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AviPro News Issue 1

AviPro News Issue 1

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Published by Bryan Nicoll

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Published by: Bryan Nicoll on Jun 21, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Issue one January 2006
Three years before founding Tier-Arznei-Dienst (TAD), HeinzLohmann founded the Wiesenhof company, with the aim ofdistributing good-quality chicken meat to an ever-higher deman-ding German consumer. That was in 1965. In those days, MrLohmann could already see the power of a brand, which wouldshine as the product demonstrates quality, creating its own aurathat can make it the reference for high standards. This is the caseof Wiesenhof, which stands today unanimously for German con-sumers as the best supplier of quality poultry products.The Paul Heinz Wesjohann Group, owner of both Wiesenhof andLohmann Animal Health, well understands, the power of a brand.LAH was founded in 1996, with the amalgamation of TAD Veterinary Section and Lohmann Tierernährung (LTE), carryingahead the traditional TAD vaccine names into star products likeTAD Salmonella vac E or TAD Thymo vac.The acquisition of two poultry vaccine laboratories in the USA,namely Maine Biological Laboratories (MBL) in 1997 and VinelandLabs in 2000, has added not only to the Lohmann Animal Health
2South America Distributor Meeting3UK Dinner3Japanese Interest in PHW Activities
4Salmonella vac E available toSpanish poultry4Mayonnaise a crucial test forsalmonella vaccine?5Product launch in Poland
 Avian Professionals
6New R&D structure at LAH6Russia is ready for AviNova
7Growth in the Ukraine
 What’s new?
8A happy outcome is worthwaiting for . . .8LAHI offers new productreference material
The department of Marketing – Poultry Vaccines, of Lohmann Animal Health is proud topresent to you the new LAH vaccine newsletter AviPro
News. Here, we would also liketo thank everybody who helped to realise this project with their ideas, texts and pictures. As you all know, our company has been deeply immersed into a process of consolida-tion of lines, besides the recent product launches and the routine constant updating ofour technical information. New marketing material is out, as new colleagues are in.With this publication we aim to announce news and spread information about our products, activities,partners and personnel. AviPro
News will act as our new channel of information to keep you updated on ourachievements, changes and events. Please do not hesitate to contact the editor(anna-christina.riebau@lah.de)in case you have notes, comments, suggestions or even criticism. Anna-Christina Riebau
Marketing – Poultry Vaccines, Lohmann Animal Health GmbH & Co. KG
range of products, but also into our histo-rical load and tradition in poultry vaccineproduction. Kenneth Eskelund foundedMaine Biological Laboratories in 1957 and Arthur Goldhaft, founder of Vineland Labs,started his own poultry vaccine productionin 1914. That actually puts Lohmann Animal Health International, and Lohmann Animal Health, as the poultry vaccinecompany which has been for the longestin this business.Currently, Lohmann has a varied load ofproducts, brands and even different waysof thinking which may refer to differentapproaches to poultry vaccination (as inEurope vs. North America). Brands need toprovide customers with a clear, consistentand compelling appearance in order not toconfuse them, as confusion leads todoubts. Therefore, the aim now can onlybe one: consolidation into one brand.This means not only uniting the knowledgeand experience of the three differentvaccine companies but also selecting thebest products across the three ranges forinclusion in a new core product line. So forthe future Lohmann Animal Health andLohmann Animal Health International willbe united under one global product rangename and one global company image.
The choice for a powerful brand namecame with AviPro
The trademark AviPro
is registered in allimportant global markets, and was chosenbecause Avi, standing for AVIAN, pertainsto birds and Pro is an abbreviation of thewords PROFESSIONALS and PROTEC-TION. Hence, the brand name AviPro
exactly describes the company’s expertiseas the avian professionals, providing avianprotection for the poultry industry.Re-branding LAH not only has the advan-tage of creating a new identity as onecompany and focusing a core productrange. It also implicates a corporatedesign and identity for Lohmann AnimalHealth and Lohmann Animal HealthInternational concerning, for exampleproduct labelling, stationery, layout ofbrochures and advertising.
The new corporate design
consistsmainly of the well-known LAH logo, thered arc as a graphic element that appearson all LAH promotional material and, forthe vaccine part of the company, an art-work “filp” showing a free interpretation offeathers. These three elements usedtogether in a flexible structure give thenew brand AviPro
its public face. Theswitch from the old names into AviPro
willtake place simultaneously in Cuxhavenand in the USA during the end of 2005 andthe first few months of 2006. The newnames for local registrations may howevertake longer to be incorporated due to dif-ferences in the time-frame that authoritiesfrom different countries may require. Weare all looking forward to this consolida-tion, trusting that this new strong brandwill have the power to push us even furtherinto the business of avian protection.Taller than Niagara Falls,twice as wide, with 275cascades spread in a horseshoe shapeover nearly three kilometres, Iguaçu Fallsbrings down more than 12 thousand cubicfeet of water per second to the IguaçuRiver, 82 metres below, at the border be-tween Argentina and Brazil.Nevertheless, the thunder of this giant wasnot loud enough to muffle the enthusiasticdiscussions on poultry health and vaccinesthat took place in August 2005 at the 2ndSouth American LAH distributor’s meeting,which was held in conjunction with the AveExpo Exhibition in Iguaçu, Brazil.
One face, for one company
page 2 issue one
 All the LAH distributors from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay,Peru and Venezuela were represented,as well as Brazil field representativesand the new manager of LohmannSaúde Animal (Brazil), Dr LindolfoCoelho Rocha. Among several internal agenda items,technical topics were presented,like TAD Salmonella vac E and TADThymo vac by Dr Beatriz Cardoso and AviPro
IBD Xtreme, by Dr Oscar Morales. Inaddition, discussions were held on issues like poultry production, equipment pol-icy, promotional material, etc. The distributors appreciated the value of the meetingand got a bright outlook for the future.The passionate group was also taken for a ride on a zodiac boat to the heart of thefalls, where the colossal river explodes down next to the vessels and a walking visitto the Iguaçu National Park.Wayne Collins, VP Sales of LAHI and Dr Adriana Baruch, Area Manager for South America, intend to organise the next regional distributor’s meeting during the nextLatin American Poultry Exhibition, which will be held in 2007 in Porto Alegre, – Brazil.Celebrating its 5th year of success since its launch in the UnitedKingdom, Salmonella Vac E gathered its friends from the British eggindustry for the “traditional” Lohmann dinner, once again at the Hawkstone ParkHotel, Weston-under-Redcastle, Shrewsbury. Professionals from veterinary circlesand from poultry production brought along their spouses for an evening of turf andale, an opportunity to meet fellow egg producers and discuss topics of mutualinterest on an informal basis. The event was followed by a clay pigeon shootingcompetition on the next day.While guests savoured a splendid rack of lamb, Area Manager Matthias Mangelsprovided information about the AviPro
brand and reported on the initial success ofvaccination programmes with Gumboro vac in the United Kingdom.He reaffirmed the availability of the two live vaccines from Lohmann against both
Salmonella Enteritidis
. These are two types of Salmonella definedby the European Union as of zoonotic concern and demanding control. Egg retailersin the United Kingdom want to be able to claim that the eggs on their shelves areprotected against these forms of salmonella associated with food poisoning. After dinner, Product Manager Dr Anne Vits shared with the interested guests someinformation about furnished cages, already compulsory for new facilities in theEuropean Union. Anne obtained her doctorate thesis on the comparison of differentproposals for this system before joining the Lohmann team.The whole purpose of the get-together is an acknowledgement of Lohmann to theBritish egg industry for choosing our products as the most effective, safe and easyvaccine to protect their flocks against Salmonella.
In May 2005 a delegation ofrepresentatives of largeJapanese poultry farms visitedGermany and Poland to get a generalidea of the activities of the PHW group.The visitors were brought in by GhenCorporation and accompanied bymembers of LAH MarketingDepartment.Ghen is a distributor of LAH vaccinesin Japan and in the process ofregistering of an LAH range of vaccinesfor broiler breeders. Altogether, thegroup produces around 400,000tonnes of chicken meat, approximately1/3 of the total Japanese poultry meatindustry.It was the first visit to Europe for themajority of the guests from the FarEast. Therefore, they wanted to obtainas many impressions as possibleduring their short stay. Due to thestrong participation of poultry special-ities in the Japanese poultry industrythe group had a special interest in free-range operations.The visit included conventional andfree-range broiler farms and Lohmann Animal Health in Lower Saxony, theWiesenhof mushroom plant “Pilzland”and the PHW headquarters in Visbekas well as the slaughter and meatproduction plant of Drobimex inSzczecin and Goleniów (Poland).
Ready for adventure through the rapids.Japanese guests caught up on Germanpoultry industry.
page 3 issue one

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