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Published by Dominique Moore

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Published by: Dominique Moore on Jun 23, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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     B     R     E     A     K     F     A     S     T     S     N     A     C     K     L     U     N     C     H     S     N     A     C     K     D     I     N     N     E     R
Use the chart below to plan out your meals andsnacks to help you eat clean! For each day, planout what you’ll have for breakfast, lunch, din-ner and for two snack breaks. Be sure to spread your meals out far enough that you don’t needto eat in the middle of the night, but don’t havethem so far apart that you wind up hungry - thatnegates the point of eating 5 times a day! Map-ping out your meals will help you in preparingfor each day’s meals, as well as shopping forgroceries for the week. Best of luck to you in your quest to live healthily and eat clean!
Oatal - s nots or ino
VgtablStir FryWingsw/Clry& ApplCol SlawLonChicn Thighsw/ GrnBan, RdPppr andOnion TossAppl &Onion ToppdPor Chopsw/ RicRosaryRbbdChicn w/Broccoli inLonGarlic BttrBlac BanChiliTry BrgrsLtovrStir FryChicn SaladChicn SaladLtovr Chili“Taco” SaladSalad w/ChoppdLtovrsSalad w/ChilldLtovrs
OATmeAL 101
I yo’v dcidd to ta th plng into oatal- how draatic - congratlations! I hop yodidn’t prchas th littl instant pacts, thogh.That ngats th prpos o avoiding procssdood, sinc thos littl pacts ar ll o not onlya ton o sgar, bt loads o a rit bits andchicals to a th oatal thicn and b-co crair onc yo por yor watr into it.Bliv it or not, oatal isn’t that coplicatd.Hr ar so tips or how to coo yors qicly.Yo can jst as asily por yor oats into yorbowl, por nogh watr in th bowl to jstbarly covr th oats and toss it in th icro-wav or a int. Yo can also hat so watron yor stov, and por that in thr, as wll. Iyo want crair oatal, yo can add bt-tr. Yo can also s hatd il or cra in-stad o watr. Yo hav loads o options, hr.That bing said... hr ar v antas-tic ways to coo yor oatal!1. Bananas and cra - ct p 1 banana into thinslics, and drop th on top o yor oatal a-tr yo’v cood it. Lt th bananas sotn a bit,thn stir th dp into yor oatal. Boryo now it, yor oatal is swt and craywithot th s o additional cra or sgar.2.Cinnaon and apl syrp - a orth o a ta-spoon o cinnaon and a tbsp o apl syrp.Thogh apl syrp is swt, apl syrpdosn’t cas th sa sgar rsh that typicalsgar cass, thror rslting in a ch lss jarring sgar shoc. Yor syrp st b GradB, thogh. No xcss, no “apl favord.”3. Oatal Raisin Oatal - add a lit-tl bttr to yor blnd, and add aw tablspoons o raisins. Boo.4. Drid cranbrris and walnts - i yo can,snag a bag o a “cranbrry ix” - sally con-tains walnts - and por thos into yor oatal.5. Appl chn oatal - i yo’r an ap-pl lovr, chop p nogh appl to gtyo throgh a w days in advanc, anddrop th appls in yor oatal with a lit-tl cra and a pinch o salt. Havnly!

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