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PadMapper Cease And Desist

PadMapper Cease And Desist

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Published by TechCrunch

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Published by: TechCrunch on Jun 22, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Daniel E. Lassen
(650) 838-4357
(650) 838-4557
June 18, 2012
Eric DeMenthonPadMapper, Inc.1600 Villa Street, #315Mountain View, CA 94041eric@padmapper.com admin@padmapper.com eriaac@gmail.com 
Dear Mr. DeMenthon:We are legal counsel for craigslist, Inc. ("CL"). CL is the owner and operator of the craigslistwebsite (located atwww.craigslist.org
) and its classified ad and related services (collectively,"craigslist").
By this letter, we DEMAND that you IMMEDIATELY CEASE AND DESIST your abuseof craigslist, all violations of CL's legal rights, and all access to and use of craigslist.
We have identified and collected evidence that you are redisplaying content from craigslist onyour websitewww.padmapper.comand through your PadMapper mobile applications availablefor download athttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.padmapper#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDIxMiwiY29tLnBhZG1hcHBlciJd(“PadMapper Application”), andhttp://itunes.apple.com/app/padmapper-apartment-search/id306301965?mt=8(“PadMapperApartment Search”). These activities violate CL’s Terms of Use (“TOU”), induce others toviolate their contractual agreement with CL, and interfere with and harm CL’s relationships,reputation, and goodwill with its users.
June 18, 2012Page 2The TOU (www.craigslist.org/about/terms.of.useand copy enclosed for your ease of reference)govern all access to and use of craigslist, are available from all entry pages of the CL website,and apply to all who use craigslist in any way. For example, and without limiting the scope of the TOU in any way, the TOU prohibit:
accessing craigslist to design, develop, test, update, operate, modify, maintain, orsupport any program, application or service (including, without limitation, anydevice, technology, product, computer program,
mobile device application
,or mechanical or personal service) that enables or provides access to, use of,operation of or interoperation with craigslist, ¶ 5;
copying, aggregating, displaying, distributing, performing or making a derivative useof craigslist or any content posted on craigslist whether done directly or throughintermediaries (including but not limited to by means of spiders, robots, crawlers,scrapers, framing, iframes or RSS feeds), ¶ 5; and
impairing or interfering with the integrity, functionality, performance, usefulness,usability, signal-to-noise ratio or qualify of all or any part of craigslist, ¶ 5.Under the TOU, in addition to other remedies, you are liable to CL for liquidated damages in aminimum amount of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) for
day of copying,aggregation, display, distribution or derivative use of craigslist or any content posted oncraigslist (a schedule of CL liquidated damages (“Damages Schedule”), which is incorporatedinto the TOU, is available atwww.craigslist.org/about/liquidated.damagesand a copy is enclosedfor your convenience). Damages Schedule ¶ 6(a).Further, you are liable for twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) for
day of access to or useof craigslist to design, develop, test, update, operate, modify, maintain, or support any program,application or service that enables or provides access to, use of, operation of or interoperationwith craigslist. Damages Schedule ¶ 6(b).Given the scope of your violations of the TOU, CL's rights and the interests of other CL users,you – including, without limitation, any family members, employees, affiliates, agents,representatives and/or anyone else acting for you, at your request or inducement, or otherwise onyour behalf – are hereby prohibited from accessing and using the CL Services for any reason.
To be clear, any prior license or authorization to access or use the CL Services is revoked,and any access to or use of the CL Services by you or on your behalf is unauthorized.
June 18, 2012Page 3Within five (5) business days from the date of this letter, you or your counsel must confirm eachof the following representations and commitments in writing:1.
You have ceased and will forever desist from all access to and use of craigslist forany reason or purpose whatsoever, directly and through any other person or entity;2.
Your representation and commitment in paragraph 1 immediately above includes, butis not limited to, that you have ceased and will forever desist from, directly or throughany other person or entity, redisplaying content from craigslist and accessingcraigslist to design, develop, test, update, operate, modify, maintain, or support anyprogram, application or service, including without limitation your PadMapperApplication and websitewww.padmapper.com, that enables or provides access to, useof, operation of or interoperation with craigslist;3.
You have permanently taken down your websitewww.padmapper.comandPadMapper Applications fromhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.padmapper#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDIxMiwiY29tLnBhZG1hcHBlciJd, andhttp://itunes.apple.com/app/padmapper-apartment-search/id306301965?mt=8or otherwise ceased and forever desisted fromredisplaying CL’s content throughwww.padmapper.comand your PadMapperApplication; and4.
You have permanently deactivated or disabled access to (but preserved and notdeleted or destroyed) any and all software, programs, instructions, products, tools,devices, data or documents in your possession, custody or control that relate tosearching, accessing, or interacting with craigslist.CL reserves all rights, remedies, claims and causes of action available in law and in equityrelated to access to or use of craigslist by you or on your behalf. You are also reminded of yourlegal obligation to preserve and prevent the destruction of any and all documents, data and otherevidence (in any form) within your custody, possession or control related to all such activities.Very truly yours,Daniel LassenEncl.: TOUDamages Schedule

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