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River Cities Reader - Issue 807 - June 21

River Cities Reader - Issue 807 - June 21

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Published by River Cities Reader

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Published by: River Cities Reader on Jun 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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River Cities’ Reader 
• Vol. 19 No. 807 • June 21 - July 4, 2012
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • RiverCitiesReader.com
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After $100 mail-in rebate that comes as aMasterCard
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River Cities’ Reader 
• Vol. 19 No. 807 • June 21 - July 4, 2012
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • RiverCitiesReader.com
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Changing of the Iowa GOP Guard
by Todd McGreevy
wice at the Iowa GOP state conven-tion, efforts were made to restrictany criticism of a Republican fromanyone holding an elected state-party posi-tion. Twice those efforts failed, thankfully.The insularity that the big-government,war-mongering Republicans want to im-pose on their fellow Republicans is stifling.It’s no secret that 23 of 28 non-bound voting delegates from Iowa atthe Republican National Convention inTampa in August are Ron Paul loyalistsor supporters – including new Iowa party chair A.J. Spiker, who was formerly a RonPaul paid staffer. The Ron Paulistas, assome refer to them, have taken over theRepublican Party of Iowa, and nothing wasmore evidence of this than the peaceful,professional, and controversy-freemanner in which last Saturday’s statewideconvention played out.One must compare the convention withdistrict and state Republican conventionsin Nevada, Louisiana, Missouri, andAlaska, where police helicopters andunlawful arrests and broken hips andfingers were the order of the day for many of the electorate that did not follow theestablishment single-party-system scriptof pretending there is a difference betweenthe two parties.Iowans who understand our state mottohave known better since the January 3precinct caucuses and stuck with thestatutory system of being elected by their neighbors to eventually be able toinfluence Iowa’s party leadership, nationaldelegation, and state-party platform.Critics will point to the Ron Paul takeoverof Iowa’s Republican party as a reason that“first in the nation” status will be lost forthe caucus process. To the contrary: Thepeaceful and transparent manner in whichthe caucus process has played out overmultiple party conventions – from county to district to state – is a strong reason why Iowa will remain first in the nation.Iowa is one of a handful of states thatmay help liberate the delegates at theRepublican National Convention, where,among other things, the presidentialnominee for the party will be chosen.It takes five states with a majority of delegates to nominate a presidentialcandidate to be on the ballot, and Iowa isfirmly in the category of such a state. Thisis extraordinary when one considers theinfluence that Iowa has on national party politics.And the most gratifying componentof this dynamic is that, as Ron Paul hasalways stated, his efforts are not abouthim but about ideas. “There are only goodideas and bad ideas,” he has said. And, if Iowa’s state convention is any indicator,whether Ron Paul is the GOP nomineecoming out of Tampa or not, his ideas willbe the dominating force for what ensues,both nationally and, more importantly,locally, where we Iowans can effect realchange from the bottom up.Speaking of local: When the conventionagenda turned to debating and adoptingthe party platform, every single electedofficial from Scott County who waspresent as a delegate was nowhere to beseen. The running joke is: “Why worry about the platform? Once elected, no onefollows it.” Well, Scott County SupervisorChair Tom Sunderbruch, SupervisorsCarol Earnhardt and Bill Cusack, county Treasurer Bill Fennely, and Davenportcity-council member Bill Edmonds allproved that to be true with their noticeableabsence during platform voting.Had they stayed, as supervisor candidateJesse Anderson did, they would haveenjoyed spirited, balanced, and informeddebates about GMO and bio-techagriculture, “feral” swine, mandatory education, adoption and parents’ rights,statewide referenda, Agenda 21, theFederal Reserve and county currency,and more. For the Republican county supervisors who previously stated thatAgenda 21 does not exist, I would pointthem to Governor Branstad’s recentproclamation against Agenda 21, whichwas on display at the convention.Alas, those of us who are concernedwith the future of our county should havegood cheer. The changing of the guardcould not be more evident at this stateconvention.
Whose Police State Is It?
Romney’s visit here on Monday, June18, was a real eye-opener for just how fardown the path we have gone to a police
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