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Summer 2012 Episcopal Teacher

Summer 2012 Episcopal Teacher

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Published by: Susan L. Shillinglaw on Jun 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Summer Camp
Page 4 All Saints’ Day Page 6Spiritual Vitality after 70 Page 10 
S 2012
V. 24, N. 4
Around he Counry
Episcopal teacher
Summer 2012
piscopal TeacherEditorsLisa KimballDorothy S. Linthicum
August 8-11, 2012
Lord, To Whom Shall We Go?Telling Stories of Faith in a Pluralistic Culture
Nework of Biblical SoryellersRidgecres Conference CenerNear Ashville, NCnbsin.org/fesivalgahering
September 25-28, 2012
Telling Our Sacred Stories
A Rerea for Aduls Who Work wih YouhHoly Cross MonaseryWes Park, NY
October 15-18, 2012
Grow Up in Every Way — Healthy in God,Robust in Love
Wesern Chrisian Educaion ConferenceZephyr Poin Conference CenerLake tahoe, NVwesernceconf.orgGoing o sleep-away camp les paricipans exercise independence and responsi- biliy, learn he ar of leer-wriing, say “please” and “hank you,” resolve con-ics, experience aking urns, and los of oher hings we nealy caegorize under“Characer Educaion.” And he fac ha sleep-away camp gives parens a mo-men’s res is no a small consideraion.I was recenly asked he quesion: Is i enough ha our (Episcopal) camps helpdevelop campers ino beer people? One person expressed he compelling argu-men ha camp plans seeds abou a relaionship wih God; in ime campers willconnec he dos and have heir own epiphany abou God. I is imporan ha weno rush hem or rob hem of hose holy momens.Anoher voice ariculaed he idea ha perhaps we should name his experience ofGod. Camp feels like holy ground because i is. the sacred and he secular collideon our hallowed errains. We can’ force campers o have faih bu we could, andperhaps should, share wih hem wha we believe.Anoher anguished voice, lled wih remorse, noed ha camp was a very specialplace, even home, in he lives of heir grown children. the dos leading o God,however, never conneced. Somehing deep wihin he hears of parens who havehad his experience couldn’ concede ha he experience iself was enough.So wha do we do wih camps—hese magical places clearly wihin and somehow beyond earhly realms? Is characer educaion alone adequae as our piece in heformaion of faih? Or will we be measured in he end and found lacking?A resounding heme a his year’s Episcopal Camp and Conference Cener [ECCC]gahering was he acknowledgmen ha an increasing number of sa and camp-ers consider camp heir “church home.” We also hear more and more priess and bishops speak aecionaely abou camps as hey share heir spiriual journeysand hearing he call. I hink we should consider he gravias of hose senimens.those involved in Chrisian Formaion minisries in he Episco-pal Church are aking a closer look a he way programming isdesigned and oered. As we creaively resrucure our minis-ries around igh budges and a changing world, i is my hopeha camp minisry is welcomed o he able. We have much odiscuss.the aricle abou camps on page 4 alludes o he realiy ha boh sa and paricipans oen see camp as heir “churchhome.” Wha do we need o do o be a
church home? Howdo we help paricipans undersand ha heir encouners wihhe Holy One are wha makes camp so special? How do wehelp hem ransfer ha aecion o a local parish? How do wehelp parishes worship wih he same kind of enhusiasm and joy ha campers experience a camp?Camps, Sunday schools and Episcopal schools need o feed inoeach oher’s programming, jus as parish youh minisries feedino camp sa. Camp sa, in urn, can provide new leadershipfor Campus Minisry and he Episcopal Service Corps.Camp minisry provides a vial componen in lifelong Chrisianformaion. Visi a camp near you o discover how i can enlivenand enrich congregaions everywhere.
—Teri Valente
We’veknown andnamed for years the
benets of 
camp. . .
Episcopal teacher
 piscopal Teacher
is the newsleer of the Center for the Ministry of Teaching located
on the campus of Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, VA. It is printed fourtimes a year. For information: 703-461-1885
 Member of Associated Church Press. ISSN 0895-0830Photo on pages 12-13 by Nicolas Raymond, Stock Exchange. Photos on pages 8, 10, 11,and 14 from Stock Exchange.
Episcopal teacher
www.vs.eduEpiscopal teacher
Summer 2012
By Teri Valente
there are many ruhs o be old abou camp minisry,mosly summed up in he idea ha camp is a place opracice faih. A camper doesn’ have o believe whaI believe o paricipae – bu we will agree here are beer ways o live in his communiy. I is beer whenwe don’ hi or seal or curse. I is beer o pracicepaience. I is beer o say you are sorry and o for-give. I is beer o be graeful, o use kind words and oencourage one anoher. Because no everyone sars onhe same page, we inenionally provide guidelines.
At camp
everyone belongs. the only people hamigh no belong are hose who make ohers feellike ousiders; we have a habi of leing evenhese people say and work pas hose ideas. I’s aradically hospiable welcome ha coninues overhe course of heir say. there’s lierally a sea foreveryone a he able because someone couned andmade sure every able in he dining hall has enoughchairs. Counselors are consanly couning heads orcalling ou names o make sure he group is com-plee. When we share communion a Eucharis, wego up ogeher because we’re a family and no oneis le behind wheher we receive he elemens or a blessing.
At camp
here is a plehora of opporuniieso ry new hings and build eseem hroughaccomplishmen. Groups can nish iniiaiveson he challenge course and cook a good din-ner for 14 over a re. Campers can make i ohe op of a climbing wall and ride he zip lineacross he ball eld. they can go sailing, ca-noeing or ubing, make heir very own ie-dyedesign, learn o swim, and build res. Somecampers even learn o make heir own bed forhe rs ime. I’s hard no o feel beer abouyourself wih all of hese new experiences.
At camp
we live in and enderly care for cre-aion. Sea urles come ashore o lay heir eggsamongs us. Feahers and sea shells discoveredon he rail perfec cra shop creaions. Horse-shoe crabs have campers giggling in deligh ashey wach he female haul he male o shore.Veggies from gardens ended by campersll heir bellies a meal ime. Sars shine andmeeors ash as if God pu hem in he rma-men simply o dazzle. Campers can see someof hese hings a home, bu hey don’ becauseheir lives are oo busy.Camps are “hin places.” Some-where beween nding your“ribe,” accomplishing anoherask, and communing wih naurei’s normal o experience he pres-ence of Chris. Because he looks orsounds a lo like your counseloror someone else you admire, he’seasy o miss. God will le you go onhinking ha a paricular person orspace was exra special—for a whileanyway. I doesn’ happen by ac-ciden, bu ha doesn’ mean campsa craed i inenionally, eiher.I is abundanly clear ha he waywe dene “communiy” is shi-ing. How and when and where wegaher is jus dieren han he waywe congregaed in he pas.We can wach worship services liveonline or download a podcas ofhem laer in he week. We can read books ogeher wih people all overhe counry and use Skype, faceime or message boards o discusshem. We can creae documens o-geher in real ime on he inerne.As we embrace more echnology and domore work digially, camps will remainrelics of wha communiy used o looklike—paricipans can sill share a mealfamily syle, si in on a jam session sing-along, and ell sories around a campreunder he sars.Our camp properies are reasure rovesof remarkable memories, places wherecampers can reurn and share heirsories. I is my wish ha an Episcopalcamp will one day welcome you homewih open arms and help you make newmemories.
Teri Valente is Youth Ministry Coordinator
 for the Episcopal Diocese of Delaware andProgram Director for Camp Arrowhead.
to nd an Episcopal camp, rerea, or conference cener:www.episcopalccc.orgto learn abou he 2011 Episcopal Camp and ConferenceCener Summi:www.episcopalccc.org/summi-informaionFor camp gran opporuniies:www.acacamps.org/gransto access
Camping Magazine
:www.acacamps.org/camping-magazineFor camp songs and games:www.youube.com/user/CampLeadership
Camps Create Treasures of Memories
Summer CampsSummer Camps

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