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Lab Apparatus

Lab Apparatus

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Published by Kenoys Gales

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Published by: Kenoys Gales on Jun 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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List of Most Common Laboratory Apparatus1. Test TubeThe function of a test tube is to hold a small experiment, which would be used to conduct aninvestigation. The test tube is made of specialized glass so it can be heated and cooled without breaking.This same type of glass makes the test tube brittle and it must be handled carefully. Test tubes arewidely used by chemists to hold, mix, or heat small quantities of solid or liquid chemicals, especially forqualitative and experiments and assays.2. BeakerThe primary function of a beaker is to hold and work with liquids. If graduated, it can serve to makeapproximate measurements of liquid volume. The beaker is made of specialized glass so it can be heatedand cooled without breaking. This type of glass makes the beaker brittle and it must be handledcarefully.3. Reagent Bottle4. Test Tube Holder5. Bunsen Burner6. Measuring Cylinder7. Crucible8. Test Tube Rack9. Stand and Clamp10. Plastic Wash Bottle11. Tripod12. Round Bottomed Flask13. Flat Bottomed Flask14. Dropper15. Evaporating Dish16. Desiccator17. Thermometer18. Watch Glass19. Wire Gauze20. Burette21. Pipette22. Graduated Cylinder23. Centrifuge24. Microscope25. Petri Dish26. Thistle Funnel27. PH Meter28. Multimeter
29. CRO (Cathode Ray Oscilloscope)30. Stop Watch31. Dissecting Microscope32. Traveling Microscope33. Vernier Calipers34. Screw Gauge35. Meter Scale36. Bar Magnet37. Scalpel38. Needles39. Prism40. Grating41. Rheostat42. Resistance Boxes43. Voltmeter44. Ammeter45. Spring Balance46. IC's47. Diodes48. Power Supply49. Transistors50. Semi-micro Tube51. Filter Paper52. Platinum Wire53. Galvanometer54. Heaters (Heating Coils)55. LED's56. Thermistors57. Capacitors58. Bread Board59. Connecting Wires60. Bridge Rectifier

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