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Pa Principles

Pa Principles

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Published by Allan

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Published by: Allan on Jan 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Participatory Approaches:Afacilitator’s guide
Participatory Approaches: A facilitator’s guide
Introduction5I-1 Principles of participation7
I-1.1 Participatory approaches todevelopment7I-1.2 A scale of participatoryapproaches8I-1.3 VSO’s approach toparticipation 10
I-2 The participatory developmentprocess13
I-2.1 An analytical framework13I-2.2 The framework in practice17
I-3 The art of facilitation24
I-3.1 Principles of facilitation24I-3.2 Summary of key facilitationskills30I-3.3 Questions – how to ask andanswerthem30I-3.4 Use of visual aids33
II-1 Methods for each phase oftheprocess35
II-1.1 Methods for analysis andplanning35II-1.2 Methods for reviewing41II-1.3 Sharing results45
II-2 Methods for specific purposes46III-1 Using participatory tools61
III-1.1 Watch and listen: Guidelinesforchoosing the mostappropriate tool61
III-1.2 Organising participatoryexercises62III-1.3 Small group activity62III-1.4 How was it for you?63Answers on cards66Bomb Shelter68Bridge Model70Car Park 72Chrice Matrix 74Community Case Studies76Community Financial Accounts78Drawing and Discussion80Echo/Cascade Workshops82Equality Tree 84Expertise Market86Fishbone Diagram88Five Questions90Flow Diagrams and Webbing92Focus Group Discussions94Forcefield Analysis96Forum Theatre98Gender/Diversity Analysis Matrix102Group-Directed Tape Recordings104Group-Directed Videos106Group-Directed Visual Images108Guided Visualisation 110Image Theatre112Impact Assessment114Local solutions118Maps and mapping120Matrices124Open-Ended Stories 126Participatory Presentations128Peoples Own Records130Picture Stories132Problem Tree134Puppet Theatre136Ranking, Rating and Sorting138
Participatory Approaches: A facilitator’s guide
Relationship Strings142Seasonal Calendar144Semi-Structured Interviews 148Social Norms150Stakeholder Analysis152Stakeholder Mapping/Venn Diagram154SWOT Analysis156Ten Seed Technique158Thought Shower160Timelines162Transects16424-Hour Analysis166Yes, But168
Appendix I:
Participatoryapproaches – common acronyms
170Appendix II:
Types of picturesforcommunication
171Appendix III:
Tool template
173References174Participation resources online175

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