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Comet Newsletter Summer 2012

Comet Newsletter Summer 2012

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Published by Christina Wilkinson
COMET Summer 2012 newsletter
COMET Summer 2012 newsletter

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Published by: Christina Wilkinson on Jun 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Communities of Maspeth and Elmhurst Together 
Newsletter Summer 2012
Missing Fire Hydrantsand Caps are Cause for Alarm
We believe that scrap metal collectors, called “scrappers”, are stealing re hydrants and caps,copper wire from poles, and have been tres- passing on private property of residents and businesses throughout our community to steal metal and other items to sell to scrap yards. A reman from the Elmhurst rehouse said that hydrant caps are very important because they keep the “threads” free of rust. If the threadsare rusted, it is difcult to attach their hose in theevent of a re.If you see a suspicious person or someone inthe process of stealing city property or entering  private property, call 911 immediately. Call 311to report a missing re hydrant or cap, manholecover or sewer grate. You may just save a life! 
 All these photos, taken by Comet member Shirley Warren, are missing re hydrants or caps in the Elmhurst area.
Pg. 2 Summer 2012 COMET 
You can’t see him, but that’s 104th PrecinctCommunity Affairs Ofcer PO Tom Bell holdinga ashlight on the west bound service road at the69th Street exit at Mazeau Street. He was on theway home from a Comet meeting with Execu-tive Ofcer John Travaglia when they spotted thetrucker settling in for the night. Numerous summonses have been written todiscourage truckers from parking here but themessage isn’t getting through.Comet asked the Department of Transportationto extend the guardrail or install bollards and the104th Precinct even asked for no parking signs, but the agency said they didn’t feel it was nec-essary because there haven’t been any accidentshere. I guess we’ll have to wait for some unfor-tunate motorist to hit one of these tractor trailers before something is done.
104th Continues to AddressDangerous Illegal Parking Conditions
Once again Maspeth’s Memorial Day Parade wasa success! Marchers included Comet membersRosalie Greer, Shirley Warren, Annette Pagnotta,Roe Daraio, Chammy Liu, Joanne Keeley, Lin-da Daquaro, Ivan Mossop, Jr., Mike Fordunski,Louise Payne and Richie Polgar (not in photo).
Comet Marches at Memorial Day Parade! 
COMET Summer 2012 Pg. 3
Report problems to 311! 104th Precinct Truck Enforcement 
Community activist Christina Wilkinson spot-ted this dumpster on 69th Street in Maspeth.Attached to the dumpster was a sign “RentMe”. She called this into 311 and the dumpster was removed.You cannot place a dumpster on the street or advertise on City property without a permit. If you see something like this, report it!We want to thank the 104th Precinct for keep-ing up their truck enforcement efforts! Thistrucker was pulled over on April 4th for illegallytravelling on Grand Avenue.We continually receive complaints about trucksusing illegal routes, particularly in west Maspeth.Some folks say that when they pass by the dishesin their china cabinet rattle!
Photo by Christina WilkinsonPhoto by Richie Polgar Photo by Christina Wilkinson
New York City parking rule:
Street storageof boat trailers, mobile homes and mobile medi-cal diagnostic vehicles are prohibited. No personshall park any boat trailer, with or without boat at-tached, mobile home or mobile diagnostic vehiclein any area, on any street, in excess of 24 hours.Please take a few minutes to report quality-of-life problems to 311 rather than waiting for some-one else to do it. If everyone took the time to re- port just one problem, our community would be inmuch better shape! These types of problems drivedown property values. Who would want to buy ahouse near a huge dumpster or mobile home?Community activist Richie Polgar spottedthis monstrosity parking in the community. Hecalled 311 when he spotted it near 57th Avenueand it disappeared a couple of days later.

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