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(Www.entrance Exam.net) Infosys Paper 1

(Www.entrance Exam.net) Infosys Paper 1

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Published by Vipul Sharma

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Published by: Vipul Sharma on Jun 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.) A CLOCK TAKES 30SEC FOR 6TICKS AT 6 O'CLOCK. HOW MUCH TIME WILLITTAKE FOR TICKS AT 12 O'CLOCK.Ans:66sec2.) I gave my sis x chocolates.she told me she gave half of them tomom,from the remainingshe gave half and half a choc more to dad, half of remainingand ahalf choc to doggy andremaining 1 she was left with one ?how many chocolates were given tosis.Ans:7.3.) X(Got param veer charka in 1948) he died when his age was onethirtyninth of his year of birth.whats his year of birth.
since the yaer is divided by 39 , it should also be divided by 3and 13......given tht he got award in 1948 .so he must have been born before tht ..........so from 1900 try all the years which aredivisible by 3 and 13 ......ANS :1911.4.) There are x trees in woods. Y is no. of birds. Gate keeper tellsoneach tree no of birds is equal to total no. of trees in woods.tell thenumber of trees. Given total number of birds is between 2000 and 2100.
x- the no of treesso the total no of birds is square of x.Between 2000 to 2100 there is only one no which is a square no(because every century has only one year whic is a square number)ie between 1900 to 2000 the year is 1936(44*44)similarly between 2000 to 2100 the year is 2025 (45*45) between 2100 to 2200 the year is 2116(46*46)so ANS 20255.) Enum,ekum,ebum,eskum,epumand 2 more 6 names were given and 4 races
were given. Following a few statements find the winner of each of 4races.(8marks)(very confusing)6)The briton lives in red houseThe swede keeps dogs as petsThe Dane drinks teathe green house is the first house to the left of the white housethe green house owner drinks cofeethe person who smokes pallmall rears birdsthe owner of the yellow house smokes dunhillthe man living in the house right in the center drinks milk the norwegian lives in the first housethe man who smokes blends lives next to one who keeps catthe man who keeps horses lives next to one who smokes dunhillthe man who smokes Bluemaster drinks beer the norwegian lives next to the blue housethe man who smokes blends has a neighbor who drink water the german smokes prince based on the above clues u have to determine who smokes which ??whodrinks wht???who lives in which house ..something like that(one of my friends has given me this very same problem to me some times before and said this puzzle was wriiten by einstein and claimedtht only 2% of the world's population can solve it) as soon as isaw this question on paper i skiped as i know abt it previously . based on the clues they asked only three Questions(each of 2 marks)..so i think we can solve this ..any way try thisout7.train starts from amritsar to Bombay at 9am. It reaches destinationafter 3days at 9:30am. Every day a train starts. How many trains doesit come across on d way ?(4 marks)ANS 48.) Carter,milne,savage,Flynn are 4 people architect,banker,druggistandgrocer in not that order,Income of milne=776+income of savage.Income of drugg==2*income of grocer Income of architect==2*income of druggist
Income of banker==2*income of architectCarter is older than every one who earns more than Flynn but Flynndoesnot earn double the amount of carter.find who's who?(8 marks)9.) cost of a=[it/pound , cost of b=;it/pound. Mixture ab is sold at100/3% profit and qty sold is 40 pound tell the weight of compound asoldin mixture.bit is money unit.(form two equations and then solve it simple.......)10.There are 11 people at a party with a glass. Eachone clinks glasswith evey other person once.how many times did the glass clink?Ans:nc2=c2=U times.honestly speaking i answered only 7 questions which i was very muchconfident with...then i struggled with two 8 mark ques and some howmanaged to write some answers ..but i am not confident with....thentht einstein puzzle i didn't read beyong two linesthen english section was ok...Do i carefully because it also hascutoff marksappeared around 1000exactly 44 cleared writtenI got through the written round and attenededinterview on 9th jan 06 at sholinganallur chennaithe interview was cool No technical questions.......Tell abt u'r selves .......they would interfere at the middle and ask some questions based onwht u say.i was asked a lot abt my native ......then u'r family ....Then about our project and the difficulties tht we faced then...then Extra curricular activities in school and college...

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