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Published by Ryan Divish

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Published by: Ryan Divish on Jun 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Seattle Mariners (30-40) 12, Arizona Diamondbacks (33-35) 9June 19, 2012
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 R H ESeattle
12 15 1Arizona
9 14 0Seattle AVG AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB SO PO A
Suzuki, I, RF .26552420020000Gutierrez, F, CF .15041000001210Seager , 3B .26261200140111Montero, C .264511000004140Saunders, M, LF .26451100000020Smoak, 1B .220411001111811-Kawasaki, PR-2B .18901000000000ckley, 2B-1B .25541200001124Ryan, SS .17932200131112Ramirez, P .00030000000112Iwakuma, P .00000000000000Kelley, P .00000000000000Luetge, P .00000000000000League, P .00000000000000a-Jaso, PH .26510100000000Furbush, P .00000000000000b-Wells, C, PH .29711100020000Wilhelmsen, P .00000000000000
otals .237 41 12 15 2 0 3 12 4 11 30 10
-Singled for League in the 8th. b-Singled for Furbush in the 10th.1-Ran for Smoak in the 10th.
: Suzuki, I 2 (14, Hudson, D, Ziegler).
: Smoak (11, 2nd inning off Hudson, D, 0 on, 2 out), Seager (9, 5th inning off Hudson, D, 2 on, 0 out), Ryan (2, 5thinning off Breslow, 2 on, 2 out).
: Smoak (31), Seager 4 (43), Ryan 3 (17), Suzuki, I 2 (25), Wells, C 2 (10).
: Gutierrez, F (off Hudson, D), Ryan (off Ziegler).
: Suzuki, I (off Hernandez, Da).
eam RISP
: 5-for-10.
eam LOB
: 6.
: Suzuki, I (1).
: Ryan (2).
: (Ryan-Ackley-Smoak).
Bloomquist, SS .28861201010212Hill, A, 2B .28741210121141Upton, J, RF .25351000000320Kubel, LF .29852210000110Goldschmidt, 1B .28241200131180Montero, C .255502000101111Bell, J, 3B .18851110000201Parra, G, CF .26342200111120Ziegler , P .00000000000011Hudson, D, P .16720000000101Breslow, P .00000000000000a-Overbay, PH .36610100010000Zagurski, P .00000000000001Shaw, P .00000000000000b-Roberts, R, PH .23910000000000Hernandez, Da, P .00000000000001Putz, P .00000000000000Young, Ch, CF .22810000000100
otals .260 43 9 14 3 1 3 9 3 14 30 9
-Singled for Breslow in the 5th. b-Grounded out for Shaw in the 7th.
: Hill, A (14, Ramirez), Bell, J (2, Ramirez), Kubel (16, Ramirez).
: Bloomquist (5, Ramirez).
: Parra, G (6, 4th inning off Ramirez, 0 on, 0 out), Hill, A (9, 4th inning off Ramirez, 0 on, 2 out), Goldschmidt (9, 5thinning off Iwakuma, 0 on, 1 out).
: Hill, A 2 (30), Goldschmidt 3 (30), Parra, G (22), Overbay (10), Bloomquist (12), Montero (34).
: Hill, A (off Ramirez).
: Bell, J.
eam RISP
: 4-for-11.
eam LOB
: 8.
: Goldschmidt (6).
: (Montero-Hill, A).
Compiled by MLB Advanced Media; Copyright by MLB Office of the Commissioner Seattle ERA IP H R ER BB SO HR BF
Ramirez5.404.075415221Iwakuma4.970.25331018Kelley3.860.10000101Luetge0.511.02111105League3.771.00000003Furbush(W, 3-1) 2.282.00000406ilhelmsen(S, 5) 3.001.00000303
otals 4.17 10.0 14 9 8 3 14 3 47rizona ERA IP H R ER BB SO HR BF
Hudson, D6.604.0107726223Breslow3.141.01110214agurski4.201.00000103Shaw3.251.00000103Hernandez, Da(BS, 4) 3.141.01111005Putz(L, 1-4) 5.731.01221105iegler 2.671.02110005
otals 3.95 10.0 15 12 12 4 11 3 48
Hudson, D pitched to 5 batters in the 5th.Putz pitched to 2 batters in the 10th.
eam ER
: off Seattle 8, off Arizona 12.
: off Ramirez (Parra, G), Iwakuma (Hill, A), Luetge (Goldschmidt), off Hudson, D 2 (Ackley, Gutierrez, F), Hernandez,Da (Ryan), Putz (Smoak).
: off Ramirez 1 (Parra, G), Iwakuma 1 (Hill, A).
: by Ramirez 5 (Montero, Hudson, D, Bell, J, Bloomquist, Upton, J), Kelley (Upton, J), Luetge (Parra, G), Furbush 4(Upton, J, Kubel, Goldschmidt, Bell, J), Wilhelmsen 3 (Young, Ch, Bloomquist, Hill, A), by Hudson, D 6 (Gutierrez, F,Seager, Montero, Montero, Ryan, Ramirez), Breslow 2 (Smoak, Ackley), Zagurski (Gutierrez, F), Shaw (Montero), Putz(Montero).
: Iwakuma, Luetge 2, Breslow, Ziegler.
: Ramirez 78-49, Iwakuma 28-14, Kelley 6-3, Luetge 19-12, League 10-7, Furbush 27-17, Wilhelmsen 14-, Hudson, D 90-55, Breslow 17-10, Zagurski 16-8, Shaw 13-10, Hernandez, Da 19-12, Putz 19-10, Ziegler 18-12.
: HP: Brian Gorman. 1B: Todd Tichenor. 2B: Larry Vanover. 3B: Tony Randazzo.
Official Scorer 
: Gary Rausch.
: 81 degrees, roof closed.
: 0 mph, None.: 3:59.
: 21,568.
Arizona Diamondbacks 9, Seattle Mariners 12June 19, 2012Mariners starting lineup:
Ichiro Suzuki (RF), Franklin Gutierrez (CF), Kyle Seager (3B), Jesus Montero (C), Michael Saunders (LF), Justin Smoak (1B), DustinAckley (2B), Brendan Ryan (SS), Erasmo Ramirez (P),
D-backs starting lineup:
Willie Bloomquist (SS), Aaron Hill (2B), Justin Upton (RF), Jason Kubel (LF), Paul Goldschmidt (1B), Miguel Montero (C), Josh Bell(3B), Gerardo Parra (CF), Daniel Hudson (P),
-- Brian Gorman (HP), Todd Tichenor (1B), Larry Vanover (2B), Tony Randazzo (3B), (LF), (RF).
Gametime Weather:
81 degrees, Roof Closed.
0 MPH, None.First pitch by D. Hudson at 06:40 PM local time.Mariners 1st (Mariners 0, D-backs 0) -- I. Suzuki singles to center field. F. Gutierrez strikes out swinging and I. Suzuki caught stealing 2nd,M. Montero to A. Hill. K. Seager strikes out swinging.(0 Runs, 1 Hits, 0 Errors, 0 LOB)D-backs 1st (Mariners 0, D-backs 0) -- W. Bloomquist grounds out, E. Ramirez to J. Smoak. A. Hill doubles to left field. J. Upton flies outto F. Gutierrez, A. Hill to 3rd. J. Kubel grounds out, J. Smoak to E. Ramirez.(0 Runs, 1 Hits, 0 Errors, 1 LOB)Mariners 2nd (Mariners 1, D-backs 0) -- J. Montero strikes out swinging. M. Saunders pops out to A. Hill in foul territory. J. Smoak hits ahome run to right field on a 0-1 pitch. D. Ackley walks. B. Ryan singles to center field, D. Ackley to 2nd. E. Ramirez grounds out, W.Bloomquist to P. Goldschmidt.(1 Runs, 2 Hits, 0 Errors, 2 LOB)D-backs 2nd (Mariners 1, D-backs 0) -- P. Goldschmidt grounds out, E. Ramirez to J. Smoak. M. Montero struck out looking. J. Belldoubles to right field. E. Ramirez intentionally walks G. Parra. D. Hudson strikes out swinging.(0 Runs, 1 Hits, 0 Errors, 2 LOB)Mariners 3rd (Mariners 2, D-backs 0) -- I. Suzuki doubles to left field. F. Gutierrez out on a sacrifice bunt, D. Hudson to P. Goldschmidt, I.Suzuki to 3rd. K. Seager singles to left field, I. Suzuki scores. J. Montero strikes out swinging. M. Saunders lines out to A. Hill.(1 Runs, 2 Hits, 0 Errors, 1 LOB)D-backs 3rd (D-backs 3, Mariners 2) -- W. Bloomquist triples to right-center field. A. Hill out on a sacrifice fly to D. Ackley, W.Bloomquist scores. J. Upton reaches on fielding error by B. Ryan. J. Kubel doubles to right field, J. Upton to 3rd. P. Goldschmidt singles tocenter field, J. Upton scores; J. Kubel scores. M. Montero pops out to J. Smoak. With J. Bell batting, P. Goldschmidt steals 2nd base. J. Bellstrikes out swinging.(3 Runs, 3 Hits, 1 Errors, 1 LOB)Mariners 4th (D-backs 3, Mariners 2) -- J. Smoak flies out to J. Kubel. D. Ackley singles to right field. B. Ryan strikes out swinging. E.Ramirez strikes out swinging.(0 Runs, 1 Hits, 0 Errors, 1 LOB)D-backs 4th (D-backs 5, Mariners 2) -- G. Parra hits a home run to right field on a 1-2 pitch. D. Hudson grounds out, B. Ryan to J.Smoak. W. Bloomquist strikes out swinging. A. Hill hits a home run to left field on a 2-0 pitch. J. Upton strikes out swinging.(2 Runs, 2 Hits, 0 Errors, 0 LOB)Mariners 5th (Mariners 8, D-backs 5) -- I. Suzuki singles up the middle. F. Gutierrez walks, I. Suzuki to 2nd. K. Seager hits a home run toright-center field on a 1-2 pitch, I. Suzuki scores; F. Gutierrez scores. J. Montero singles up the middle. M. Saunders singles through thehole at second base, J. Montero to 2nd. Pitcher Change: C. Breslow replaces D. Hudson, batting 9th. J. Smoak strikes out swinging. With D.Ackley batting, wild pitch by C. Breslow, J. Montero to 3rd; M. Saunders to 2nd. D. Ackley strikes out swinging. B. Ryan hits a home run toleft field on a 2-1 pitch, J. Montero scores; M. Saunders scores. E. Ramirez flies out to J. Upton.(6 Runs, 5 Hits, 0 Errors, 0 LOB)D-backs 5th (Mariners 8, D-backs 8) -- Pitcher Change: H. Iwakuma replaces E. Ramirez, batting 9th. J. Kubel flies out to M. Saunders. P.Goldschmidt hits a home run to right-center field on a 2-0 pitch. M. Montero singles to center field. J. Bell grounds into a force out, D.Ackley to B. Ryan, M. Montero out at 2nd. G. Parra singles to pitcher, J. Bell to 2nd. Offensive Substitution: Pinch hitter L. Overbayreplaces C. Breslow. L. Overbay singles to right-center field, J. Bell scores; G. Parra to 3rd. W. Bloomquist singles up the middle, G. Parrascores; L. Overbay to 2nd. With A. Hill batting, wild pitch by H. Iwakuma, L. Overbay to 3rd; W. Bloomquist to 2nd. H. Iwakumaintentionally walks A. Hill. Pitcher Change: S. Kelley replaces H. Iwakuma, batting 9th. J. Upton strikes out swinging.(3 Runs, 5 Hits, 0 Errors, 3 LOB)

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