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Intro to Malware Analysis

Intro to Malware Analysis

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Published by momitzaxxx

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Published by: momitzaxxx on Jun 24, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My popular SANS Institute malware analysiscourse has helped IT administrators, securityprofessionals, and malware specialists fightmalicious code in their organizations. In thisbriefing, I introduce the process of reverse-engineering malicious software. I coverbehavioral and code analysis phases, to makethis topic accessible even to individuals with alimited exposure to programming concepts.You'll learn the fundamentals and associatedtools to get started with malware analysis.Security incident responders benefit fromknowing how to reverse-engineer malware,because this process helps in assessing theevent's scope, severity, and repercussions. It alsoassists in containing the incident and in planningrecovery steps. Those who perform forensicinvestigations also benefit from mastering thistopic, because they learn how to understand keycharacteristic of malware present oncompromised systems.
Copyright 2009-2010 Lenny Zeltser
How relevant malware has become in the contextof computer intrusions! Almost every data breachannounced publically, it seems, involves some formof malicious software, such as backdoors, trojans,network worms, exploits, and so on.In this session, I will introduce you to theapproaches for analyzing malware, so you can turnmalicious executable inside out to understandtheir inner-workings.
Copyright 2009-2010 Lenny Zeltser
When such an intrusion occurs at yourorganization, will you be able to quickly assess thethreat? Knowing how to analyze malware can helpyou understand the context of the incident, itsseverity and repercussions. It can help you plan
your response to contain the incident’s scope and,
in some cases, understand what entities might bebehind the intrusion.Perhaps that is why the individuals who arelooking to acquire malware analysis skills are nolonger just anti-virus and threat researchers, butalso system and network administrators, as well asgeneral security professionals. More and moreoften, these individuals are being asked tounderstand the capabilities of malware that theirorganizations discover.
Copyright 2009-2010 Lenny Zeltser

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