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Sri Devi Khadga Mala Stotram

Sri Devi Khadga Mala Stotram

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Published by amitvasisht23

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Published by: amitvasisht23 on Jun 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sri Devi Khadga Mala Stotram
Om Asya Sri Suddha Sakti málá mahá mantrasyaUpasthendriya adhisthayi Varunaditya RishihDaivi Gayatri ChandahSatvika Kakára bhattaraka pithasthitaSri mat Kámesveranka nilaiayaSri mat Kámesvari devatáAim Bijam, Klim Saktihi, Souh kilakamSri Devi prityarthe Khadga siddthyarthe jape viniyogah
Of this, Devi's sword, the Seer is the Sun rising from the ocean; the ocean being the Divine Mother; Gayatri is the meter; passionate Kameshwari, sitting on the lap of joyous Kameswara isthe deity; Aim is the seed; Klim is the power; Souh is the pivot; it is purpose is for worship of the Divine Mother. This worship of the Divine Mother (of Kameshwari ) which is the ocean's embracewith the Sun, gives the devotee a Sword, a power supreme, that Heavens of the remotest galaxies.When the devotee thinks of such a sword, he or her become the protector and enjoyer of eighteenlands of jewels ( Sakti peetams ), and five continents.
Tadrisam Khadgam apnotiYena hasta sthitena vai
Astadasa MahadvipaSamrad bhokta bhavisyatiHrimkrasana Garbhitanala SikhamSouh Klim kalam bibhratim dhautam trinetrojvalam
 I meditate on Sri Devi glowing with red, yellow, and blue flames of passion fanning the erotic sentiment of Kameshwara, in the meddle of a triangle called Hrim, whose three points are the light of Hari, Hara Virinchi, the three gurus; Sri Devi is wearing the full moon on her crown ( Souh ), Her body is full of desire for union ( Klim ) with Kameshwara, the controller of lust;
Vande pustaka pasam ankusadharamSragbhusitam ujvalamTvam Gourim Tripuram ParatparakalamSri Cakra Sancarinim
She is wearing a sari made of golden threads; She is fair as nectarine milk and the moonlight; Shehas three eyes; in Her four hands she is wearing a book of knowledge, a noose, a goad, and a garland of letters; She is a personification of all that is beautiful, aesthetic, harmonius, joyful,vibrant; she moves in Sri Chakra, a mandala consisting of all the deities worshipping their consorts named here after.
Om Aim Hrim Srim Aim Klim Souh
om (in the name of God), may you grant us benediction of knowledge, power and grace; and the power over creation, nourishment and destruction.
Om Namah Tripura Sundari
Hridayadevi -
Compassionate heart 
Sirodevi -
 princely diadem
Sikhadevi -
 flowing hair 
Kavaca Devi -
 protective hands
 Netra Devi -
 graceful look 
Astra Devi -
 protective weapons
Om, we bow to you, the most beautiful in all the waking, dreaming, or sleeping worlds. Oh TripuraSundari. We bow to the compassionate heart of your highness princely diadem, flowing hair, protective hands, graceful look, protective weapons.
( Keep offering kumkum at Her feet with every name below )
Kamesvari -
Controller of lust 
Bhagamalini, -
Garland of Suns
 Nityaklinne, -
Oozing wet 
Bherunde, -
Vahnivasini, -
 Residing in fire
Mahavajresvari, -
 Jewel in lotus
Sivaduti, -
 Llarbinger of joy
Tvarite, -
Kulasundari, -
beautiful lotus on a lake
 Nitya, -
 Nilapatake, -
 Blue flag with red tip
Vijaye, -
Sarvamangale, -
 All auspicious
Jvalamalini, -
Citre, -
Mahanitye, -
Truth eternal 
Paramesvara -
Goddess of God 
Paramesvari -
Mitresamayi, -
Sasthisamayi, -

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