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Meeting Minutes of Bi-Monthly Meeting June 11- Final

Meeting Minutes of Bi-Monthly Meeting June 11- Final

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Published by khmahbub

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Published by: khmahbub on Jun 21, 2012
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Meeting minutes, 7
Bi-monthly meeting, 7 June, 2012 Page 1
DRAFT Minutes of 7
Bi-monthly Coordination Meeting of GBDC
Venue: Ganges Office Room, the WorldFish Center, Banani, Dhaka. 11 June 2012
1. Manoranjan Mondal, IRRI2. Zahirul Hauque, IWM3. Sirajul Islam, BRAC4. Nasim Al Azad, IWM5. Alamgir Hossain, IWM6. Emdad Hossain WFC7. Salma sultana WFC8. Pamela George WFC9. Liz Humphreys, IRRI (through skype)10. Aditi Mukherji, IWMI, (through skype)11. Andy Nelson, IRRI, (through skype)12. Md. Kamrul Islam WFC (observer)
Discussion on the decisions of last Bi-monthly meeting and acceptance of agenda
Pamela opened the meeting, thanking all for their attendance. The 6
Bi-monthly meeting minutes wasapproved and the agenda adopted. Apologies were accepted from Moqbul xxxxxxx, of IWM who wasunable to attend.
Project progress to dateIRRI
Ganges 1: 
Andy has recruited Bangladesh focal person Dr. Parvesh Kumar to represent G1 inthe basin. He will be based in IRRI office Dhaka and will join on 14
June. He is busy ordering remotesensoring images to start high resolution mapping. Surveys on soil salinity to provide a base line areongoing and mapping will commence soon. The IRRI team is working with IWM in all 3 polders.
Ganges 2:
Manoranjan presented a power point presentation on G2 activity progress.Progress summaries are below-
Aman (June 2011) -Boro-
Aus (43/2/F)
Aus (43/2/F)
Completed Aman and Rabi crops
Aus rice (2012) is at vegetative stage in the field
Aman-Rabi-Fallow (Polder 30)
Completed Aman and Rabi, some rabi crops yet to harvest
Aman-Auqaculture (Polder 3)
Aquaculture-Aquaculture (Polder 3)
Aquaculture trials on-going in polder 3
Meeting minutes, 7
Bi-monthly meeting, 7 June, 2012 Page 2
Shrimp harvest started in mid-May
Tilapia harvest will start end of JuneOther species during July-October
Homestead Production Systems
A survey of >1200 randomly selected HHs was conducted across 3 polders (polder: 3, 30, 43/2F)in SW Bangladesh during January-May.
Data analysis 80% completed and report writing on progress, first draft by end of June.
Replicated Cropping System Experiment (PhD Research)
2 students will be enrolled at PSTU and 1 at BAU
Scholarship will be provided by CPWF-CSISA
All 3 students accepted the offer
1 student will work on Aus-Aman-Boro
2 students will work on Aus-Aman-Rabi
1 left as he has accepted a position at BARI
Offer for the next candidate is under process, he will work on Aus-Aman-Rabi pattern atPSTU
An MOU is being developed between IRRI and PSTU
Study on improved water management
 jective of this study is to work in a pilot “watershed” area to demonstrate the benefits of 
improved water management at the community level
to adopt improved crop and crop management practices
For safe harvest of the dry season crops to achieve higher land and water productivity.
Progress of the study
Completed survey of 53 farmers within and 15 farmers outside watershed on crop and watermanagement
Agreement reached with the watershed farmers, local water users association and publicrepresentatives regarding management of the sluice gate to allow timely drainage and shutdown to prevent saline water intrusion
Location of internal drains and outlets identified
Design of drainage outlet completed, established in June
STRASA provided HYV rice seeds for Aman season 2012, to be distributed in the last week of June
Farmers will be trained in June on Aman rice cultivation
Meeting minutes, 7
Bi-monthly meeting, 7 June, 2012 Page 3
CSISA-CIMMYT agreed to set-up trials within the pilot improved water management area onimproved (including zero tillage) rabi crops cultivationManoranjan advised that Polder 30 was problematic for irrigation as the salinity is very high,leading to a reliance on rainwater for the trials. The trials will be relocated where there is betterwater control, which is near to a community water management committee (that G3 are
working with?). Activities on this site are also linked to G4’s work on fresh water storage
capacity (recommendations on dredging?) Andy acknowledged the usefulness of thepresentation with detail information, noting that it would be useful for external informationneeds. Zahir asked for clarity on how G2 is using the vast information produced by G1 and G4and was advised by Manoranjan that the information feeds into developing the croppingsystems. Emdad requested the list of PVS farmer in the selected polders, which Manoranjanundertook to provide.
Action: Manoranjan to provide the list of PVS farmers to Emdad as soon as available.
Ganges 3: 
Aditi shared the following summary of activities:
Outputs produced and activities completed/ongoing
3 literature reviews completed2.
Shushilan has completed their fieldwork for 5 BWDB polders and 4 LGED sub-projects for thequalitative survey and submitted 140 transcripts of FGDs and KIs.3.
Shushilan has submitted three field reports and two situation analysis reports. Remaining fieldreports to be submitted by end of June and Situation Analysis reports by end of September. All draftdocumentaries have been completed, final version by August.4.
Camelia has completed coding process of approximately 170 transcripts from the 9 sites and keyinformant interviews with senior officials from February.5.
All the 9 maps from IWM have been completed showing formal/informal structures, mouzaboundaries.6.
BISR have completed their participatory mapping exercise of land use and hotspots and havesubmitted to IWM for digitalizing in maps.7.
Fieldwork for institutional case (specifically on illegal/informal gates) has been completed. Firstdraft has been received and commented on. Final draft to be submitted 20
3 BAU students have submitted their draft MSc theses and will submit final ones end of June.9.
Camelia was in Bangladesh on 24
and 25
of May and met all the partners and got an update fromthem.
Appointment of new staff 
Marie-Charlotte Buisson has joined as a post doc. She specializes in impact evaluation and will workin designing quantitative survey in selected polders. Arijit Das, a national consultant has also joinedthe team and will work on conducting experimental games among members of the poldercommunities. Both are economists, one trained in impact evaluation and the other in behaviouralexperiments.

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