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Master Data Governance

Master Data Governance

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Published by orehege75

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Published by: orehege75 on Jun 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Master Data Governance, Generic Functions
Technical Data
Technical Name of Business Function
Type of Business Function
Enterprise Business Function
 Available From
SAP enhancement package 2 for SAPBusiness Foundation 7.0
Technical Usage
 Application Componen
Master Data Governance (
Directly Dependent Business FunctionRequiring Activation in Addition
This business function enables you to use basic functions, including the following:
Enterprise-wide centralized managing of master data using SAP Business Workflow
Safeguarding of data quality
Replicating of master data in target systems
Documenting of master data changesThis provides your enterprise with the following benefits, which reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO):
More efficient master data management
Improved compliance with the fundamentals of adequate enterprise governance
Automated, secure, and documented replication of master dataThis business function is a prerequisite for using the following business functions with their preconfigured datamodels:
This business function enables you to customize the preconfigured data models to meet your requirementsand create your own data models without a template.
Once the business function is activated, you can make the following settings in Customizing under
Cross- Application Components
Processes and Tools for Enterprise Applications
Master Data Governance
General Settings
.In the target systems, you activate the business functions that are relevant to your applications. For example, if you use the business function MDG_ERP_SUPPLIER in the central system, you can activate the businessfunction CA_SUPPLIER_SOA in the target system.
You have installed the software component SAP Business Suite Foundation (SAP_BS_FND), version 702 orlater.
If you have activated the business function Financial Master Data Management: Charts of Accounts 
(FIN_MDM_ACC), you need to make some changeovers (for example, from UI models to UI configurations)before you can activate the given business function. For more information about the changeovers, see theRelease Note
MDG_FOUNDATION: Master Data Governance, Generic Functions
When you activate this business function, the following functions from the Master Data Governance (CA-MDG)component become available:
Generic Basic Functions
Enhance Existing Master Data Models or Create Your Own
 You can enhance the data models delivered by SAP (for example, by adding custom fields) and youcan create your own data models and use them in the change processes.
Change Request 
 You use change requests to change master data using workflow-based change processes. Qualityassurance reports on the change process are available. You also can process change requests usingSAP Interactive Forms by Adobe.
Data Replication Framework (DRF)
 The DRF is the technical platform for replicating the master data processed in a change request. Youcan use filters to make unrestricted and very granular data selections, for example, to replicate thedata of certain company codes in very specific systems.
Key Mapping
 Function for mapping values determined at runtime (for example, business partner IDs or materialnumbers) in the central system and target system.
Value Mapping
 Function for mapping values determined at the time of design. While configuring the central system(in Customizing), you define, for example, country codes and map these to their counterparts locatedin the target system. The application-specific enterprise services use value mapping.
Changing and Replicating of Master Data
Master Data Governance enables you to change master data in workflow processes. You can assignauthorizations to these workflow processes. The workflow processes are documented for reviewingpurposes.
The system manages and documents all change steps in a change request.
You can access and edit the change requests from within a worklist in the portal.
You can replicate master data changes from the central system, in which you make and manage thechanges, to the target systems. The DRF enables the automated replication of data. You can run suchreplications either on a regular basis or on demand. When doing so, you can use filters to determinewhich objects are to be replicated in which systems. In addition to IDocs and enterprise services, youalso can use upload and download functions to replicate the master data changes to the targetsystems.
Master Data Governance for Material
Technical Data
Technical Name of BusinessFunction
Type of Business Function
Enterprise Business Function
 Available as of 
SAP enhancement package 5 for ERP 6.0
Technical Usage
Central Applications
 Application Componen
MDG Material 
Required Business Function
Master Data Governance, Generic Functions (
You can use this business function to establish a governance process for your material master data. Thisbusiness function provides a clearly structured approach to master data maintenance; warning of the creationof duplicate data and therefore improving overall master data quality. A comprehensive workflow conceptenables you to streamline the maintenance process while providing a solid approval path and a document trail.This business function also provides a duplicate check that highlights potential duplicate master data entries.
Master Data Governance for Material should be used together with the SAP ERP material master to improvedata quality and transparency.
You have installed the following components as of the version mentioned:
Type of Component Component
Software Component
 Software Component
SAP_BASIS 702, SP 06
NOTEIf you do not have SAP_BASIS 702, SP 06 installed, follow the instructions in SAP Note 1502296.CAUTIONThis business function must not be activated if there is an active Industry Extension (IE) on the same system. Avalidation of such a combination must take place in advance. Please get in touch with the appropriate SAPcontact.
The Master Data Governance for Material business function offers the following features:
Predefined Workflows

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