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Week 7 Activity (1)

Week 7 Activity (1)

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Published by Danny Manno

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Published by: Danny Manno on Jun 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Design Scenario
Genome4U is a scientific research project at a large university in the United States.Genome4U has recently started a large-scale project to sequence the genomes of 100,000 volunteers with a goal of creating a set of publicly accessible databases withhuman genomic, trait, and medical data.
The project’s founder, a brilliant man with many talents and interests, tells you thatthe public databases will provide information to the world’s scientific community in
general, not just those interested in medical research. Genome4U is trying not toprejudge how the data will be used because there may be opportunities forinterconnections and correlations that computers can find that people might havemissed. The founder envisions clusters of servers that will be accessible byresearchers all over the world. The databases will be used by end users to study theirown genetic heritage, with the help of their doctors and genetic counselors. Inaddition, the data will be used by computer scientists, mathematicians, physicists,social scientists, and other researchers.The genome for a single human consists of complementary DNA strands woundtogether in a double helix. The strands hold 6 billion base pairs of nucleotidesconnected by hydrogen bonds. To store the research data, 1 byte of capacity is usedfor each base pair. As a result, 6 GB of data capacity is needed to store the geneticinformation of just one person. The project plans to use network-attached storage(NAS) clusters.In addition to genetic information, the project will ask volunteers to provide detailedinformation about their traits so that researchers can find correlations between traitsand genes. Volunteers will also provide their medical records. Storage will berequired for these data sets and the raw nucleotide data.The project will also create a set of publicly accessible databases with genomic, trait,
and medical data associated with the volunteers. Genome4U’s fund raising is going
well, and the project is building a multistory lab for about 500 researchers. Theproject network engineers will be implementing a new internetwork for the lab usingCisco switches and routers. The network engineers plan to use EIGRP on the newrouters. However, network designs are never that easy. The new internetwork alsoneeds to communicate with many business partners, including a nearby biology labthat uses RIP and a fund-raising office that uses OSPF. The lab also needs Internetaccess, which it hopes can be achieved by simply connecting the network to the
university’s campus network, which has Internet access.
Subject: ICT319 Network Design Project
Oppenheimer, P. 2010, Top-Down Network Design, CISCO Press
Chapter 7 Switching and Routing ProtocolsDesign Scenario

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