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Our Redneck Swimming Pool #Proho

Our Redneck Swimming Pool #Proho

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Published by J.A.Morgan
It was hot out, and the kids wanted to go swimming. So, I built my own swimming pool out of three tarps, some bins, and gaffer's tape.
It was hot out, and the kids wanted to go swimming. So, I built my own swimming pool out of three tarps, some bins, and gaffer's tape.

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Published by: J.A.Morgan on Jun 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Our Redneck Swimming Pool #proho
It was stifling hot today, and no matter what I tried we couldn't beat the heat. Not until we builtour "redneck swimming pool."Kayla and her friend Hannah kept trying to think of ways in which they could cool down. Most of them didn't work out. Then the girls asked if they could play in the sprinkler, but I told them thatit was too late, and that water was expensive.Then they came up with the idea of using one of our tarps as a "slip and slide." I said sure,knock yourself out. They sounded like they were having fun for about eight minutes, thenabsolute silence.They reappeared in my house and asked if they could set up a poolI suggested they used the smaller pool that we had. They went out to the garage to search for the pool, only to return with news that they could only find our large pool which we had boughtmost recently.I explained that there had been a plastic kiddie pool, an inflatable pool, and...oh, nuts I'll just goout and look. And, they were right. It was the wrong pool, at least if I was trusting a nine year old and aneleven year old to set it up.
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|Webpage|Doc| Activity Feed| I looked at the two tarps they had set up. They were holding back enough water to make them adecent slip-and-slide, but it wasn't enough for the two girls to play in. But, as I thought thingsthrough I wondered if there was a way to overlap the tarps and maybe trap in the water by liftingup the sides. The principle was sound, because I knew that when people made skating rinks intheir backyards they would often lay out the tarps, pour in some water, and then wait for thewater to freeze. We just needed tarps that were a little higher, warmer weather (which we had),and lots more water.
Hannah watched with surprise as I lifted each tarp up and dumped all of the water off of them. Ithen laid them down on each other criss-cross style, positioning them so that they formed alarge "plus." Now I just needed to lift up the sides so the water wouldn't simply roll off.I grabbed our storage bins from the garage and then my roll of gaffer's tape from the kitchen(what problem can't be solved by gaffer's or duct tape?). I then pulled each edge of the tarpsover the top of a bin, and taped them down. We stil l had a "plus" shape, and water was holdinga little bit but there was still a lot pouring out into the ground.Then Hannah and Kayla began cinching the edges of the tarps higher and closer together. Iapplied gaffer's tape where ever I needed to until every last edge was held down. We neededmore lift along the sides, so I grabbed our garbage can and the kid's old blue table that hadbeen sitting out in the garage. Hannah ran to grab one more thing, and returned pulling the kid'sold red wagon.The water we poured into this monstrosity of a pool was collecting a little bit, but we still weren'tgetting a lot of depth. So, I ran and grabbed a third tarp and laid it on top of the whole thing.Pouring water onto this third tarp pressed it down so that it laid flat. It still wasn't perfect, but nowthe girls had at least something they could sit in and get wet.
Once the pool was assembled, it was just barely big enough for both Kayla and Hannah to sitinside it. They must have spent 40 minutes playing with it before Kayla ran and told me that theywere done.2

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