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A4V Cover Letter

A4V Cover Letter

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Published by WaAtSc

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Published by: WaAtSc on Jun 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Dennis Joseph Halsey©,
Secured Party Creditor, and Sentient ManC/o Box 1604 Non DomesticMount Carmel, TNContinental America NAME OF PRESENTER [COPORATE ENTITY]ADDRESSCITY, STATE, ZIPATTN: PERSON [CORPORATE OFFICE HOLDER]COMMERCIAL ACCOUNT #: 123456789RE: DENNIS HALSEY 402-96-9771, THE DEBTOR Date: March 18, 2010
**Send this Notice to a Bank, Court Clerk, Credit Card Company, Mortgage Company, The IRS at the sametime you send the A4V¶Presentment Package to the IRS in Covington, KY!
As sole agent for the Debtor listed on your presentment, I,
 Dennis Joseph Halsey©,
SecuredParty Creditor, and Sentient Man, do hereby I ACCEPT ALL OF YOUR WELL-PLEADWRITTEN INSTRUMENT FOR VALUE, return for value, and request that the honorablecourt¶s record show: In the absence of any money supported by substance, that the only way todischarge prior convictions is by the voluntary tender and offer of the exemption. Pending thereturn of money with substance with valuable consideration and backing, that any attempt tosubmit liability instruments, would only further increase the national debt and place allconcerned deeper into involuntary servitude and; upon proof of claim that you can show me your written instrument that allows you to hold me in a state of involuntary servitude.
Under HR192 of 1933, discharging one¶s part of the Public Debt through the IRS andUnited States Treasury is the only lawful way to balance a debt to zero.2.
I have an activated trust account with The United States Treasury and the FederalReserve Bank for the sole purpose of discharging my portion of the public debt. Theaccount number is: 402969771.3.
I have properly endorsed the enclosed negotiable instrument both front and back in proper banker¶s acceptance format.4.
As beneficiary of the trust, and agent for your debtor, DENNIS HALSEY I am solelyauthorized to discharge any presentment CHARGED TO THE Debtor using my signatureto create the credit.5.
Your presentment has been LAWFULLY accepted for value and closure and settlement aforwarded to the proper IRS processing office.

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