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OPRF Modified closed campus report

OPRF Modified closed campus report

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Published by wednesdayjournal

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Published by: wednesdayjournal on Jun 22, 2012
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OAK PARK, IL 60302-2296 
AREA (708) 383-0700 TTY/TDD (708) 434-3949 http://www.oprfhs.org FAX (708) 434-3910
To: Board of EducationFrom: Nathaniel L. RouseRe: Modified Closed Campus ReportDate: June 14, 2012
Our Modified Closed Campus Task Force Committee has met bimonthly since the beginning of the school year to trouble shoot and address concerns of students.Committee Members Included : Alexandra LaDue, Amy McCormack, Andrea Neuman, CherylWitham, Cindy, Milojevic, Chris Thieme, Dale Craft, Deja Mackey, Galvin Warpness, Jack Hendrix, James Goodfellow, Jessica Greenberg, Julie Blankemeier, Kamille Brashear, LelaBiggus, Mark Pappalardo, Meghan Hannigan, Mike Piekarski, Nancy McGinnis, Nathan Pimentel,Nikita Bondarenko, Peter Slattery, Pilar McQuirter, Rebekah Dempsey, Rob Wroble, RobertZummallen, Robin Gottlieb, Rucha Mehendale, Ruth Lazarus, Stephen Skepek, Terrie Rayburn,and Theresa Lipo
As a result, we have made progress in identifying additional places for students to go during lunch.We have provided a 33 seat Studio Study Area in our Student Gallery that currently allows Jrs/Srswith a pass an opportunity to study independently during lunch.The Little Theatre has also been made available for students to study. The 276 Computer Lab wasalso made available for students during lunch periods starting with our second semester. Lastly,
we have created a concept entitled “Fun Fridays” whic
h allows Fr/So students the opportunity toutilize the West Gym for basketball during the lunch periods on Fridays, and we have encouragedstudent activity groups to put on activities in the student center during the lunch periods as well.Our 2nd semester focus shifted towards identifying potential furniture for our Student Lobby Area,in addition to working with Legat Architects to determine long term solutions to solve space,study, and activity concerns. The committee met with Legat Architects earlier in the semester andparticipated in a Charrette (Architectural term for brain storming session with lead planners andarchitects) to look at our current space differently.We also discussed the plan for outdoor mall activity for students on good weather days in thespring, led to a discussion on some form of a band shelter adjacent to our current South Cafeteria.Students have been permitted to utilize the Mall area during lunch periods. We also allowedstudents to utilize the gymnasiums during the second half of lunches to allow for more flexibilityduring the lunch periods as the school year came to an end.Additionally, our MCC statistics have consistently shown positive results in deterring absences,tardies, failing grades, and disciplinary infractions; as they are criteria used for determiningeligibility. Our statistics through the end of the year are attached.
We envision that the same resources for staff need to be considered for next year to continue ourefforts of effectively supervising the cafeterias, hallways, and campus. The costs that wereassociated with our MCC implementation are also included in this report.
Next Steps
Thanks to our Oak Park and River Forest Booster Auction, $8700 was donated on the spot thatnight for MCC Furniture by families at the auction! Additionally, we were also givenapproximately $30,000 to cover additional costs.Our committee selected furniture for the Student Lobby Area, in addition to furniture for the Mallarea that will be in place at the beginning of next school year.Lastly, we have been working with our architects on a design for an OPRF Pavilion for the outsideMall area. The Pavilion will be scheduled for construction in the summer of 2013.
Information Only. We believe that we have been effective at managing our MCC environment andthose students have in the end responded extremely positively. I have also attached the FrequentlyAsked Questions document that we provided to families at the beginning of the school year. Weenvision using this document in the fall as well.Our committee will reconvene shortly after the start of school with the intent of having at least 2representatives from each class, 3 teachers, 3 parents, and representatives from technology, safetyand support, food service, and administration.Attachments:
Student Lobby Furniture Layout
Student Lobby Furniture
Mall Area Patio Furniture
Design of our Pavilion
MCC Stats
MCC FAQs Document
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