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Published by Victoria Generao

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Published by: Victoria Generao on Jan 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Short Introduction

Kofutu Touch Healing uses special symbols in combination with higher consciousness for healing \u2013 which can be used on the self or on others \u2013 and for spiritual development. As \u2018energetic symbols,\u2019 they are a method of communication used to convey certain information to your consciousness. These symbols may not make sense to the conscious mind and there truly is no way to understand them in a left brained and pragmatic sense of the word; but, as your conscious mind attempts to comprehend the symbols, the repeated concentration brings awareness to the unconscious mind, allowing the individual (or condition) to return to harmony and balance. Repeated use and concentrated awareness of the symbols increases their force and power.

Part of the purpose of these symbols is, of course, to increase and accelerate individual spiritual growth, but the most important part of that contributes to planetary evolution as the individual becomes more aware and awake.

To Begin \u2013 Grounding with the Meditation Square

It is suggested and highly recommended that you use the \u201cMeditation Square\u201d to ground yourself in the symbols; that is, to familiarize yourself with them until their appearance is no longer strange and unfamiliar. This way, they incorporate into your consciousness, become an organic part of you so that you can use them more efficiently. The Square, seen on the right, does not include the symbol ZAYKA, the universal symbol nor does it include the symbol JINMA. Both of these will be shown later, along with their purposes. Full sized representations of the symbols and the Square are included at the end of the manual.

It is important that, if your noticing yourself judging or analyzing the symbols, \u201ctrying to make sense of them,\u201d that you stop, close your eyes for a moment, and, opening them again, meditate on the Square, holding yourself as an observer. Try to see the entire Square at one time, not focusing on any particular symbol. You want to get the Big Picture, the gestalt, rather than giving your attention to one at any particular time. Perhaps the best way to do this is to gaze at the Square with your eyes half-open and unfocused.

If you have a sense of the symbols as familiar, your grounding period may be shorter but don\u2019t allow this to prevent you from undertaking the process which typically takes two weeks to a month, working with the Square for five to ten minutes twice a day.

When you sense that you are grounded with the Square \u2013 familiar and comfortable, observing without judgment - perform the same grounding process with each of the nine symbols in the Square. This means you would start with the first symbol in the Square \u2013 Tamarasha (who is the ascended master who originally taught this method and gave the symbols to Frank Homan) \u2013 meditating on it for five to ten minutes twice each day until you feel grounded in your relationship with that symbol.

Eventually, both the Square and the symbols take on a life of their own, becoming a conscious part of you. However, like any relationship, if you do not nourish it regularly, you may lose touch with them and find a lessening of their positive influence in your life and spiritual development. If so, start the grounding process from the beginning, working with the Square, then each symbol in turn. The process will not take as long as it did the first

time and you may find major changes in your life from re-familiarizing yourself with these
powerful symbols.
Symbol Use

These symbols can be used separately in meditation (each purpose will be described further on in this manual) or in combination for spiritual healing and for healing touch. No matter what manner they are used, they accelerate the spiritual journey for the individual with the added benefit of aiding in the spiritual evolution of the planet.

It is not necessary to draw the symbols. You just need to visualize them and speak their name aloud when alone and in meditation and to yourself during a healing. Follow your intuition and trust your experience of the symbol in order to sense the energy. If you need to use print outs, do so. I have always found it useful (and a blessing) to have copies of symbols as a part of the d\u00e9cor in my practice room. Use whatever style works best for you and, again, allow your intuition to take the lead.

Let us now take each symbol in turn.

This symbol is at the core of intended and directed spiritual growth and should never be used lightly. Powerful, it is a catalyst for great change that may not be easy or comfortable. Used in meditation it\u2019s meaning is the willingness to make sacrifices in order to create optimum development, overriding any obstacles in order to do so. It implies direct movement toward a particular and specific goal.

(KO F\u00da TU)
The use of this symbol in meditation is to enhance your awareness of your purpose,
that which energizes your intention and keeps your feet on the path. This focuses the

energy where it has the greatest effect \u2013 as in, \u201cfor the highest good\u201d \u2013 blending fragmented behavior for a more positive result. Because spiritual and physical purposes tend to run at cross-purposes, this symbol assists each in their true functions. The physical pushes you ahead while the spiritual acts as a beacon shedding its light, leading you on. We often chafe at being pushed but we need to prevail over our dislike and fear of change since this is the only manner in which we experience true growth and development.

(RAY MA\u2019)

Working with this symbol tends to strengthen over time, teaching us the safestways to extend our energies. This is helpful for those who want to work on higher levels, over time and distance, and for the Greater Good. As humans, we tend to try to find a comfort zone and stay there. When we make the conscious decision to push past those limitations, if we do so without training and maturity, we are vulnerable to other energies. By learning to extend our energy

(which is not the same as psychic/astral projection), we can work with other lightworkers of all classes and levels without being harmed or harming others unintentionally. RAYMA assists us in respecting the boundaries while paying attention to our own.

(RAY NEE\u2019)

When used in meditation this symbol improves our ability to give in many ways. First, as is the case with RAYMA, we learn to give without harming ourselves or others. If you have ever been contacted by or connected with a guide from another plane, they might forget the limitations of our very human bodies. It is good to remind them (and us) of these limitations and RAYNIE helps in this. Also, if you are working

with others in a healing context, often your energies can be too intense for them to handle. This symbol is also useful in this area, so that you do not push another too quickly and beyond their limitations.

Additionally, desiring healing as we do, often we set a goal or a result that may not be in keeping with the individual\u2019s highest good. Using this symbol in meditation, healing, and distance healing prevents us from inserting our own desires into the situation. There are also times when we give when we should withhold; we overdo it and are not helpful by being too helpful. Again, this is the function of ego, desiring a specific outcome that may not be in keeping with the highest good.

Connected as we are to all living things we function as powerful channels in our own right but our very human nature tends to treat the symptom rather than the true cause. RAYNIE gives us a better view of what is truly at work in a person or a situation so that we move directly to the source, rather than waste energy on the apparent cause.

Working with this symbol over time, we develop clarity and understand what is necessary. In this way we are protected from the perceptible negativity of the situation without becoming at-effect of the emotional energy generated. Growing in our capacity to give and take we become more valuable, are more capable of channeling and grounding many different and incongruent types of energies, growing and rising ever upward as healers.

(SHAH \u2018 MA)

This symbol is used in meditation to help overcome fears, especially those that exist as obstacles to true learning and development. It allows these to be released while, at the same time, awakening us to the awareness of them. In this way we stop forcing issues, pushing to get the results we want in the way we want them. It gives us the perception necessary to know when to be active and when to wait and allow things to be and happen on their own schedule.

(TAHN\u2019 SU)

This symbol develops the comprehension and complete perception of the associations and links between spiritual growth and how this relates to the material world, so that we have a greater realization of our purpose in the physical world, that it is spiritual in nature. It does this by enhancing our intuitive abilities in order to help us to extend our grasp beyond what we know cognitively.

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