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Transaction Processing Monitor

Transaction Processing Monitor

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Published by Georges Thepoet

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Published by: Georges Thepoet on Jun 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Transaction Processing Monitor is a subsystem that
provide infrastructure for building andadministering complex transaction processing systems with a large number of clientsand multiple servers.
TP Monitor Architectures
Process per client model - instead of individual login session per terminal, server processcommunicates with the terminal, handles authentication, and executes actions.Disadvantages
Memory requirements are high
In Multitasking there is high CPU overhead for context switching betweenprocessesb.
Single process model
in this model all remote terminals connect to a single serverprocessAdvantages
Used in client-server environments
Server process is multi-threaded which means that there is low cost for threadswitchingDisadvantages
No protection between applications
Not suited for parallel or distributed databasesc.
Many-server single-router model - in this multiple application server processes access acommon database; clients communicate with the application through a singlecommunication process that routes requests
Independent server processes for multiple applications
Run on parallel or distributed databased.
Many server many-router model
in this multiple processes communicate with clients.
Client communication processes interact with router processes that route their requeststo the appropriate server. The controller process starts up and supervises otherprocesses
Structure of Transaction Processing Monitor

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