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Personal Portfolio i i

Personal Portfolio i i

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Published by Arun Singh
information for novices on Portfolio management.
information for novices on Portfolio management.

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Published by: Arun Singh on Jun 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Copyright Notice
 Except as cited to other sources, all of the material in this book and the accompanyingsoftware is the exclusive property of Quantext, Inc. Reproduction or distribution of anyof this book and/or the software without explicit permission from Quantext constitutes aviolation of the Copyright.
This book and the accompanying software are provided on an ‘as is’ basis. There is nowarranty, implied or explicit, whatsoever. This book and software deal with investment  planning and stock portfolios. Substantial losses may result from investing in stock and neither Quantext nor Geoff Considine shall in any way be held liable for losses incurred by readers of the book and/or users of the software. Neither Quantext, Inc. nor Geoff Considine is a registered investment advisor.Version 4.6.3
When you hear the term ‘portfolio management,’ what do you think of? Chances are thatthe images that spring to mind depend greatly on your financial situation and youreducational and professional background. Some people will think of mutual fundmanagers, while others will think of richly paneled conference rooms and wealthyindividuals strategizing with their financial advisors. The reality of the current world of financial planning is that every adult should be somewhat conversant with concepts of portfolio management. Most working adults will ultimately be responsible for makingsure that their future non-wage income is sufficient to meet their needs. In the old worldof pension plans, your pension plan provider carried all the risks of being able to investproperly so as to fund a guaranteed future income to you. In today’s world, the funds youhave available for future income will be largely (if not wholly) determined by what yousave and how you manage your total portfolio.For a quick definition, I describe portfolio management as the
 process of planning anexecuting a portfolio of investments in order to generate a desired future income stream
.This means that portfolio management starts with looking at what you are investing for,and how far into the future you are looking. The next stage is to look at how much youneed to invest, how you allocate those investments to meet your goals with reasonablecertainty, and how much uncertainty you are willing to bear. Finally, portfoliomanagement is an ongoing process of reviewing your plans and altering those plans astime goes on.For many people, these concepts will sound pretty abstract. If you ask people what‘tools’ they use in their managing their personal portfolios, you are likely to get somefairly blank looks back, even if you are talking to people with substantial investments.Many (if not most) financial advisors still use fairly simplistic tools for portfolio planning

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