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In the Twinkling of an Eye

In the Twinkling of an Eye

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Published by Kathleen
BH Clendennen
BH Clendennen

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Published by: Kathleen on Jun 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"In the Twinkling of an Eye"
BH Clendennen
There are over two hundred and seventy-two references in the New Testament as to the coming of theLord Jesus Christ. In the Old Testament references to the coming of Christ are mentioned three hundredtimes. I am going to be dealing with the coming of the Son of Man and some of the aspects of thatcoming. I feel that if there ever was a time that people should be aware of the fact that Christ is coming,it certainly ought to be this generation. Everything declares that He is coming.In John 14:1, he said, "If I go away, I will come again:' That was the stipulation. He said, "I will go."The question arises. "Did He go away?" Of course He did. We know that He went away, therefore weknow that He will fulfill His promise to us to come again. In Hebrews 2:3, we read, "How shall weescape, if we neglect so great salvation?" This I feel has a direct thought to the rapture. The word"escape" has reference to or literally means to vanish away. Then it would read, "How shall we vanishaway, if we neglect so great salvation:' Then the Bible says that we are to pray that we may be worthyto escape. This carries with it the thought that Christians must be forever about this business of tendingto their salvation. Salvation is a free gift of God. Every person that has received this gift must certainlywatch after it. Neglect is the most frightful sin of all Christians. In the 25th book of Matthew we findthe story of the ten virgins. Five were wise and five were foolish.The five foolish were left simply because they neglected to refuel their lamp with oil. "Oil" in the Bibleis a type of the Holy Spirit. They had once been filled with the Holy Spirit. A "lamp" is a vessel. Theywere vessels of the Lord. We are vessels of the Lord. Why are we here? We are here to be a habitationof God through the Spirit. They had allowed the Spirit of God to leak out of their lives and as a result,the coming of the Lord found them unprepared. They had neglected to do what they knew they ought todo, therefore; they were caught outside of safety when the trumpet sounded and Jesus came. I knowthat there are millions of Christians in this world today in the same fix. You have once known God andthe power of the Holy Spirit. But today if you were honest with yourself, you are not where you oncewere with God.I was asked by a great Christian once to define the term "backsliding." I said to this person, "If thereever was a time when you were closer to God than you are right now, then you are backslidden." I wantto say that to you, reading this right now, if there ever was a time when you were walking closer to Godthan you are now, then you are backslidden and you are going to have to do something about it. What afrightening thing to realize that we can get so caught up in the things of this world that that day willovertake us unaware. Jesus said in the Gospel of Luke 21:34: "Take heed unto yourselves lest you beovercharged with surfeiting (eating) and the cares of this life that that day overtake you unawares."Pray that you may be worthy to escape. How shall you escape if you neglect this great salvation? TheBible throughout teaches us of the coming of the Lord. Today everything declares that the coming of the Lord is surely upon us. If you could but see that the antichrist system is about to be imposed upon a poor, lost world that wasn't ready for the rapture of the church of Jesus Christ. Everything testifies thatJesus is coming again.I am telling you something, Christian friend, you should be about the business of keeping that heart prepared for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. There are many areas that teach of the soon return of our Lord.
(1) The pollution problem of the world today is getting critical. I don't know whether it is as bad asthe alarmists say it is or not, but I know that it must be bad from the extreme measures that are beingtaken today over pollution. You don't have to be an ecologist to know this. You can look at the air.Some of our trees are dying. We are seeing all manner of diseases like lung cancer being attributed to
the terrible amount of pollution that the human being is breathing today. We know that the day iscoming, if the pollution problem continues on the present scale, man is going to have to live in somekind of glass house. If you see a tree, you are going to see it in a museum. Jesus is going to come before this happens. Surely that time is upon us.
(2) We are in the time of exploding population. It took eighteen hundred years to gain the first billion people on this earth. The second billion took a short eighty years. The third billion came in justthirty years. We are going to have the fourth billion in less than twenty years. In the next fifty years, if the world remains, there will be standing room only on this earth. The Bible doesn't teach us that theworld is going to be swallowed up in population. We know it is going to happen and Jesus is going tocome before that happens. This is saying to you and me that His return is so very, very near.
(3) Then inflation is certainly prophesied in the Bible. The Bible doesn't say this age is going to endin a time of depression, but a time of selling. Great times of marrying, divorcing, eating, and drinking,all of this the Bible prophesies will be taking place in the time of the coming of the Lord Jesus. That ishappening today. Every bit of it is telling us that Christ is coming. All of the prophesies of the Bible arescreaming to be fulfilled at the time that you are reading this message. Everything is testifying thatJesus is coming. How we need to heed the message, "How shall we escape if we neglect so greatsalvation?" As we look about us and see the prophecies being fulfilled, there is a falling away on onehand and the reviving of the Church on the other. We see a people that have known God, walked withGod, stood with God suddenly turning away from what they know. All of this is testifying that He iscoming soon. Jesus is coming. We cannot, we must not allow ourselves to be caught up in the things of this world, lest they over take us unaware.There are some things very peculiar about the coming of the Lord that I believe need to be heard byyou and me. They need to be rolled over in our mind and spirits. A few weeks ago in a prayer meetingvery early in the morning as I sought God, I began to see some of the carelessness of some of the people of God. They have begun to be caught up in their business. They were not immoral. They werenot caught up in the immoral features of our time, but they are becoming careless. They are moreinterested in their business than in the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. God began to deal with meabout this and I began to see some things in the Bible as God showed me that morning that greatlymoved my spirit. I just want to pass them on to you. I feel like your heart has to be stirred. Simon Peter said, "That I may stir up your mind." First, the Holy Spirit brought me to I Corinthians 15:52 tellinghow all of this is going to take place. "In the Twinkling of an eye." Did you know that is the twentieth part of a second? Suddenly it is going to happen. Suddenly it is going to be over with.Oh, if I could just impress this upon your mind how suddenly all of this is going to happen. You arereading this message right now. If that trumpet would sound you would either leave or be left in thetwentieth part of a second. That says something to you and me. It says that I must never do anything Iwouldn't want to be caught doing when He comes. I must never be anywhere that I wouldn't want to bewhen He came for His own. In a moment, the twinkling of an eye, how suddenly it is all going to take place. Yet, so many of you are wrapped up in the cares of this world. You are caught up in your job,your family, your home, and social life that He could come and you would be left outside this thing.How suddenly it could happen. I have seen businessmen as they laid their worship aside to promotetheir business on Sunday. I realize what a dangerous thing this is. We cannot afford to be careless onemoment.I read a great article once about an eagle that escaped from a zoo in St. Louis. It had been in captivityfor a long while and he flew about thirty-five miles before falling on a farm. The farmer captured theeagle and tied him in his yard. He saw an ad in the paper trying to locate the missing eagle. The manfrom the Zoo immediately identified the bird as the one that had escaped. He was ready to take him back to the zoo but the farmer said, "You will have to tell me something about him before I let you
have him. I caught this eagle and tied him in the yard and immediately he began to walk with his headup. He never looked down. My little boy threw clods at him but he never paid any attention. Then myold Walker hound came and began to bark at him. That bird never even so much as looked at thathound. The turkeys and chickens came to examine him, but he never once looked at them. What is thematter with him?"The man from the zoo said, "There isn't anything wrong with him. But he wasn't made for a barnyard;he was made to soar the sky. He knows that one day there will be another eagle flying through thoseskies. That eagle with a vantage point from 10,000 feet will look down and see this eagle. When hedoes he will let out a scream. If this eagle on the ground answers back, then that eagle will come downand set him free. He will not allow him to be held in this kind of shameful captivity. But if he doesn'thear the shout of the other eagle, he will go nowhere. If he is engaged with your hound, your boy, your chickens, he will not hear that other eagle. As a result, he will be left behind when the chance of escapecomes.The Bible says, "To them that look for Him, will He appear the second time, without sin untosalvation." In the twentieth part of a second He is going to appear. If you are all engaged with thegossip of your church, and the cares and surfeiting of this life, then you are not going to be ready. TheBible says, "He is going to come with a shout, with the voice of the arch angel, the trump of God." If you are engaged in the affairs of this life, you will not hear that trumpet or that shout. If you don't hear it, like the eagle when your opportunity of escape comes, you will be left behind. It is a frighteningthing when you think about people that have walked with God and been a part of the great church of God, soul winners, giving their time and money, then in the last days become so careless andindifferent to the things of God. They toss the Word of the Lord over their shoulder with impunity.They will be lost in that moment. If the Bible teaches anything it teaches diligence. As in the case of Elisha, the prophet told him if he wanted a double portion of his spirit, the one requirement was to seehim when he went. One great requirement for the coming of the Lord and preparation to meet Him isthat we are looking for Him when He comes. That doesn't mean we are to have our heads stuck in theclouds, but spiritually we must be in tune with Him and not caught up in the terrible affairs of this life.What a dreadful thing not to hear that trumpet when it sounds.The second and final thing I want to say to you in regard to the coming of the Lord is not only that Hewill come suddenly, but that there will be so very few that are ready to meet Him. The reason they arenot going to be ready to meet Him is because of their carelessness. In their heart they will have saidthat Jesus delayed His coming. When that happens to a person the Bible says that they get involved inthe things of this world. They begin eating and drinking with the drunken and smiting their fellowservants. There is a sorry state of affairs in the Church across the nation. They have simply said, "Our Lord delays His coming." How few there are going to be out of the millions and millions that professChrist. Few will escape in that day. I don't know whether it has ever gripped your heart and mind as tothis truth or not. If it hasn't, I pray God will cause it to grip your-mind right now as we deal with it.The Bible says, "As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man." We have dealt with this thought that it is going to be like the days of Noah. We have talked aboutthe violence and terrible corruption of that day. Certainly we are seeing that repeated in our time. Youare not safe on the streets of an American city even in the daytime anymore. Certainly the violence of  Noah's day is upon us. The imagination of their heart was evil continually. If you look at the so called"art" of our day, most of it is pure filth. There is one part of Noah's day that is mostly overlooked by the preacher as he ministers the thought of the coming of the Lord. That is how very few escaped in thatday. I don't know how the information was gathered but it is said at the time of the flood there weresixteen million people on the earth. Consider sixteen million people on the earth and only eight rodethat boat to safety. I am not saying that pattern holds true, it probably doesn't, but it does tell us there

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