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Published by ValleyIndyDotOrg

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Published by: ValleyIndyDotOrg on Jun 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 1AGREEMENTBetween theSHELTON BOARD OF EDUCATIONand theSHELTON EDUCATION ASSOCIATIONINTRODUCTIONThis Agreement is the result of collective bargaining between the Shelton Board of Education(the "Board") and the Shelton Education Association (the "Association"), jointly referred to as"the parties."ARTICLE 1PREAMBLEThis Agreement is negotiated under Chapter 166, Section 10-153a-g of the Connecticut GeneralStatutes Annotated as amended in order:(a) to fix for its term the salaries and other conditions of employment provided hereinand(b) to encourage, abet, and effect working relationships between the Board, theAssociation and the professional administrative staff in order that the cause of publiceducation in the City of Shelton may be best served.The Board, the Superintendent and the Association recognize that there currently exists aharmonious working relationship predicated on cooperation and good faith and structured toinsure the best interest of public education in the City of Shelton.It is recognized by the parties hereto that the Board has and will continue to retain, whetherexercised or not, the sole and unrestricted rights, responsibilities, and prerogatives to direct theoperation of the public schools in the City of Shelton in all its aspects, and all of said rights,responsibilities and prerogatives not specifically abridged, deleted or modified by thisAgreement are retained by the Board and are not subject to grievance.Nothing in this Agreement shall in any way limit or contravene the authority of any municipal,state, or federal board, commission, agency or other governmental body.In the development of this collective bargaining agreement the Association recognizes the legalauthority of the Board; the Board and the Association recognize the legal responsibility of theSuperintendent to the Board and to the professional staff; the Board and the Superintendentrecognize the Association and its staff and the right to negotiate salaries and conditions of employment for the professional staff. Nothing in this Agreement which changes pre-existingBoard of Education policy will have retroactive applicability or operation.
 2ARTICLE 2RECOGNITIONSECTION A. The Board hereby recognizes the Association as the exclusive representative forthe purposes of professional negotiation as defined in Section 10-153a through 10-153j of theConnecticut General Statutes as amended, for the entire group of certificated professionalteaching employees of the Board, including Department Heads and Head Teachers below therank of Assistant Principal, other than temporary substitutes, and for professional teachingemployees holding durational shortage area permits. Time served under a durational shortagearea permit will not count towards an individual’s district wide seniority.SECTION B. Unless otherwise indicated, the term "teacher", when used hereinafter in thisAgreement, shall refer to all employees in the above unit.ARTICLE 3GENERAL PROVISIONSSECTION A. The Association shall encourage a high degree of academic and professionalproficiency.SECTION B. The Association agrees, on behalf of itself and all teachers that no teacher,individually or collectively, will, for the duration of this Agreement, engage in any strike, work stoppage, slow-down, mass resignation, curtailment or restriction of work. The parties furtheragree that any teacher participating in any of the above may be disciplined by the Board up toand including discharge. The Association further agrees it will not call, authorize, instigate,sanction or condone the aforementioned activities by the teachers against the Board during theperiod of this Agreement.SECTION C. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as prohibiting the Board fromdisciplining, including discharging, teachers for just cause. Termination proceedings, if any,shall be conducted pursuant to Conn. Gen. Stat. §10-151, and such matters shall not be subject tothe grievance procedure.SECTION D. The Board shall not adopt a change in policy and/or administration regulationaffecting salaries, fringe benefits, or working conditions which conflict with a specific term of this Agreement. The Board shall send the Association an agenda of the upcoming regular Boardmeetings and a copy of Board enacted policies.SECTION E. Written reprimands, involuntary transfers for disciplinary reasons, and/orsuspensions shall be imposed only for just cause.

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