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digital pharma conference agenda

digital pharma conference agenda

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Published by anthrocode

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Published by: anthrocode on Jan 06, 2009
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The Only Event Focusing
on Web 2.0 and it\u2019s
Impact on Pharmaceutical

With Participation \ue001rom the \ue001ollowing companies:
Pharmaceutical, Biotech & Medical Device Companies:

Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Bayer Schering Pharma
Eli Lilly
Johnson & Johnson
Novo Nordisk

Agencies & Other Leading Companies:

American Cancer Society
Marketing Technology Solutions
Pharma Marketing News
Sermo (Online Physician\u2019s Community)
Vibrant Media

Featuring: Two Pre- Con\ue001erence Workshops
Hear \ue001rom the Following Leading Pharma
Marketers on these Cutting Edge Topics:

Accelerating to the Next Generation o\ue001
Marketing with Web 2.0, Consumer Generated
Content, Social Media and much more!

October 22-24, 2007
The Westin Princeton \u2022 Princeton, NJ
Impacts o\ue001 Digital Marketing E\ue000ectiveness Beyond Traditional
Marketing Successes
Ste\ue005an Oelrich,Vi ce Pre s i d e nt & G e n e ra l M a n a g e r,
Women\u2019s Healthcare,B ayer HealthCare Pharmaceutic als
How the Internet & Web 2.0 have \ue001orever changed the
Conversation between Corporations and Consumers
Bob Harrell,D i re c to r, E \ue004 M a r ke t i n g,S h i re
An Examination o\ue001 Social Media: Corporations and Blogging-A
Healthy Match?
Mark Monseau,D i re c to r, M e d i a R e l at i o n s,Johnson & Johnson
Database Disease: Why Companies Choose Technology Over
Progress, and How We Can Deliver Both
Kim Milnes,D irec tor, Commercial S uppor t,B ayer HealthCare Pharmaceutic als
The Digital Core: Building Your Plan \ue001rom the e-Side-Out
Joe Shields,Produc t D irec tor, ENBREL,Wye t h

Death o\ue001 the One-o\ue000 : Collaboration With Cross Functional Teams to Build Breakthrough On-Line Applications Spanning the Entire Global Organization

Joy Appen\ue004House,Manager, G lobal eB usiness,Abbott Labs
To register call 866.207.6528
or visit us at www.exlpharma.com
Workshop A:

The Basics o\ue005 Web 2.0:
A Primer on the Revolution\ue004
ary Components that Have
Changed Communications
Between Key Stakeholders

Mark Gleason
Managing Partner
\ue000 HyGro\ue000Consulting\ue000Group
Workshop B:

Measuring the Value:
Goals and E\ue006pectations\ue004How
to Gauge the New eMarketing\u2019s
Impact on Your Bottom Line

Blane McMichen
eMarketing Consultant
Event Highlights:
\u2022 A Point/Counter Point Interactive Debate (Featuring J&J & Pharma Marketing News): Why Pharma
should Embrace Web 2.0 vs. Why the Industry should Play it Sa\ue005e and Hold O\ue003 \ue005or Now

\u2022 Panel Discussion: The Future o\ue005 Marketing: Where \u201ce\u201d is indistinguishable \ue005rom the Old Channels
\u2022 Understanding Online Communities: The Physician/Patient Perspective
\u2022 A Discussion o\ue005 the Vision o\ue005 Digital as it Pertains to the Customer E\ue006perience
\u2022 Creating Synergy with Public Relations and eMarketing to Deliver a Real Impact

Register before Sept 14
for Maximum Savings
Thank you to our Sponsors
Mission Statement

Digital Pharma takes the \u201ce\u201d \ue001or Electronic
and pushes it \ue001orward into the Digital Era.
This event strives to bring the industry into
the next generation o\ue001 marketing, sales,
and media.

Who Should Attend?

This con\ue001erence is designed \ue001or pro\ue001essionals \ue001rom
pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies
with responsibilities in the \ue001ollowing areas:

\u2022 Marketing & Sales
\u2022 Digital Marketing
\u2022 Relationship Marketing
\u2022 eBusiness/eMarketing
\u2022 Integrated Solutions
\u2022 Advertising & Promotion

\u2022 DTC Marketing

\u2022 Brand Management
\u2022 Product Management
\u2022 eDetailing
\u2022 ePromotions
\u2022 eBusiness
\u2022 Internet Communications
\u2022 In\ue005ormation Technology
\u2022 In\ue005ormation Systems
\u2022 Strategic Planning
\u2022 Project Management
\u2022 Special Projects
\u2022 Customer Service
\u2022 Privacy O\ue002cers
\u2022 Regulatory A\ue003airs

This con\ue001erence may also be o\ue001 interest to:
\u2022 Vendors, consultants, and organizations that specialize
in Pharmaceutical Interactive Marketing
\u2022 Online communities, content sharing sites
Dear Colleague,

We have never been so excited about a conference in all the years that we have been working in this industry. It seems that we are catching the wave just as it is cresting, and we look for- ward to riding it with all of you. Make no mistake-the internet is nothing new, but the industry needs to explore more fully the phenomenon known as Web 2.0, and all its implications for communicating with patients and physicians. Pharma Marketers do not need yet another \u201ceConference\u201d that raises the same old points and takes the same approach year after year. Digital Pharma is a second generation conference for a new era of the most powerful communications tool ever cre- ated. This event will help breath life into a topic that is now so \ue000rmly entrenched in Pharma that the terms \u201ceMarketing\u201d and \u201cInternet\u201d are rapidly disappearing from job titles. We can no longer differentiate the \u201ce\u201d from traditional marketing. They are one and the same. The silos have been broken. Pharma has been slow to adapt to new trends and technologies, and rightfully so, as it needs to be cautious. However, things are now moving fast and marketers are ready for a conference that embraces the most cutting edge developments and puts them in the spotlight.

Welcome to Digital Pharma!
Jason Youner
Conference Director
ExL Pharma
Kristen Hunter
Team Leader, Product Development
Exl Pharma
October 22-24, 2007
The Westin Princeton \u2022 Princeton, NJ
8:30Chairperson\u2019s Opening Remarks
Keynote Address!
8:45Impact of Digital Marketing Effectiveness Beyond
Traditional Marketing Successes
\u2022 Evo l v i n g e M a r ke t i n g : How e M a r ke t i n g St rate g i e s Ca n Now He l p Le a d Tra d i t i o n a l M a r ke t i n g
Tactics \ue005or the Pharmaceutical Industry
\u2022 Ne\ue006 t G e n e rat i o n e D e t a i l i n g : I t \u2019s Prov i d i n g M o re t h a n O n e Ve h i c l e \ue005o r t h e P hy s i c i a n , i t s
Providing Multiple Choices and Multiple Reach
\u2022 Viral Marketing: D igital Targeting Strategies: Help You B e More E\ue002cient With Marketing Spend
\u2022 E\ue002 c i e n c y Pa ra m e te r s : Wi t h Pro p e r S u cce s s Cr i te r i a , R e s u l t s \ue005 ro m e M a r ke t i n g Ca n He l p
Formulate Brand Strategies Going Forward
\u2022 R e g u l ato r y Co n s t ra i nt s : Eve n w i t h t h e St r i c t R e g u l at i o n s, P h a r m a Co m p a n i e s Ca n S u p p l y
the Consumer Need and Demand \ue005or Web 2.0 Initiatives
Stefan Oelrich,Vi ce Pre s i d e n t & G e n e ra l M a n a g e r, Wo m e n\u2019s He a l t h ca re,Ba\ue009\ue001\ue005 H\ue001al\ue007hCa\ue005\ue001
Pha\ue005mac\ue001\ue008\ue007ical\ue006 I\ue003c.
9:30Catching the *Cluetrain - How the Web is (Re)Humanizing
our Markets and Changing the Rules for Pharma
\u2022 Why t h e Tra d i t i o n a l Fi re wa l l B e t we e n P h a r m a a n d i t s En d Us e r s ( Pat i e nt s ) i s D i s s o l v i n g
Forever, Ushering in a New Era o\ue005 Transparency and an Uncharted Regulatory Frontier
\u2022 How Au t h e nt i c i t y w i l l B e co m e t h e Ne w Co m p e t i t i ve Ad va nt a g e \ue005o r O rg a n i z at i o n s w h o Co m
mit to it \ue004\ue004 and a Major Blind Spot \ue005or Those who Don\u2019t
\u2022The Challenges and Opportunities \ue005or Pharma Marketers in this \u201cNew\u201d Environment
\u2022 St rate g i e s \ue005o r B u i l d i n g I n \ue001 u e n ce a n d Ad vo c a c y I n s i d e yo u r O rg a n i z at i o n to Ta c k l e t h e
Monday, October 22
Pre Con\ue001erence Workshops
Enormous Change Challenge Ahead\u2026.Oops, it\u2019s Already Here!
\u2022 Th re e Ac t i o n s Yo u Ca n Ta ke I m m e d i ate l y to G e t o n B o a rd a n d Catc h t h e Cl u e t ra i n .
Bob Harrell,D i re c to r, e M a rke t i n g,shi\ue005\ue001 Pha\ue005mac\ue001\ue008\ue007ical\ue006
*Re\ue005ers to the best\ue004selling book The Cluetrain Main\ue005esto by Locke, et al, published in 2000,
which asserted a return to \u201cmarketplaces as conversations\u201d as they had always been prior to
the industrial revolution.
10:45 Database Disease: Why Companies Choose Techno-
logy Over Progress, and How We Can Deliver Both

Digital marketers can contribute to their companies\u2019 success in ways that go \ue005ar beyond the Internet, and \ue005ar beyond Marketing. Our unique skills and positioning mean unique insights and opportunities, and we have an obligation to leverage them \ue005or the good o\ue005 the company.

\u2022 Le a r n Why Co m p a n i e s Lo o k to Te c h n o l o g y to S o l ve H u m a n Pro b l e m s
\u2022Understand the Risks and Bene\ue000ts o\ue005 this Habit
\u2022 R e co g n i ze t h e S i g n s i n Yo u r O w n O rg a n i z at i o n
\u2022 Le a r n How to He l p S o l ve yo u r Co m p a n i e s St i c ki e s t Pro b l e m s a n d D e l i ve r S u cce s s \ue005 u l D i g i t a l

Kim Milnes,D i re c to r, Co m m e rc i a l S u p p o r t ,Ba\ue009\ue001\ue005 H\ue001al\ue007hCa\ue005\ue001 Pha\ue005mac\ue001\ue008\ue007ical\ue006
11:15 Letting Patients Guide Your Digital Marketing Plan
\u2022 D e te r m i n e How to E\ue003e c t i ve l y M e e t Yo u r S e g m e nt M a r ke t by U n d e r s t a n d i n g Wh i c h Ch a n n e l s
Best Communicate Target Messages
\u2022 D e \ue000 n e a M e d i a R o a d m a p to R e a c h Po te nt i a l Ta rg e t s a n d Ke e p t h e m Ac t i ve l y En g a g e d at
8:00R E G I S T R AT I O N F O R W O R K S H O P A
9:00Pre-Conference Workshop A
th\ue001 Ba\ue006ic\ue006 \ue004\ue002 W\ue001b 2.0: A P\ue005im\ue001\ue005 \ue004\ue003 \ue007h\ue001 r\ue001v\ue004l\ue008\ue007i\ue004\ue003a\ue005\ue009 C\ue004mp\ue004\ue003\ue001\ue003\ue007\ue006 \ue007ha\ue007 Hav\ue001
Cha\ue003g\ue001\ue000 C\ue004mm\ue008\ue003ica\ue007i\ue004\ue003\ue006 B\ue001\ue007w\ue001\ue001\ue003 K\ue001\ue009 s\ue007ak\ue001h\ue004l\ue000\ue001\ue005\ue006

\u2022 What are Social Networking Sites? How do they Work? Why are they the Most Signi\ue000cant
Development in Healthcare Communications in the Past 50 Years?
\u2022 Back to the Basics: The Anatomy o\ue005 a Blog and its Place in Health 2.0
\u2022 Understanding Consumer Generated Content and how it Impacts the Dialogue Between
Patients, Physicians & Pharma

Ma\ue005k Gl\ue001a\ue006\ue004\ue003,M a n a g i n g Pa r t n e r,Hy G ro \ue000 Co n s u l t i n g \ue000 G ro u p
12:00LU N C H E O N F O R W O R K S H O P A AT T E N D E E S A N D S P E A K E R S
1:00R E G I S T R AT I O N F O R W O R K S H O P B
1:30Pre-Conference Workshop B
M\ue001a\ue006\ue008\ue005i\ue003g \ue007h\ue001 Val\ue008\ue001: G\ue004al\ue006 a\ue003\ue000 exp\ue001c\ue007a\ue007i\ue004\ue003\ue006-H\ue004w \ue007\ue004 Ga\ue008g\ue001 th\ue001 n\ue001w
\ue001Ma\ue005k\ue001\ue007i\ue003g\u2019\ue006 Impac\ue007 \ue004\ue003 y\ue004\ue008\ue005 B\ue004\ue007\ue007\ue004m Li\ue003\ue001

With so many new ways to present your product bene\ue000ts, you need to know what to e\ue006pect \ue005rom your investment. Learn How Digital Targeting Strategies Can Help You Be More E\ue002cient With Marketing Spend. This interactive workshop will allow you to e\ue006change ideas and teach

you how to convert common measures into meaning\ue005ul business metrics.
\u2022 Allocation O\ue005 Digital Pharma Budgets: Determining Which Interactive Mediums Have The
Largest Impact On Your Brands and How to Add Incremental Value Through Integration to
E\ue006tend Reach.
\u2022 Test to Prove the Concept and Prepare to Scale\ue004Will it Provide the ROI necessary to Forever
Alter Media Spend?

\u2022 What Metrics are Currently in Place and How Will They Change as our Marketing Programs Change?
Bla\ue003\ue001 McMich\ue001\ue003,e M a rke t i n g Co n s u l t a n t,Eli\ue000Lill y
12:00LU N C H E O N F O R W O R K S H O P A AT T E N D E E S A N D S P E A K E R S
Tuesday, October 23rd - Main Sessions Begin

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