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Werewolf Pt 9

Werewolf Pt 9

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Published by Jonathan Shuffler

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Published by: Jonathan Shuffler on Jun 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Shuffler 1
Jonathan ShufflerMs. MorinENGL 1103 01928 November 2011Werewolf (Part 9)Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to persons, places or events, unlessexplicitly noted, are coincidental.Cold drops of rain dripped down from the trees above. They dripped down my face as myform slowly changed in the moonlight. Golden brown eyes from the beast in front of mecontinued their
long stare. I didn’t know what to do. This was my enemy, but somethi
ng aboutthis beast was familiar to me. It was hard to find a word to describe it.My teeth bore at it as it stepped closer to me, continuing to stare me down. Tendrils of uncertainty crept through my body, but another feeling infected me like a disease. My body
 became limp as my mind submitted to this monster. It’s eyes focused in on mine.
 The emotional disease continued its slow, but painful ascent through my body. Tearsdripped down as I became choked, like my thoughts had hands to clinch around my throat. I triedto remain viciously opposed to my enemy, but the word enemy
didn’t fit.
It’s giant form moved closer to me as the moonlight surrounded both of us. Images
flashed in front of my eyes. Everything became hazy as I saw the woman lying on the groundbeing toyed with by the werewolf in front of me. Blood slowly dripped down her suffering bodyas my eyes focused back to the beast in front of me. This was my enemy.I snarled and lunged toward the horrible monster in front of me! Tonight would be its lastnight, I thought to myself as my muscular form flew through the air. Time slowed down to a
Shuffler 2
crawl as it sidestepped around my fierce attack. Its eyes continued staring at me. It seemed to beshaking its head at me as I prepared myself for another, stronger attack.I lunged again. The rain fell harder and pelted my face as my muscular body flewtowards its towering form. My teeth barely scraped its shoulder as I collapsed towards the hard,
muddy ground. It barely even moved. Why wasn’t it attacking me?
Why was I helplessly lungingtowards somethi
ng I couldn’t defeat
?It seemed as though my instincts were stopping me from attacking this monster. All it didwas continue to look at me. What did it want?
“You’ve learned a lot. You’ll be just like me soon,” i
t said in a deep, grumbling voice.I boiled with anger as tears dripped down my face. I recognized the voice, but somehow Icould not accept it
s true origin. “I will never be like you!” I said and sprinted towards its
midsection. My feet hit the ground hard as my eyes focused intently on my target. This assault
seemed easier than it should have been. Maybe I should have…before I finished the full thought;
my back was writhing in pain. I howled as I lay on the ground. Cold, hard drops of rain floodedmy
eyes to the point that I couldn’t see more than a blur above me.“You still
got quite a lot to learn J-
Boy,” h
e growled softly as he looked at my recoveringbody.
My breaths became shallower as knives of pain sliced through my chest. I couldn’t catch
my breath, and the world around me spun in a weird, fluid dance. Growling was almost
impossible because I couldn’t get enough energy to even breathe.
 He still stood there. The pain became unbearable, and I managed to get out one sentence.
“No one c
alls me that, except for my dad,
” I said with fierce indignation.
“Now you’re finally catching on,” h
e said quietly and backed up to give me space.
Shuffler 3
My eyes widened and I slowly got up. “How dare you insinuate that you’re my dad!” I
growled fiercely at him as I stumbled towards him.
“Why don’t you believe me?”
“Because you’re a killer! My dad would never have done what you did!”
“Who did I kill?” h
e asked softly.
My mental ammunition ran short. I couldn’t shoot any more insults at him, because
something about his voice was eerily familiar. He sounded like my dad, but how could he be. Myfather was dead. He saw the look on my face, and answered my thoughts with his own.
have a lot of explaining to do,” he mumbled softly.
“Your mother and I, we kept it
from you for many years. We knew what you were, even though you attempted to hide it by
sneaking out of your room at night. I thought about chopping down that tree, but it wouldn’thave mattered. Apparently it didn’t even oc
cur to you t
hat claws do make marks on wood.”
 I looked down at the ground. How did I not think about that? How did he know what Idid?
“I went to war because the government knew what I was. They thought that my condition
could be used as a weapon. I agreed to their terms. Five years in the military, and I would be set
free, as well as you.” He looked at me
intently, “You would’ve been drafted too, and
experimented on like I was. I was protecting our family by going to war, but war never ends. By joining the military, I thought that I could protect you and your mother, but life has a way of 
misdirecting us.” Tears dripped down his face as the rest of the story came out of the massive

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