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Cat 1 Teaching Reading

Cat 1 Teaching Reading

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Published by anon_318201231
teaching reading
teaching reading

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Published by: anon_318201231 on Jun 20, 2012
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Teaching Reading to Adults
1Peppercorn Catalog 1, Teaching Literacy and Basic Skills to Adults
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 e a c i  n g e a d i  n g t   o d  ul   t   s 
Teaching Reading to Adults
Nov 04
This list includes:
Books about teaching reading
Teacher’s Guides for books included in our list of readers.This is a limited list. These are all practical, hand-on, classroom ready materials.More general books on teaching language, and more fully developed curricula for teachingadults are included in Catalog 2,
Resources for Teachers of Adults 
. Look in particular at thenew list
Adult Literacy Teaching: Theory and Practice 
. Books on teaching reading to childrenare listed in Catalog 3, in the list
Family Literacy 
. Books on teaching writing are included inthe list
Teaching Writing to Adults 
in this catalog.All books in this list are in paperback, and in English, unless stated otherwise.
Enjoying Books
The ELP English CommunicationsCourse for Adults
by Karen Deetlefts 
This learning guide was designed to helpstudents learn key reading and writingstrategies. It was produced by the EnglishLiteracy Project (ELP) and it features manyof the books published in South Africa andcarried by Peppercorn.Each of eight sections looks at a differentreading. Exercises encourage the reader toread for general, and then for detailedunderstanding. These are followed bydiscussion points and by a series of learningpoints. This is an extensive and richcurriculum that provides both teachers andlearners with an excellent foundation fordeveloping skills in independent reading.
Price: $10.00Publisher: ViVa BooksISBN: 1-874932-52-2Year of Publication: 1999Place of Publication: Kensington, South AfricaLength/Size: 134 pages, A4, portraitPeppercorn Title #: 600-0051
Ready to Use
by Marion White 
A resource book and teaching guide withready-to-use lesson plans and reproducibleworksheets. Its aim is to help teachers whoare in need of practical ides and inspirationin preparing everyday lessons with whateverresources they have at their disposal.Includes ten model lessons, each of whichaims both to develop understanding of theliteral meaning of a text while also relatingthe text to the learner's own experience andknowledge. Also provides a focus for anappropriate writing task. Can be used as itstands or as a model for developing areading curriculum.
Price: $10.00Publisher: ViVa BooksISBN: 874932-70-0Year of Publication: 1999Place of Publication: Johannesburg, South AfricaLength/Size: 46 pages, A4, portraitPeppercorn Title #: 600-0048
Teaching Reading to Adults
Peppercorn Catalog 1, Teaching Literacy and Basic Skills to Adults
   T  e  a  c   h   i  n  g   R  e  a   d   i  n  g   t  o   A   d  u   l   t  s
Prices are subject to change. For current prices, please check our website at www.peppercornbooks.com.
ViVa Books 
The Fortune Snake, Mamlambo
Teachers' Manual
by Gabi Witthaus 
To accompany
The Fortune Snake, Mamlambo 
(600-0008). Includes a range of exercises andan answer key. Reproducible.
Price: $8.50Publisher: ViVa BooksISBN: 1-874932-12-3Year of Publication: 1995Place of Publication: Johannesburg, South AfricaLength/Size: 34 pages, A4, portraitPeppercorn Title #: 600-0012
Teaching Reading to Adults
The Learning Centre 
Points of Departure
For Teaching and Learning withGlimpses of Who We Are
by Mary Norton & Phyllis Steeves 
To accompany
Glimpses of Who We Are 
Points of Departure 
is the third publicationto result from the project 'EducationalMaterials About Aboriginal Experiences'which involved the gathering ofcontemporary stories, poems and otherwriting by Aboriginal people in Canada,especially Alberta." The writings arecollected in the two volumes of
Glimpses of Who We Are 
Points of Departure 
provides nine unitswhich develop learning activities around thewritings: Our Stories Ourselves; TakingRisks; In My Mind's Eye; Stepping Out of theBox; Stories That Make us Laugh; Parentsand Grandparents; Finding Our Way;Sharing Our Knowledge. They share aformat of reading, sharing and writing. Theyalso suggest other themes that could beaddressed using the writings as a startingpoint including: not reading and learning toread; cultural pride; losing and regainingculture; voice; racism; alcohol, addictions,suicide; traditional ways; anger; poetry.
Price: $9.95Publisher: Learning at the Centre PressISBN: 0-9687155-7-5Year of Publication: 2002Place of Publication: Edmonton, AB, CanadaLength/Size: 42 pages, 5.25 x 8.5 inches, portraitFormat: paperback, spiral boundPeppercorn Title #: 701-0008
New Readers Press 
Today's World: Teacher's Guide
by Linda Ribaudo & Darlyne Walker 
To accompany the books in the
Today’s World 
Price: $12.50Publisher: New Readers PressSeries: Today's WorldISBN: 1-56420-067-1Year of Publication: 1994Place of Publication: Syracuse, NY, USALength/Size: 32 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, portraitPeppercorn Title #: 590-0050
Sasa Sema 
Lion Books: Teachers' Guide
To accompany
Elijah Masinde, Mekatilili wa Menza, Mohamed Amin, Jomo Kenyatta,Mwana Kupona 
. Teachers' Guide toaccompany the
Lion Books: Junior Biographies for East Africa 
series. Designed for young adultreaders, these are also suitable for new adultreaders at an advanced level. Each sectiondeals with vocabulary, word building; literaryaspects of the book; morality and characterdevelopment; history, geography and culture;and then some questions for writing.
Price: $10.00Publisher: Sasa SemaISBN: 9966-9-951-16-4Year of Publication: 2001Place of Publication: Nairobi, KenyaLength/Size: 87 pages, A5, portraitPeppercorn Title #: 640-0017
Teacher’s Guides andExercises
To accompany Readers listed in thisPeppercorn Catalog
Teaching Reading to Adults
3Peppercorn Catalog 1, Teaching Literacy and Basic Skills to Adults
view sample pages at www.peppercornbooks.com
 e a c i  n g e a d i  n g t   o d  ul   t   s 
Teaching Reading to Adults
Level 1 Stories
A Facilitator's Manual
by Gabi Withaus 
To accompany
The Right Change, Just a Job, The Gift, My Name is Selina Mabiletsa.
Teaching suggestions to help the teacherand learner get the most out of these fourbooks. Includes worksheets to encouragelearners to read for pleasure, to build theirvocabulary, and to relate the reading to theirown experience. Most of the activities aredesigned to help learners develop skills inEnglish communication. In addition, severalof the activities for
The Right Change 
focuson the development of numeracy skills. Theteacher activities include different ways ofreading a storybook and general principlesof reading for meaning.
Price: $10.00Publisher: ViVa BooksISBN: 1-874932-49-2Year of Publication: 1997Place of Publication: Johannesburg, South AfricaLength/Size: 46 pages, A4, portraitPeppercorn Title #: 600-0040
Level 2 Stories
A Facilitator's Manual
by Gabi Withaus 
To accompany T
he Dominee, Take a Chance, My Cousin Thabo, Mam' Fixit and the Skorokoro 
.Activities to support the use of these fourbooks. The worksheets add to learners'enjoyment of the stories, stimulatediscussion, and encourage learners to readindependently, to check their comprehensionand to build their vocabulary. The manualprovides a model for good classroompractice.
Price: $10.00Publisher: ViVa BooksISBN: 1-874932-34-4Year of Publication: 1997Place of Publication: Johannesburg, South AfricaLength/Size: 54 pages, A4, portraitPeppercorn Title #: 600-0041
Level 3 Stories
A Facilitator's Manual
by Betsy Alkenbrack & Karin Griessel 
To accompany
The Prophetess, The Collector of Treasures, On the Banks of the Zambezi, The Suit.
Ideas for teachers using these four books.The activities and worksheets are designedto enhance learners' enjoyment of thestories, extend their listening, speaking andwriting skills, and to encourage learners toread carefully and critically. The worksheetscan be photocopied for use in theclassroom.
Price: $10.00Publisher: ViVa BooksISBN: 1-874932-68-9Year of Publication: 1999Place of Publication: Johannesburg, South AfricaLength/Size: 70 pages, A4, portraitPeppercorn Title #: 600-0047
Using Language Experience
Friends, Families and Folk Tales
A Collection of Students' Writing withActivities for English LanguageDevelopment
by Marina Spiegel & Helen Sunderland,eds.
Thirty texts written by students from all overthe world. Each text is accompanied byquestions for discussion and ready to usereproducible worksheets with activities forpracticing reading, writing and grammar.
Friends, Families and Folk Tales 
is both aready-to-use set of lessons, and an excellentexample of language experience applied toteaching ESOL, which can be readilyadapted by teachers as a model for theirown use.
Price: $25.00Publisher: London Language & Literacy UnitISBN: 1-872972-49-7Year of Publication: 1997Place of Publication: London, UKLength/Size: 132 pages, A4, portraitFormat: spiral boundPeppercorn Title #: 930-0004

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