8). Joseph was a well read man who,although charming, seemed to be “the very embodiment ofevil(Roberts, 9) when speaking about Jews. Even beforeWorld War II, Goebbels took over the German film industryto produce anti-Semitic, and/or pro-Germanic titles(Watchtower, 20). Hitler had him start with it early on sothat the war would have already started in the minds of hisfollowers. Psychological warfare can be the most effective.Although Goebbels never pushed a Jew into the gas chamber,he aided in conditioning the mind of the man who did.

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