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Applying Cooperative STAD method for Improving Students’ Achievement in Writing Descriptive Text

Applying Cooperative STAD method for Improving Students’ Achievement in Writing Descriptive Text

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Published by kori2259

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Published by: kori2259 on Jun 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PROPOSALName : Sri Puji AstutiNim : TE. 090 415Faculty : TarbiyahSubject : English DepartmentSemester : VI CTitle :
Applying Cooperative STAD method for Improving Students’
Achievement in Writing Descriptive Text
Method : Kualitatif (PTK)
A. Background of the Research
The subjects English is one subject that is very important language becauselanguage is a social phenomenon that can not be separated from the existence of society itself. Language is needed by the public as their fellow adhesive, as acommunication tool in meeting the needs of life as well as cultural identity.English is an international language. English is spoken with a very widedistribution range as the language of the world's information, science andtechnology, as well as the communication medium between nations. In thedevelopment of science and technology is full of communication in English, theempowerment of English. Therefore it is no exaggeration to say that presumablyin Indonesia's human resources is an ideal resource to equip themselves withskills in English.Because of that, today almost all levels of education have included subjectsEnglish as compulsory subjects studied by students. However, in the learningprocess is not as easy as with what is expected. The teacher's role affects theprocess of learning English, including the methods he used when teaching. Many
teachers are wrong in applying the methods of learning. And the results of thelearners do not get the most out of learning English. Teaching itself containsactivities - activities that make children were motivated to learn and goodteaching will certainly look at the condition and the various aspects that exist instudents so that they can learn with the best.Professional teachers are the teachers who make the learning process as asource of income for life that requires the expertise, skill, or ability to meetquality standards. Therefore, teachers should be able and skilled to implement anappropriate method of learning English in order to run properly.The purpose of learning English in school is to equip students can masterthe competence communication include: listening, speaking, reading, and writing,and be able to communicate orally and in writing in accordance with the contextsmoothly and accurately in daily. The cause of the low quality of education is theuse of inappropriate teaching methods, evaluation tools that are less good or lessmaterial given in accordance with the level of student thinking. The efforts forimprove the quality of learning English has been conducted by several parties,especially the government through the Ministry of Education. It can be seen bythe improvement of curriculum, improvement of learning systems, improvementof qualification of teachers, procurement of equipment and lessons.In this research, the researchers focused to examine the students' writingskills, especially writing descriptive text. From the data in the field, that ingeneral the students
ability in English in class VIIB the Junior high school 5Muaro Jambi is still less than satisfactory, where the students have learned atleast six years of learning English from junior high through high school and someeven from SD. But most of them are still less capable of writing good English
subtitles. Besides the unpleasant atmosphere of learning is also a problem inlearning English, so they do not have the motivation to learn the Englishlanguage.Besides that, teachers applied the lecture method and students only listenedand recorded when necessary. Finished explaining the material, the teacher asksstudents to road and translated their own English texts in their manuals.Sometimes they just told to fill out any entries there is a brief guide in their book.While the teacher sat in the front seat, immediately after the results of his work collected. They lack the opportunity to better understand the material theystudied. This condition lasted about 15 to 20 minutes. Quite a long time and seemto be ineffective. Students look bored and busy with their own activities (chattingwith their friends, staring at the ceiling and look dreamy, toying with writingmaterials, etc.). This situation shows a lack of quality of the learning process. Inthis case the teacher does not have to know how the process of students. Teachersonly know the result as a judgment. The use of media as well as existinginfrastructure is also not used optimally.From interviews with students Class VII b the junior high school 5 MuaroJambi indicate that students' interest towards learning of writing English is low,and even student reading too low, but interest in reading is closely related to thewriting skill. In fact the more students read, the more likely he writes well. Whenthey were interviewed several students said the difficulty in expressing their ideasso that they feel lazy, they scared and bored when there is a writing lesson. Thisis because they lack the training to make English essays. They also assessed theirteachers are less creative in presenting the material, so as not to foster learningmotivation and interest in the English language. In addition, students alsocomplained about the absence of further appreciation of the works ever swum.

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