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Published by Victoria Generao

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Published by: Victoria Generao on Jan 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Light of Prosperity Empowerment
Light of Prosperity Empowerment
The Light of Prosperity Empowerment manual and all artwork in it are
channeled by and copyrighted by Linda Colibert 2008

SpiritLight Reiki
Linda Colibert
Master Reiki Teacher
WhiteLight Self Empowerment Master Teacher
Lightarian Facilitator
Accredited by the World Metaphysical Association


Light of Prosperity Empowerment

The Light of Prosperity Empowerment connects you to and puts you in
harmony with the energies and vibrations of Prosperity and Spirit. You will
also be connected to Archangel Michael to help you clear and release
negative thoughtforms concerning money, and to the Angels of Prosperity
and the Elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) and Spirit to help draw to you
positive energies and opportunities of abundance in the form of money.
While you don\u2019t need an attunement to work with the Angels or the
Elements, this attunement does connect you quickly and strengthen your
connection and your energies

Archangel Michael assists to help heal and release those old programs
that hold you back and stop your cash flow. These are things that you have
been conditioned to think and accept all of your life. The Angels of
Prosperity will then help you to rise above your situation, so that you may
begin to increase your flow of money and keep a steady stream of positive
Prosperity coming toward you. This is a very powerful attunement that
helps clear away and remove blocks to your cash flow, and also helps you
to draw more money and opportunities toward you. When your energy field
vibrates in harmony with Prosperity, you will become more Prosperous.

To Receive the Attunement to The Light of Prosperity Empowerment:

Get comfortable and relax. Take 3 deep breaths and exhale slowly to
release any stress and tension of the day. When you are ready, say, \u201cI
accept this attunement to (name of attunement) from (name of teacher)
now.\u201d Then just relax and allow the energies to flow in to you and enjoy it.
You will need about 20 to 30 minutes of quiet time to receive your

To Send the Attunement to The Light of Prosperity Empowerment:

The attunement is sent by intention in the way that works best for you. You
can send this attunement distantly, chi ball, or in person. All of these
methods are equal in power and energies. There is one attunement that
automatically connects you to Archangel Michael, the Angels of Prosperity,
the Elements, Spirit, and the energies of Prosperity. Once the attunement is
started, of these energies will flow in to you and you will receive them all.

Get comfortable, take 3 deep breaths and exhale slowly to release any
tension and stress of the day. When you are ready, say, \u201cI ask that (name)
be attuned to (name of attunement) on (date). I thank you.\u201d

Light of Prosperity Empowerment

Archangel Michael and the Angels of Prosperity are ready to help you
become more prosperous. They do respect your free will and will not
interfere in your life, unless you ask. They know you are meant to be
prosperous and abundant, but they also know that you are the one who
must make this choice.
The hard part is being able to see the truth, when all around us we see
indications of lack and limitation. This physical illusion is created by our
own fears and doubts, and the fears and doubts are created by the things
we learn in life. If our parents are constantly saying that there is not
enough money to do something or get something they need, or if we hear
over and over those old sayings that those who have money are greedy or
only care about money, etc. then our subconscious mind accepts these lies
as truth\u2014and it becomes one of those programs that later hold us back
and prevents us from being successful. Self sabotage is the result of this
negative programming. We aren\u2019t even aware we are causing ourselves to
Archangel Michael will help you bring these negative programs to the
surface so that you can understand what is blocking your flow of steady
cash. He will remove clear this negativity away and help you release it.

Here\u2019s how:
Light a white or blue candle, and say, \u201cI call on Archangel Michael and I ask
that you clear away all negativity that is blocking my ability to succeed and
be prosperous. Remove any and all negativity and attachments that are
preventing money from flowing to me now! I thank you.\u201d

Close your eyes and be aware of any visions or messages that may flash
through your mind. These will be areas in which you need to work with
positive affirmations in order to build positive thoughts. While the
negativity will be released, you will need to continue the work with positive
affirmations that reaffirm your prosperity and abundance.
Your positive affirmations should state the opposite of whatever negative
thoughtform is controlling and blocking your ability to be prosperous.
For Example: I grew up hearing that \u201cmoney doesn\u2019t grow on trees\u201d, \u201cyou
have to work hard for money\u201d, and that \u201cwealthy people are greedy, and
don\u2019t want anyone else to get ahead\u201d. These statements left impressions
on my mind that hid in my subconscious all of my life and caused me to
have a negative attitude about money. The result was that I worked very
hard for very little income. Once I realized this, and that I had been
programmed through society and family values, I understood that I saw
money as bad. I immediately began changing this and releasing these
false beliefs, by saying, \u201cMoney is good, and money is easy to make.\u201d I
would repeat this over and over several times a day. The result of releasing
this negativity was that I began to earn more money, and no longer had to
work 16 hours a day to get what I needed. I became more prosperous.

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