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Shadows - Chapter Six - Answers

Shadows - Chapter Six - Answers

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Published by Cain S. Latrani

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Published by: Cain S. Latrani on Jun 24, 2012
Copyright:Public Domain


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DisclaimerI do not own Lord of the Rings, nor the characters from it.I do not make any money from the writing of this story.Furthermore, so it is perfectly clear, I wrote this only as a means to sharpen my own talent.I've no intention of using it for personal gain, now or ever,and am not looking for accolades or recognition from it.Lord of the Rings and all associated entities are the property of the estate of thelate J.R.R Tolkien, who did this world a great service,and has my undying appreciation.This is just me, writing something on a whim, nothing more.
Chapter SixAnswers
Legolas eased into the chair offered him by Elrond, his shoulder still throbbing in pain,but nothing like it had been earlier, before the arrow had dissolved. His mind still reeled,trying to come to terms with what had happened, not just in the bed room, but over all. Somehow, the familiar and safe confines of Elrond's study gave him that chance to breathe, to takestock of the situation, that he had not had in what felt like forever.Or, perhaps, it was simply that his father leaned against the desk, as alive, vibrant, andstrong as he had ever been. He had kicked down the door of the bed room to get to his son,had risked his life, with nothing but a useless sword in his hand, all for his son.While the ripping Legolas had received from the Shadow Thranduil still ached in hischest, made his heart feel as if it was bleeding vigorously, one look into his father's eyesshowed him truth from lie. He knew how his father saw him. He knew the truth.Elrond examined the wound in Legolas' shoulder carefully, muttered to himself as hedid so. Thranduil's eyes flicked to the Elflord from time to time, but always went back to hisson's face, holding him with his gaze.Eyes full of love. Eyes full of pride."How did you find us?" Legolas asked suddenly, giving Elrond pause as he gatheredbandages and a glass jar holding a strange glowing salve. "In the rain, at night. How did youfind us? Was it the messenger?""In a manner of speaking," Elrond said, pulling up a chair and facing the Prince.Thranduil looked away for a moment, seeming to find his finger nails suddenlyfascinating. Legolas frowned, finding that Elrond would not meet his gaze either. A sinkingfeeling struck him."In what manner of speaking?"Elrond sighed, pausing in his tending of Legolas' wound. "The rider never made ithere. Had not Glorfindel found... what remained, we never would have known anything."Legolas closed his eyes, suppressing the need to scream. He wanted to ask how theShadows had gotten ahead of the messenger, but part of him already knew. He wanted to askwhat Glorfindel had found, but again, he already knew. Swallowing down the pain, Legolasopened his eyes and asked the next question on his mind."So, you knew something was happening?"Elrond nodded slowly, returning to his ministrations. "Yes, and I suspected stronglywhat. I have only ever known of one thing that could do... that... to a living body. I was out

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Joe Hagen added this note
Yikes, & w/o the orbs. He's going to have quite the fight ahead of him! Again, well written. Will contine reading soon.
Joe Hagen liked this

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