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10 Things You Might Not Know About Mummies

10 Things You Might Not Know About Mummies

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Published by Simon and Schuster

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Published by: Simon and Schuster on Jun 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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10 Things You Might Not Know About
During embalming, the heart o the mummy is letintact, so the person’s goodness can be judged inthe aterlie. The heart was considered the centralorgan o a man’s moral lie In ancient Egypt.
The brain o an embalmed mummy was re-moved by breaking the bones in the noseand pulling the brain out through the nasalcavity with a hook. The brain was thrown awaybecause it was not considered important.
“Red shroud” mummies signifedpeople o noble birth during the Ro-man period. The mummies’ linen wrap-pings were inused with a red pigment. Redshroud mummies are extremely rare; ewerthan a dozen still exist.
During the Roman occupation oEgypt it became ashionable or thedeceased to have a likeness o themselvesattached to the outside o their cofn. In1887 a cache o more than 80 o these por-traits was ound by the amous Flinders Petriein Hawara, Egypt.
In the Victorian era, Pre-Raphaelite paint-ers used “mummy brown” paint, whichcontained actual “mummy dust”—ground upremains o real Egyptian mummies, both humanand eline.
A ashionable social event in Victorian Eng-land was a Mummy unwrapping party. Thiswas oten was oten conducted by candlelight andollowed by a midnight champagne supper or theguests.
Mummy mania in Victorian times includeda novel by Bram Stoker – the author Dracula.His mummy-themed novel, THE JEWEL OF THE SEVENSTARS, written in 1903, is about the dangers o wak-ing up a mummy. The ending was changed in reprintsbecause the publishers ound it too violent.
Amulets and scarabs were wrapped into the ban-dages o a mummy to protect it in aterlie. Certainrare stones were considered more powerul than others,based on their color. The deep blue o lapis lazuli wasparticularly avored by the Ancient Egyptians - the colorrepresented royalty. Turquoise represented joy, andpleasure - the amous burial mask o Kind Tut wasinlaid with lapis and turquoise.
Wealthy people who could aord expen-sive burial rites had their organs putin canopic jars made o alabaster and otherprecious stones. People, who could not aordthat luxury had their organs mummifed andput back in the body.Many cultures have deliberatelymummifed human remains. In Xin-jaing China there are over 1000 mummies, in-cluding one o the tallest ever ound – a six ootsix inch male Caucasian.
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