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Strategic Mangament Objectives by Fred R. David - MCQz

Strategic Mangament Objectives by Fred R. David - MCQz

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Published by Ali Raza Sahni

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Published by: Ali Raza Sahni on Jun 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Collected & Worked Out by Ali Raza Sahni 
Strategic Management by Fred R. David. (MCQz)
MGT603 Question # 1
Which statement is CORRECT about strategic-management process?
Select correct option:It occurs once a year
It is a continuous process
 It applies mostly to large businessIt applies mostly to small businessesRF; handout P#1 Strategic management is a on-going process which is in existence through out thelife of organizationMGT603 Question # 2
Which of the following period strategic managementwas considered to be cure for all problems?
Select correct option:Mid 1950s to mid 1960s
Mid 1960s to mid 1970s
Mid 1970s to mid 1980sMid 1980s to mid 1990sRF; handout P#3 In 1960; s and 70 it was consider to be panacea for problems
MGT603 Question # 3
The mission statement answers which of the following Question?
Select correct option:
What is our business?
How can we improve ourselves?What do we want to become?Who are our stakeholders?RF;
(Strategic management Fred R David international edition page#9)MGT603 Question # 4
 Intuition is based on all of the following factors EXCEPT:
Select correct option:Past experiencesJudgments
 FeelingsRF; handout P#5 Intuition rests on:
Past experiences
Collected & Worked Out by Ali Raza Sahni 
MGT603 Question # 5
Internal analysis involves gathering and analyzing the informationabout all areas of a firm EXPECT:
Select correct option:Research and developmentManagement information systemMarketing
MGT603 Question # 6
“A desired future state that the organization attempts to realize”.
Identify the term relevant to the given statement.
Select correct option:
MGT603 Question # 7
Selling includes all of the following marketingactivities EXCEPT:
Select correct option:Advertising
Sales promotionCustomer relationsRF;
http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos020.htmMGT603 Question # 8
 Which of the following is not a pitfall an organization should avoid in strategic planning?
Select correct option:Failing to involve key employees in all phases of planning
Involving all managers rather than delegating planning to a planner
 Top managers not actively supporting the strategic planning processDoing strategic planning only to satisfy accreditation or regulatory requirementsRF;http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:oiTreWKJgpgJ:shc-staffweb.hct.ac.ae/skhartabil/Skhartabil/TEACHING%2520RESOURCES/STRATEGIC%2520MANAGEMENT/Exams/chapter01.doc+Which+of+the+following+is+not+a+pitfall+an+organization+should+avoid+in+strategic+planning&cd=6&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=pk&client=firefox-aMGT603 Question # 9
Which management function includes breaking tasksinto jobs, combining jobs to form departments and delegatingauthority?
Collected & Worked Out by Ali Raza Sahni 
Select correct option:MotivatingStaffing
PlanningRF;The organizing function of management can be viewed as consisting of three sequential activities:breaking tasks down into jobs (work specialization), combining jobs to form departments(departmentalization), and delegating authority. Breaking tasks down into jobs requires developmentof job descriptions and job
MGT603 Question # 10
Which category of ratios measures “how effectively a firm can maintain its eco
position in the growth of the economy and industry”?
Select correct option:Liquidity
Growth ratios measure the firm's ability to maintain its economic position in the growth of theeconomy and industry. MGT603 Question # 11
Corporate social policy should be designed andarticulated during which phase of strategic management?
Select correct option:Implementation
EvaluationManagementRF;Corporate social policy should be designed and articulated during strategy formulation, set andadministered during strategy implementationMGT603 Question # 12
Following are the examples of the sectors that are moretechnologically oriented EXCEPT:
Select correct option:
PharmaceuticalTelecommunicationsBeveragesMGT603 Question # 13
For the past four years the ABC Corporation has been planning toexpand its operations in order to reach out to the world market.Essentially, the ABC Corporation desires to do what?
Select correct option:Become an online businessBecome a brick-n-mortar business

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