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Modelo de Examen 4

Modelo de Examen 4

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Published by Alejandro Rodriguez

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Alejandro Rodriguez on Jun 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. In addition to the technical considerations, what other major factor is used to evaluate thesuccess of a network installation?
• final project costs• maintenance costs• user satisfaction
• statistics describing the performance of network devices
2. Which two network applications are most affected by network congestion and delays? (Choosetwo.)
• IP telephony• live video webcasts
• audio file downloads• online banking services• file archival and retrieval
3. What two Cisco tools can be used to analyze network application traffic? (Choose two.)
• NBAR• NetFlow
• AutoQoS• Wireshark• Custom Queuing
4. In network design, which technology can be implemented to prioritize traffic based on itsimportance and technical requirements?
5. What are two characteristics of voice over IP traffic? (Choose two.)
• Voice packets tend to be small.• Voice packets must be processed in real time.
• Voice packets can effectively use TCP reliability features.
Voice traffic can survive packet drops and retransmission delays.
• Voice packets must be converted to analog before being sent across the IP network.• Voice packets automatically receive a higher priority value than other types of packets.
6. What are two things that a network designer can do to determine current and anticipatednetwork traffic flows? (Choose two.)
• Survey end users to obtain customer input.
• Upgrade the Cisco IOS software in all networking devices to optimize traffic flow.
• Limi
t the analysis to host-to-server traffic because host-to-host traffic is unimportant.
• Run a network traffic analysis to determine which applications are in use and by whom.• Conduct an inventory of all networking devices that includes model numbers an
d memoryconfigurations 7. A company that has a traditional telephone system wants to convert to IP telephony. Which twofactors should be considered for the design? (Choose two.)
• Digital communications systems have greater noise than analog systems wh
en processing voicetraffic.
• Voice
-enabled routers or a server must be used for call control and signaling.
• Voice to IP conversions can cause router overhead.• Power to the phones can be supplied through properly equipped patch panels or switches.
• The cost to combine voice and data VLANs can be a considerable amount.
8. Several web and email servers have recently been installed as part of an enterprise network.The security administrator has been asked to provide a summary of security features that can beimplemented to help prevent unauthorized traffic from being sent into or out of sensitive internalnetworks. Which three features should the security administrator recommend? (Choose three.)
• firewalls• priority queuing• access control lis
• intrusion detection systems
• DHCP• 128
-bit WEP9. The design of an IP telephony system needs to meet the technical requirements to provide aconnection to the PSTN as well as provide high-quality voice transmissions using the campusnetwork. Which two elements directly affect the ability of the design to meet theserequirements?(Choose two.)
• voice
-enabled firewall
• PoE switches and patch panels• redundant backbone connectivity• voice
-enabled router at the enterprise edge
• separate voic
e and data VLANs with QoS implemented 10. When implementing VoIP services, which two design considerations should befollowed?(Choose two.)
• Confirm that network jitter is minimal.
• Use TCP to reduce delays and dropped packets.• Establish priority
queuing to ensure that large data packets are sent uninterrupted.
• Disable real
-time protocols to reduce queuing strategy demands.
• Ensure that packet delays do not exceed 150 ms.
 11. What design strategy should be followed when designing a network that uses video ondemand?
• implement the appropriate routing protocol to ensure that data segments arrive in order• implement different QoS queues based on the type of video traffic being distributed• install servers to store the data in a centrally
located server farm 
• configure queuing in the core routers to ensure high availability
12. When implementing QoS in traffic queues, what is the first step the designer should take toensure that traffic is properly prioritized?
• define QoS policies
define traffic classes
• determine traffic patterns• identify traffic requirements
• identify networking equipment
13. Which two statements are characteristics of file transfer traffic flows? (Choose two.)
• RTP should be used.• Traffic is predic
• Packets are small in size.• Transfers are throughput intensive.• Response
-time requirements are low. 14. Which two items can be determined by diagramming internal traffic flow? (Choose two.)
• the type of ISP services needed• the capabil
ities of end-user devices
• the areas where network congestion may occur
• the location of VPN servers used to connect teleworkers• locations where high
-bandwidth connections are required 15. Which two traffic types are examples of external traffic flows? (Choose two.)
• A user in the IT department telnets to the core layer router.• A user in marketing connects to the web server of a competitor.
• A user in the IT department telnets into the access layer switch.• A user in the services departmen
t logs in to a web-based email program. 
• A user in accounting connects to an FTP server that is connected to the access layer switch.
16. Which service can be provided by the NetFlow Cisco utility?
• network planning and mapping• IDS and IPS capabil
• peak usage times and traffic routing
• network billing and accounting application

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