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Schools for the Future 20122013vKCv6

Schools for the Future 20122013vKCv6

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Published by khristopher_bro1505

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Published by: khristopher_bro1505 on Jun 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This Agreement for services is made by and between The School Board of Duval County,Florida, a body politic and corporate, located at 1701 Prudential Drive, Jacksonville, Florida 32207(“DCPS”) and The Bridge of Northeast Florida, Inc., a Florida nonprofit corporation, located at 1824Pearl St, Jacksonville, Florida 32206 (“Bridge”).WHEREAS, DCPS and the Bridge (collectively known hereafter as the “Parties”) desire tocooperate in rendering a dropout prevention program and intervention services to students who areoverage and at-risk in an innovative public-private collaboration;WHEREAS, in accordance with Florida Statute 1003.53, dropout prevention and academicintervention programs may differ from traditional programs in scheduling, administrative structure, philosophy, curriculum or setting; andWHEREAS, the Parties agree to operate the
“Schools for the Future”
Program (hereinafter the“Program” or 
“Schools for the Future”
Program) as authorized by Schools for the Future (“SFF”) in itsconsent set forth below, in accordance with all requirements and guidelines as may be requested by DCPSthroughout the term of this Agreement in order to ensure that the Program is in compliance with allapplicable federal, state, and local laws and agency rules, regulations, and guidelines and to insure thatDCPS remains entitled to receive maximum funding from the State of Florida for participating in thisAgreement; NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises herein contained and other goodand valuable consideration, DCPS and the Bridge agree as follows:The ProgramThe Parties will provide a community-based dropout prevention program called
“Schools for the Future”
for up to 140 DCPS eligible students. It is the intent of the Parties that the Program be implemented asgenerally described herein. DCPS shall at all times be responsible for the delivery of curriculum andinstruction at the School Location (as hereafter described) at which the Program is implemented, andDCPS shall be responsible for the operations of the School except as expressly set forth in this Agreementto be provided by the Bridge. DCPS shall employ all persons who operate and control the school,including but not limited to the Principal, according to DCPS policies and federal and state legalrequirements, except as specifically described in this Agreement. The Principal shall be responsible for the following: supervise and be responsible for the performance of all personnel assigned to the school, prepare and administer the school’s budget, monitor the progress of work being benchmarked towards theexpectations developed for the school, administer school’s student discipline process and develop positiveschool/community relations and act as liaison between the school and the community. The Bridge shall be responsible for the following: (1) providing its agreement for DCPS to enter the School Location at alltimes for DCPS’s operating the School at the School Location, (2) providing “wrap-around supportservices” as follows:
Provide funding for afterschool programming for students to earn extra credits towardsgraduation;
Provide training in employment skills and secure summer internships for students, as appropriate;
Provide appropriate staff and facilities for summer learning program;
Fund and provide the following support staff: (1)one part-time academic coach, (2) two teachingassistants to assist teachers with classroom instruction and (3) one full-time clerical staff;
Monitor attendance, emotional and behavioral patterns and communicate with parents regardingsupport strategies;
Refer parents and students to appropriate community agencies when required;
Coordinate and organize parental workshops; and,
Fund supplies, incentives and equipment for the ProgramThe parties understand and agree that the School is not established as a charter school pursuant to s.1002.33, F.S.Each Party’s duties and rights are contingent upon SFF’s consent set forth below.For the purpose of this Agreement, “eligible students” consist of the following persons who are: (1)residents of the district, (2) below the age of 21 years (or below the age of 22 if the student has an IEP),(3) at-risk for dropping out of school, or who have dropped out of school; and (4) considered two (2) or more years overage for grade level at the time the student enrolls in the Program (it being understood thatonce enrolled the eligible student may stay enrolled, because an object of the Program is to facilitate theoverage student’s making sufficient progress to achieve the student’s age being appropriate for thestudent’s grade level). The Parties expect that eligible students shall receive academic services sufficientto enable them to satisfy DCPS graduation requirements. With respect to the “overage” criteria for section (4) above, enrollment priority shall be offered to those students who were enrolled in the Programduring the 2011-2012 school year in order to maintain continuity of services to this population of students.DCPS staff will use the state of Florida standards in the development and delivery of the curriculum.DCPS will include the Program as Option “D” in DCPS’s Dropout Prevention Plan and designate theProgram as an “Accelerated Learning Center” program in the district Student Progression Plan for 2012-2013.Students will be administered the same end-of-course assessments used in DCPS high schools.The School shall follow the DCPS calendar unless the Superintendent or designee approves an alternatecalendar (with any such approval of an alternative being provided in advance of implementation).Program participants will receive not less than five (5) actual hours of instructional time per day.DCPS will be responsible for operating the Program all times in compliance with the requirements pertaining to the matter commonly referred to as the “Class Size Amendment”, which is presentlycodified at Section 1, Article IX of the Florida Constitution and at s. 1003.03, Florida Statutes, together with other related statutes and administrative regulations issued by the FDOE, all as may be amendedfrom time to time.DCPS shall comply with the legal entitlements of special students identified as Exceptional pursuant tothe Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA) and Section 504 of theRehabilitation Act of 1973. A minimum of one Exception Student Education (ESE) certified teacher shall be required to develop, implement and determine mastery of the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP)goals for the students identified as exceptional, to participate in admission and exiting conferences, IEP preparation and staffing, and maintaining ESE compliance for exceptional education students.DCPS will serve those students in the Program who are of limited proficiency in English by English toSpeakers of Other Languages (ESOL) certified personnel who will follow DCPS’s plan for ELLs.CONFIDENTIALITY; COMPLIANCE WITH STUDENT PRIVACY LAWSThe Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act “FERPA” (20 U.S.C. § 1232g and 34 CFR Part 99) permits DCPS to disclose personally identifiable information relating to students to other school officials.2
For the purposes of this Agreement, DCPS has determined that the Bridge is considered ‘other schoolofficials” and as such, DCPS shall disclose personally identifiable student information to the Bridge as itdetermines is necessary for the delivery of the outcomes to this Agreement. DCPS shall require theBridge to comply fully with FERPA and all other applicable laws and regulations governing student privacy as it relates to the Program and the performance of the services provided pursuant to thisAgreement.The Bridge shall utilize personally identifiable student information provided by DCPS for the Program, asdescribed herein, and for no other reason. Neither party shall release any student record data to any other third party without the express consent of the district’s Office of Instructional Research andAccountability. Failure to comply with this redisclosure provision shall result in DCPS’s inability to provide student data to the Bridge, for a period of not less than five years.The Bridge agrees that all personal information relating to any participating student or parent receivedfrom DCPS under this Agreement shall remain confidential and not be disclosed to any third partywithout the prior written consent of such student’s parents or legal guardian.The Bridge acknowledges and agrees that DCPS shall make the final determination whether personallyidentifiable information is necessary to achieve the Agreement deliverables or if aggregate data issufficient. DCPS will take reasonable and appropriate measures to reduce the risk of unauthorizeddisclosure of personally identifiable information by the Bridge.Upon expiration of the Agreement, but not later than August 15, 2013, the Bridge shall destroy all personally identifiable information received from the District pursuant to this Agreement. This date may be modified by DCPS if the Agreement is extended upon the mutual agreement of the Parties (which latedate may include, but not be limited to, a specified time after the date an eligible student leaves theProgram).In the event that DCPS is required to furnish information or records pursuant to the Florida PublicRecords laws, the Bridge shall furnish such information and records to DCPS, and DCPS shall have theright to release such information and records.BACKGROUND SCREENINGSAll DCPS and Bridge employees, appointees, or agents who come into contact with students as part of theProgram must submit to a background check, in a manner prescribed by DCPS (which manner is required by section 1012.467, Florida Statutes). Any non-DCPS personnel associated with the Program will bescreened at their employer’s expense. The Bridge shall not permit persons to provide services to studentsunder this Agreement if any such person does not meet the standards under Florida law and the DCPShiring standards concerning criminal background employee history checks. Failure to comply with this provision shall be cause for immediate termination of this Agreement.ADMINISTRATIVE AND INSTRUCTIONAL STAFFThe administrative and instructional staff of the Program shall be DCPS employees. DCPS and theProgram shall at all times comply with the policies of its governing Board and any applicable CollectiveBargaining Agreements regarding all employment matters, to include but is not limited to, hiring,staffing, transfer, dismissal, working conditions and compensation for its employees.DCPS shall employ the Program’s data entry operator and guidance counselor, and DCPS shall beresponsible for ensuring these employee’s training and compliance with the operation of the GenesisStudent Information System.3

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