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The Concept of the Cycle of Struggles

The Concept of the Cycle of Struggles

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Published by Liz Thompson

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Published by: Liz Thompson on Jun 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The concept of the cycle of struggles
Roland Simon
What we call cycle of struggles is thewhole of the struggles, organisations andtheories that constitute a historicallydefined practice of the proletariat in thereciprocal implication between the twoterms of the exploitation which is thedynamic contradiction of the mode of capitalist production. This whole of practices and struggles by which thiscontradiction, in each specific phase of itshistorical development, carries revolutionand communism as well as itsovercoming.In the first place, even if the chronologicallandmarks may be identical, the conceptof cycle of struggles does not coincidewith the one of a historical period of thecapitalist mode of production. In theconcept of cycle of struggles, the practice
of the proletariat is defined as one of theprominent aspect of a totality by whichthis totality produces its overcoming. As aconsequence, a cycle of struggles is aperiod of the mode of capitalistproduction that is considered in as muchas it produces its overcoming.The definition of the concept of cycle of struggles articulates around three greatprinciples:
as a contradictionbetween proletariat and capital
issimultaneously defined as the
reciprocal implication
of these termsand the production of each
specificity as far as its situation andpractice are concerned. It is not theexploitation in itself, or thedevelopment of the capitalist mode of production that carries its overcoming, they carry it only by the specificsituation and activity of the proletariat
as a revolutionary class and as a classof the mode of capitalist production.
historical production
of therevolution and of communism: bothare the overcoming that each cycle of struggles specifically produces.
The contradiction between proletariatand capital is simultaneously thedynamics of the development of themodern mode of capitalist productionand of its overcoming, the outcome of which is that a cycle of strugglesdefines itself in its whole as therelationship between, on one side,
thedaily course
of the class struggle, and,on the other side, revolution andcommunism in their historicalcontent.

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